1213 chapter planning guide basic


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1213 chapter planning guide basic

  2. 2. Georgia FBLA Need-To-Know InformationMembership Dues Important Contact InformationFBLA Dues: $10 ($6 national and $4 state)FBLA-ML Dues: $8 ($4 national and $4 state) Monty Rhodes Georgia FBLA Executive Director/State AdviserRenew dues online at www.fbla-pbl.org. Send payment with invoice 3316-A South Cobb Drive, Suite #229to: Smyrna, GA 30080 National Membership Dues E-mail: monty@georgiafbla.org FBLA-PBL, Inc. Phone: 678-231-7640 P.O. Box 79063 Fax: 770-216-1749 Baltimore, MD 21279-0063 Send All Competitive Events Materials to MontyDues must be received in the national office by the following dates to Conference Desk: conference@georgiafbla.orgparticipate in the following conferences: Conference Housing Desk: housing@georgiafbla.org Conference Registration Desk: reg@georgiafbla.orgFall Leadership Conference: September 28 Online Testing Desk: testing@georgiafbla.orgRegion Leadership Conference: November 19 Online Testing Support: 678-523-2694State Leadership Conference: January 21National Leadership Conference: March 1 Linda Grooms Georgia FBLA Assistant Director/ML CoordinatorPlease note that the above deadlines are RECEIPT deadlines. P.O. Box 2417Therefore, you need to mail your dues one week prior to the deadlines Evans, GA 30809to ensure that they are received in time. Because the national office Email: linda@georgiafbla.orguses a lockbox system in processing dues, please allow up to two (2) Send All Registration Forms and Payments to the Evans Post Office Box.weeks for dues to post to your account. Misty FreemanNew or Reactivating Chapters Georgia FBLA State ChairpersonIf you are a new chapter or need to reactivate, contact the national 1752 Twin Towers Eastoffice or send an email to monty@georgiafbla.org to request a Chapter Atlanta, GA 30334Organizational Packet. Please include your name, school address, E-mail: mfreeman@doe.k12.ga.usand school e-mail address. Phone: 404-657-8307To download the Chapter Organizational Packet, go to the national National Office:website at www.fbla-pbl.org and click on the FBLA or FBLA-ML FBLA-PBL, Inc.section in the Join box in the middle of the home page. Fill out the 1912 Association Driveinformation to download the Chapter Organizational Packet. You Reston, VA 20191-1591should then send dues with your charter application, along with a $20 Phone: 1-800-FBLAWIN (800-325-2946)application fee. Contact the national office for questions regarding membershipState and National Themes registration and Business Achievement Awards.The 2012-2013 State Theme is: Georgia FBLA: Leaders by Design!Logos supporting this theme will be available in August. Georgia FBLA Intranet: http://gafbla.webexone.com The Georgia FBLA Intranet site is for advisers only and requires a loginThe 2012-2013 National Theme is: ID and password. Accounts will not be created for student members or FBLA-PBL: Igniting Innovation officers. The Intranet is an important tool to disseminate announcements and documents. Please remember to check theChapter Management Handbook Intranet daily.Chapter Management Handbook updates will be mailed to you directlyfrom the national office. If you do not receive them by September, Need an Intranet account? If you do not have an Intranet account,please contact the national office. You may print additional copies of please send an email to intranet@georgiafbla.org. Creating an accountthe Chapter Management Handbook from PDF files on the Intranet. using a registration code no longer applies.Georgia FBLA Website: http://www.georgiafbla.org Forgot Intranet password? If you already have an Intranet accountThe Georgia FBLA website is maintained by Georgia FBLA and need your password reset, please send an email toWebmaster, Mr. Jay Heap. Check here for the latest chapter news intranet@georgiafbla.org to request a new password.throughout the state. Georgia FBLA FacebookLinks to the online conference registration systems and to the online Remember to “like” the Georgia FBLA Page on Facebook. You cantesting systems will be posted on this website. always access this page at www.facebook.com/georgiafbla. Important announcements and information directed to our members will beNational FBLA Website: http://www.fbla-pbl.org published on this page. We will also periodically conduct FacebookThe National FBLA website is maintained by the national office. Check contests with prizes for our members. Check the Notes section forthis site to renew your membership, register for national conferences, important competitive event tips and messages from our officers.browse the Adviser Mentoring section, and view the message boardsand chapter news from across the nation. Georgia FBLA on Twitter Check out the latest events, activities, and announcements on Twitter.Use this site to enter members, register members for Business You can follow Georgia FBLA at www.twitter.com/georgiafbla.Achievement Awards, complete Membership Madness and Maniaapplications, and to access the restricted Adviser Area section.
  3. 3. Georgia FBLA Chapter Planning Guide 2012-2013 GEORGIA FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA Sara Beth Marchert Archer High School Georgia FBLA State President 2255 New Hope Road sarabeth@georgiafbla.org Lawrenceville, GA 30045 2012-2013 Samantha Sinclair, Adviser (678) 407-7700 STATE OFFICERS President June 1, 2012 Sara Beth Marchert Archer High School Table of Secretary Jessie Love Greetings Georgia FBLA Members and Advisers! Ringgold High School Reporter Contents Vinay Patel It is time to begin the preparation for yet another successful year. Last year, we Collins Hill High School Parliamentarian witnessed as members dove into leadership to become their very best. Dynamic Keyauna Bowman Lithonia High School conferences, engaging workshops, and competitions that pushed them to their limit Communications Vice allowed for Georgia FBLA’s 27,500+ members to truly dive into success. Welcome Message ................... 1 President Cole Simmons Dawson County High We’re at the start of another year, and with all that FBLA offers, you will be sure to see State Projects ........................... 2 School Membership Vice that we are LEADERS BY DESIGN. Through our innovative conferences, competitive President events, many state projects, and the networking opportunities presented, the blueprint Recognition Opportunities ...... 3 Laura Nguyen Morrow High School will be made. The design process starts soon with the 2012 Summer Leadership and Projects Vice President Officer Training Summits throughout the state. Local chapter leaders will be given the Conference Overview .............. 4 Jessie Reed North Forsyth High School tools to draft out their plan for the year, ensuring success for members. Testing Information ................. 5 South Area Vice President Gabbi Benton These conferences are a great way to kick off the year, raising motivation to continue the Conference Information .......... 6 Brunswick High School Central Area Vice leadership design process throughout the year. The Fall Motivational Rally in Perry will President serve to lay out plans for our state and national projects, incorporating them into each Get Involved in FBLA............... 7 Miles Malak Etowah High School chapter’s outline. The networking process will only continue from there at the Fall Northwest Area Vice Leadership Conference in Athens. Share Your News ..................... 7 President Zach Pritchett Creekview High School North Metro Area Vice Our competitive events are sure to test your mind and train you for the business world. Calendar of Events .................. 8 President Be sure to prepare now for competitive events that will kick off at your Region Srishti Mishra Leadership Conference. Members and advisers will then gather for the final test at our Dates and Deadlines .............. 14 Alpharetta High School Northeast Area Vice State Leadership Conference in Atlanta! It is here that your knowledge will be tested to President the extreme. Anaheim, California will be the site of the National Leadership Conference, Competitive Events Rachel Perkins Lincoln County High School where the best of the best will gather to compete, network, and showcase their talents! Reference Guide ................ 15 State Executive Director Monty Rhodes The experiences that this upcoming year will provide to Georgia FBLA members are Competitive Event State Assistant Director Linda Grooms sure to help them design their future of business and leadership. I wish you the best of Changes & Topics.............. 16 State Chairperson luck throughout what will surely be another successful year in FBLA. On behalf of the Misty Freeman State Competitive Event 2012-2013 State Executive Council, I hope that this upcoming year will be full of hard Event Eligibility Rules ........... 17 Coordinators work that will help you accomplish your goals. The tools are in our hands and the Carol Davies Cherie Hooks blueprints are ready, for we are leaders by design. Dress Code ............................. 18 BOARD OF DIRECTORS Kateau James, Chair Sincerely Georgia FBLA Official Sheila Carswell Dress ................................... 19 Ryan Coker Stephanie Dale Sharri Edenfield Chapter of the Year Misty Freeman Tom Hatcher Sara Beth Marchert Entry Form .......................... 20 Barbra Jackson Georgia FBLA State President Kym Johnson Johnnie Sue Moore 2012-2013 2012 NLC Winners ................. 22 Monty Rhodes Elaine Ross Ruby Ann Sawyer Run for the Ribbons............... 23 La’Sonya Smith Kim White Georgia FBLA: Leaders by Design! Directory ................................. 24 This is Georgia FBLA! Preparing over 25,000 future business leaders each year;  Over 10,000 different members receive leadership training at one of the Largest FBLA state chapter for ELEVEN straight years; many Georgia FBLA conferences each year; Twelve years of continued membership growth;  Members have raised over $350,000 for the March of Dimes Birth Defects Largest participation in Business Achievement Awards; Foundation the past eight years; Five national officers from Georgia in the past ten years;  Members contributed over 30,000 baby items to hurricane victims as part Over 400 national winners the past nine years; of the Babies of the Bayou campaign Active FBLA chapters in over 90% of public high schools in Georgia;  Members contribute thousands of hours each year in service projects to their school and community
  4. 4. 2012-2013 Georgia FBLA State Projects Experience What Makes Georgia FBLA GreatIn addition to the many national programs and projects, Georgia FBLA The PEACH Project – This project helps prepare members forhas created other state projects to benefit our members. Additional their future by exploring how the decisions they make today will affectprojects may be developed and implemented throughout the year, as their future. PEACH stands for Policy, Environmental, Action, Credit,necessary. and Health.SERVICE! Savvy Surfing – This project focuses on teaching chapter, school,Helping Tomorrow’s Future Business Leaders – Our and community members about issues regarding Internet safety andprimary state service project for 2012-2013 will continue our work to usage.raise money and awareness for the fight against birth defects. We willpartner with the March of Dimes. Chapters are also encouraged to Georgia Youth Saves – We are continuing our promotion of thishold educational seminars to teach other teenagers ways to prevent campaign, which focuses on exploring and teaching savings andpremature births. financial concepts. Encourage members of your chapter, families, and community to become Georgia Savers.Giving Back One Hour at a Time – This project encourageschapters to serve their local communities by performing community Life Is a Highway – This project guides members to not onlyservice projects. Chapters donating the most hours of time to or raising answer the question, “Where do you want to be in 20 years?” but alsothe most money for non-school community service projects will be helps the students figure out how they are going to get to that desiredrecognized. destination.MONOPOLY® Team and Bingo for Babies Venture IN! – This state project encourages local chapters to instillTournaments – Join thousands of members in the largest basic entrepreneurial principles in its members.MONOPOLY® Tournament in the world! Preliminary rounds will beheld at the Fall Leadership Conference with the final rounds at the BAA Chapter Challenge – This project recognizes chaptersState Leadership Conference. A special Bingo for Babies Tournament with the largest percentage of members who participate in the nationalwill also be held at our Region and State Leadership Conferences. Business Achievement Awards program. Points will be given for eachProceeds from both of these tournaments benefit the March of Dimes. level members achieve.Feed GEORGIA Campaign – Join your other Georgia CTSOs PROGRESS!and collect canned goods during National Career & TechnicalEducation Month in February. Items collected will benefit local food Membership Campaigns – Georgia FBLA will hold threebanks in and around your community. We will have a special Baby membership campaigns during the year where chapters can winSupplies Drive to honor the March of Dimes during Prematurity conference registrations and official dress items:Awareness Month in November. Rally Roundup August 1 – September 30EDUCATION! Operation October October 1 – 20 Now in November October 21 – November 30Can You Hear Me Now? – Communication is the number one December Draft December 1 – 31job skill and is essential in business. Communication comes in many Join in January January 1 – 31different forms: verbal, non verbal, written, formal and informal. The February Frenzy February 1– 22purpose of this state project is to educate business students on theeffective use of all forms of communication in business, personal, and Connecting Chapters – Chapters are encouraged to workeducational settings. together on projects with neighboring Middle Level and Phi Beta Lambda chapters. This project also encourages FBLA chapterThe Real World – The purpose of this project is to provide members to help charter and assist Middle Level chapters in theirstudents with invaluable insight into the “real world” as well as give school districts.them direction as they embark on the challenge of choosing the rightcareer in which to focus. Governmental Awareness Project – This project is designed to encourage promotion of our organization to governmentDOLLAR $EN$E – The purpose of this project is to expose officials. This project will focus on contacting elected officials, involvingstudents to the practices that stretch the business and consumer dollar. them in chapter functions, and increasing the awareness of FBLA andStudents will evaluate the benefits of conserving resources in homes, business education programs among our elected officials.businesses and communities. Chapter of the Year – This project encourages members andMain Street FBLA – This project encourages chapters to become chapters to get involved on the local, state, and national levels byinvolved with the local small businesses in their communities through attending conferences, participating in state and national projects.providing needed services, promoting business initiatives, andunderstanding the roles small businesses play in the community. Georgia FBLA Sweepstakes – This project recognizes chapters who excel in competitive events. Points will be award for each entry that places at their RLC and also at SLC. Points will be deducted for entries with a no-score. Traveling sweepstakes trophies will be awarded at each RLC and at SLC.2 Georgia FBLA: Leaders by Design!
  5. 5. Your Chance to Shine with FBLA Recognition Programs for Members, Advisers, and ChaptersFBLA Competitive Events Program Member of the MonthFBLA offers its members a chance to receive recognition in nearly 100 Chapters are encouraged to nominate one outstanding member fordifferent competitive and recognition events. The competitive events recognition in the Georgia FBLA Member of the Month Program. Eachprogram recognizes the top members in objective tests, interview month (August through February), one member from each region andevents, technical events, skills events, written report events, and an overall state winner will be recognized and awarded a specialspeaking/performance events. Members can also earn cash awards Member of the Month pin and award voucher. An overall Member offor outstanding achievement in competitive events. the Year will be recognized at the end of the year.Scholarship Opportunities Who’s Who in FBLAGeorgia FBLA members can qualify for multiple scholarships through Chapters are encouraged to nominate one outstanding member foroutstanding achievement and participation in our organization. The recognition in Who’s Who for FBLA. One member from each regionnational association offers the Distinguished Business Leader and an overall state winner will be recognized. All nominees will beScholarships, of which Georgia FBLA members have won 15 of these recognized.scholarships the past 7 years. Georgia FBLA offers members over$8,000 in scholarships each year, with hopes to offer additional Adviser of the Yearscholarships in the future. Winners in several competitive events can Chapters are encouraged to nominate one outstanding adviser foralso qualify for scholarships. Adviser of the Year. One adviser from each region and an overall state winner will be recognized. Advisers with less than 5 years ofCommunity Service Award of Merit experience may apply for the New Adviser of the Year award.Chapters are encouraged to nominate one member who hasdemonstrated an exemplary level of community service during the Adviser Wall of Fameschool year. Advisers with 20 years of service and excellence in other areas may be eligible for nomination to be honored on the Adviser Wall of Fame atBusiness Achievement Awards the National Center.The Business Achievement Awards Program recognizes four levels ofleadership achievement, each consisting of business, education, and Participation in State Projectsleadership elements. This program recognizes a member’s participation Members receive special recognition and in some cases, cash rewardsin FBLA conferences, programs, and partnerships, as well as activities for participating in our various state projects. Georgia FBLA recognizesintegrated into business classroom activities. Each time you complete its members’ participation with the ever-popular conference ribbons.a level, you will receive special lapel pins, certificates of recognition, Participate in many projects and see how many ribbons you can collect.and special recognition ribbons at FBLA conferences. Remember, allFuture, Business, and Leader-level entries must be submitted online nolater than March 1. America level entries must be submitted online no Membership Recruitment Awardslater than April 25. Members can qualify for additional recognition by spreading the word about FBLA and recruiting new members to our association. Members receive the Membership Madness Award simply for recruiting just 5Outstanding Chapter Award new members. Members can also receive the Membership ManiaThis national program recognizes a chapter’s participation in a variety Award for recruiting 10 new members. Members receiving theseof projects and activities. The program encourages local chapters to awards will be entered in a drawing for exciting prizes at the Stateplan projects and activities to enrich the experiences of members at the Leadership Conference. These entries must be entered online.local, region, state, and national levels, which in turn helps to increaselocal chapter membership and participation. Activities are designedaround membership and chapter management projects with a special Chapter Membership Awardsemphasis on the three areas represented on FBLA’s official crest: Chapters that succeed in membership recruitment and membershipService, Education, and Progress. growth will be recognized at all conferences. Chapter membership awards include:  Market Share Award – Recognizes chapters at schools where aChapter of the Year Program high percentage of a student body joins FBLA.The Chapter of the Year program recognizes the top chapters in the  Membership Achievement Award – Recognizes chapters thatstate. Chapters earn points for participating in the many activities maintain or increase membership.offered by Georgia FBLA in the areas of chapter management,  100% Class Participation Award – Recognizes advisers whoconference attendance and recognition, recruitment, public relations, recruit all students in a single class to become FBLA members.and participation in national and state projects. Chapters earn points to  100% Membership Excellence Awards – Recognizes advisersearn the designations of Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Honor Roll chapters. who recruit all students in all of their classes during the entire yearThe top 20 Gold chapters will be named Superior chapters, and the to join FBLA.chapter that earns the most points throughout the year will be named  Local Recruitment of Chapters – Recognizes chapters thatthe Chapter of the Year. Chapters entering this program can qualify for charter or reactivate FBLA and ML chapters.the prestigious Hollis and Kitty Guy Gold Seal Chapter Award ofMerit which recognizes the top 15% of the chapters in the nation. National Business Honor Society A new National Business Honor Society honoring our top FBLA members who also excel academically is being sponsored by the National Business Education Association.2012-2013 Georgia FBLA Chapter Planning Guide 3
  6. 6. Experience FBLA by Attending FBLA ConferencesFall Motivational Rally Region Leadership ConferencesOur annual Fall Motivational Rally will return to Perry, in conjunction Region Leadership Conferences will be held throughout the statewith the Georgia National Fair, on Thursday, October 11. We are January 14-February 1. There are many changes to our RLC events.excited about all of the things this venue has to offer. Additionally, See page 16 for more information. All objective testing events will bethere will be many open testing events to introduce your members to tested through school-site testing. Members entering performanceour various competitive events this year. events will still compete at the Region Leadership Conference. SLC eligibility rules for RLC events are changing. See page 17 for moreImportant Fall Motivational Rally Facts & Dates: information. Each RLC will offer exciting and informative workshops.When: Thursday, October 11Where: Georgia National Fairgrounds, Perry Important Region Leadership Conference Facts & Dates:How Much: $30 (includes rides pass) When: January 14-February 1 (exact dates to be announced) $20 (does not include rides pass) Where: Various locations throughout the state $45 (late registration through September 28) How Much: $20 (includes meal)Registration Deadline: September 19 $40 (late registration through December 12)Payment RECEIPT Deadline: September 29 No Registration Accepted after December 12!Late Registration Deadline: September 26 Dues Eligibility Deadline: November 19Competitions: State Project Contest, Chapter Spirit T-shirt Contest, RLC Skills Testing Registration Deadline: November 1Chapter Banner Contest, Open Testing Preview (30 events) Registration/Competitive Submission Deadline: December 5 (must beBanner Submission RECEIPT Deadline: September 29 received by December 8)Where to Register: Excel Registration Form on Intranet Payment RECEIPT Deadline: December 15 Substitution/Changes/Cancellation Deadline: December 12National Fall Leadership Conference RLC Skills Testing: November 29-December 5Join FBLA members from across the nation at the National Fall RLC Online Testing: January 8-9Leadership Conference in Denver, Colorado, November 9-10. Competitions: SLC Qualifying Events (over 30 events)Participate in exciting workshops and sessions and represent Georgia Where to Register: Online at www.georgiafbla.orgFBLA! State Leadership ConferenceImportant NFLC Facts & Dates: This year’s State Leadership Conference will be returning to the HyattWhen: November 9-10 (Denver); Regency Atlanta on March 15-16. This will provide yet anotherWhere: Denver opportunity for your students and chapter to shine as they competeHow Much: $60* (if registered by October 17) among the best in the state in our competitive events program and $70* (late registration after October 17) state officer elections. We are expanding our series of informativeRegistration/Hotel Reservation Deadline: October 17 leadership workshops and other exciting offerings for students andWhere to Register: Online at www.fbla-pbl.org advisers. Make sure you don’t forget these deadlines while planning* National conference registration fees are subject to change your chapter’s busy FBLA Week activities. All SLC hotel reservations will be handled by the Georgia FBLA Housing Reservations Desk. ThisFall Leadership Conference year, the registration fee will be tied to the number of nights staying atThe 2012 Fall Leadership Conference will be held November 14-15 in the Hyatt Regency Atlanta under the Georgia FBLA housing block.Athens at the beautiful Classic Center. You can expect a dynamicgeneral session, informative leadership training workshops, the always Important State Leadership Conference Facts & Dates:thrilling Battle of the Chapters, the opportunity to participate in one of When: March 15-16the world’s largest MONOPOLY® Tournaments, and many other Where: Hyatt Regency Atlantaactivities. This year, FLC activities will begin on Wednesday at 8:00 How Much: $65 (if staying two nights under Georgia FBLA block)pm, so plan to arrive early. The conference will conclude on Thursday $80 (if staying one night under Georgia FBLA block)around 4:30 pm. FLC hotel reservations will be handled by the Georgia $95 (if staying no nights under Georgia FBLA block)FBLA Housing Reservations Desk. $100 (late registration after February 6) No registration accepted after February 20!Important Fall Leadership Conference Facts & Dates: Dues Eligibility Deadline: January 21When: November 14-15 Competitive Event Submission Deadline: February 6 (must be receivedWhere: The Classic Center, Athens by February 9)How Much: $45 (includes lunch and t-shirt) Chapter of the Year/LCABR Submission Deadline: February 13 (must $60 (late registration after October 12) be received by February 16) No registration after October 26! Registration/Hotel Reservation Deadline: February 6Dues Eligibility Deadline: September 28 Payment RECEIPT Deadline: February 16Registration/Hotel Reservation Deadline: October 12 Hotel Reservation Window: February 4-6Payment RECEIPT Deadline: October 22 Late Registration Deadline: February 20Hotel Reservation Window: October 8-12 Substitution/Changes/Cancellation Deadline: February 20Late Registration Deadline: October 26 SLC Skills Testing: February 4-6Competitions: Battle of the Chapters, Open Testing Preview SLC Online Testing: March 4-6Where to Register: Online at www.georgiafbla.org Competitions: All FBLA events to qualify for National Leadership Conference (60 events) Where to Register: Online at www.georgiafbla.org Students Achieving the America Level of the Business Achievement AwardsSafia Abdirizak, Miller Grove High Quinterria Lawson, Coffee High Laura Nguyen, Morrow HighAaron Bhole, Riverwood International Charter Brannon Martin, Chattooga High Rachael Olidi, Coffee HighKeyauna Bowman, Lithonia High Elizabeth Morales, Peach County High Jay Patel, Metter HighSean Daigre, Jr., Fayette County High Ryan Morrison, Chattooga High Rakxit Patel, Metter HighAbbie Killebrew, Bleckley County High Sudarshan Muralidhar, Johns Creek High Jessie Reed, North Forsyth HighRhett Lanier, Metter High4 Georgia FBLA: Leaders by Design!
  7. 7. Institute for Leaders Important Testing InformationThe Institute for Leaders is the organizational and leadership trainingsession for state and local chapter officers, members, and advisers.This two-day training conference prepares student leaders and Open Testing Previewmembers to assume their elected responsibilities and develop valuable Members will have the opportunity to preview competitive events, testlife skills. their knowledge, find the best event for them, and win awards. Preview contests will be held at Rally and the Fall Leadership Conference.Important Institute for Leaders Facts & Dates: Awards and prizes will be given out with the Rally Open Testing event.When: June 26-27Where: Anaheim Hilton School-site Skills Testing InformationHow Much: $115* (subject to change)  Accounting II $125* (late registration after May 20)  Computer ApplicationsRegistration Deadline: May 20  Database Design & ApplicationsWhere to Register: Through Georgia FBLA NLC Registration  Desktop Publishing* National conference registration fees are subject to change  Spreadsheet Applications  Word Processing INational Leadership Conference  Word Processing IIJoin over 8,000 FBLA members from across the globe at the 2013National Leadership Conference in Anaheim, California. The NLC RLC School-site Skills Testingconcludes the years activities and sets the stage for the upcoming Go ahead and begin making arrangements for SLC School-site skillsschool year. FBLA members and advisers participate in business- testing for the seven skill events.related and leadership development workshops, tour business and  All Skills Testing Events will now begin at RLC;corporate facilities, elect national officers, and participate in national  RLC School-site Skills testing is scheduled to occur November 29-competitive events. Georgia FBLA will coordinate housing and travel for December 5;the entire state delegation.  Advisers will need to submit the RLC Skills Testing Entry Form to the state office by November 1;Important National Leadership Conference Facts & Dates:  RLC Skills testing materials will be distributed at FLC;When: June 27-30  If you are not attending your FLC, you must request your RLC SkillsWhere: Anaheim Hilton Testing Packet no later than November 1 (must be received at leastHow Much: $95* (subject to change) a week prior to your testing date); $105* (late registration after May 20)  School administrators or neighboring advisers still must proctor skillsRegistration Deadline: May 20 testing this year. Media specialists, counselors, testing coordinators,Event Confirmation Deadline: March 27 and technology coordinators are not eligible to proctor skills testing.NLC Travel Deposit Deadline: April 5  Following the completion of the skills tests, advisers may not view orNLC Final Payment RECEIPT Deadline: May 17 handle their own student’s testing materials;NLC Competitor Certification Meeting: April 19  All tests must be postmarked the day after testing;Competitions: All events advancing from State Leadership Conference,  Members must score a minimum score on the RLC skills test to bemultiple open testing events for all members. eligible to advance to SLC in that event.Where to Register: Through Georgia FBLA NLC Registration  Note: Study guides for the skills tests will be available on the Intranet* National conference registration fees are subject to change in October.Summer Leadership & Officer Training Summit School-site Online Testing InformationThese training camps are meant to prepare local chapter officers and All FBLA and FBLA-ML written test competitive events this year will useother leaders for upcoming duties and roles. In addition, chapter our School-site Online Testing Systemofficers will work with advisers to develop or refine the program of work  School administrators, guidance counselors, media specialists, orand plan chapter strategy for the year. Not only do we want to train neighboring advisers may serve as online testing proctors. Otherofficers and leaders for specific duties, but we also want to develop a faculty or staff members may not serve as a proctor for online testing;stronger officer team through chapter strategic planning sessions.  Students competing in the same event MUST compete at the sameRegistration information for these training sessions will be available at time;the State Leadership Conference.  Testing must be done in a Windows operating environment.Important SLOTS Facts & Dates: 2012-2013 Testing DatesWhen: July 15-18, 2013  RLC Skills Testing November 29-December 5Where: Various locations across the state (TBA)  RLC Online Testing January 8-9How Much: $30 (subject to change)  FBLA SLC Skills Testing February 4-6Registration Deadline: June 15  ML SLC Online & Skills Testing February 11-13  FBLA SLC Online Testing March 4-6 Chapters Receiving the Hollis & Kitty Guy Gold Seal Chapter Award of MeritAlbany High School Dade County High School Morrow High School Sonoraville High SchoolAlpharetta High School Druid Hills High School North Atlanta High School Swainsboro High SchoolBerkmar High School Gordon Central High School North Forsyth High School Terrell High SchoolBerrien High School Harris County High School Northview High School Toombs County High SchoolBrunswick High School Herschel V. Jenkins High School Parkview High School Towns County High SchoolCartersville High School Howard High School Perry High School Walnut Grove High SchoolCarver High School Jasper County High School Ringgold High School Warner Robins High SchoolChattooga High School Lincoln County High School Riverwood Intl Charter School Washington-Wilkes High SchoolClaxton High School Lithonia High School Savannah Arts Academy Wayne County High SchoolCoffee High School Metter High School Seminole County High School Westlake High SchoolCollins Hill High School Monroe Area High School Shaw High School White County 9th Grade AcademyCreekview High School2012-2013 Georgia FBLA Chapter Planning Guide 5
  8. 8. Important Conference Information Georgia FBLA Hotel Reservation Policy It is very important that you meet all conference registration and hotel reservation deadlines. If you forget to meet a hotel reservationConference Registration Packets deadline, you will be limited to those hotels which still have availability.Registration packets for all Georgia FBLA conferences will be available Hotel reservations must be made through the FBLA Housingon the Intranet so that you can plan in advance. FLC and RLC Reservations Desk.registration packets will be distributed at the Rally. SLC registrationpackets will be distributed at each RLC. To facilitate the hotel reservation process for our conferences this year, the following reservation policy is being implemented:Submitting Conference Forms and PaymentRegistration for all Georgia FBLA conferences will be done online this 1. Hotel reservations must be made via the Georgia FBLA Housingyear. Links to our online registration system are on the Georgia FBLA Reservations Desk by e-mail (only with a credit card), mail or fax.website and the Intranet. Excel-based registration forms will no longer Phone or online reservations are not accepted. Advisers mustbe accepted. complete the reservation form and send it to housing@georgiafbla.org, not to the hotel. It is stronglyTo ensure proper processing, the registration form should accompany recommended that you email or fax your reservation form ratherthe payment. Corrections or changes on the hard copy will not be than just mailing it.accepted. Online registration system will be disabled after the 2. Tax-exempt forms should be turned in at check-in.Registration Deadline for each conference. 3. Members and advisers must be registered for the conferencePayment must be in the form of school check, cashier check, or money before hotel reservations will be made.order. Personal checks are not accepted for student registration. You 4. Advisers must provide the names of all room occupants’ uponmay only use a personal check to pay individual adviser registration. If reservation and make any changes prior to check-in. The namesyou require a separate receipt for advisers, payment must be made on the reservations must match names on the conferenceseparately. registration form. 5. Hotel requests will only be accepted during the applicable hotelUnable to Submit Payment on Time? reservation window (October 8-12 for FLC and February 4-6 forPlease be aware of policy regarding cutting checks at your own school SLC). Any reservations made after that window will result inand make sure you leave plenty of time for checks to be cut so that you higher room rates, if rooms are even available. Hotel assignmentscan mail them on time. If something unexpectedly happens, you MUST will be made on a first-come, first-served basis, so make sure youstill register online by the deadline. Instead of the Late Fees Waiver reserve early to get in the hotel of your choice. No early requeststhat was offered in previous years, chapters will be given a week after will be accepted.the registration deadline to submit payment. Full payment for theregistration must be sent. Any changes to the registration after the 6. Hotel reservations requests must be accompanied by a credit cardregistration deadline are subject to change and cancellation fees. number or a form of deposit. Reservations will not be madePayment must be RECEIVED by the stated deadline. Any payments without a deposit. Credit card numbers will not be recorded andnot received by this deadline will be subject to a late fees payment will be transferred securely to the hotel. Credit cards used aspenalty of $25. If payment is not received within two weeks of the start deposits will not be charged until check-in.of a conference, your chapter will be charged an additional $35 fee. 7. Any rooms you do not need must be canceled no later than October 31 (for FLC) or February 28 (for SLC). All deposits willChanges/Substitutions/Refunds be forfeited on any rooms canceled after these dates. WhenYou may make changes to leadership tracks (FLC) and events (RLC making reservations, please make sure you reserve only theand SLC) for registered attendees online until the registration deadline. rooms you need.There is no charge for these changes. To make changes or 8. For FLC, because there are multiple conference hotels, adviserssubstitutions of registered attendees after the deadline, you must file a should list the hotels in order of preference on the hotelSubstitution/Change Form. A $20 fee for each substitution will be reservation form. Once our room block at one hotel is full, you willassessed. Substitution/Change Forms will not be accepted after the then be assigned to the next hotel on your list. The Georgia FBLAfinal deadline. Housing Reservations Desk will inform you of your hotel assignment by October 22 (for FLC) and February 15 (for SLC).Cancellations must be requested by the refund deadline by filing the Please allow 14 days to receive your hotel confirmation numbers.Conference Cancellation Form. Cancellations will be subject to a $20 For SLC, housing at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta will be assignedfee. Late fees are not refundable. on a first come, first-served basis. There is a two-night minimum at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta.Conference Registration Deadlines 9. Because of the limited number of double rooms, reservations withFailure to meet conference registration deadlines will result in late fees only two students may be assigned a king bed. Reservations withfor each participant. Please check the Calendar of Events for the three students may be assigned to a king bed with a rollaway orimportant postmark deadline dates. There is no onsite registration for sofa bedGeorgia FBLA conferences. All registration deadlines will be strictlyenforced.6 Georgia FBLA: Leaders by Design!
  9. 9. Get Involved in FBLA Share Your News2013-2014 Region Officer Election Appearing on the Georgia FBLA WebsiteEach region will have a Region President, Region Secretary and a How to submit articles to be published on the website:Region Reporter. Interested members should download the officer  All written submissions must be submitted using the Georgia FBLAduties and application from the Georgia FBLA website. Applications News Submission Form and submitted to news@georgiafbla.org.are due February 1. Region officers will be appointed after the State  Limit articles to 250 wordsLeadership Conference.  Proofread all documents before submitting  Do not list student names in the article (state officer names and2013-2014 State Officer Elections names of advisers may appear in articles)  Articles restating general state information or Georgia FBLA pressOne of the greatest experiences FBLA offers is serving as a GeorgiaFBLA state officer. State officer candidate orientation will be held at the releases will not be accepted.  Allow sufficient time for your article to be published. Updates areFall Leadership Conference. All interested individuals should attendthe Fall Leadership Conference and achieve the Business level of done approximately every month.  Articles not following guidelines will not be published.Business Achievement Awards. Applications will be available at this  Articles for Chapter of the Year credit are due February 1.meeting and are due February 1. All state officers will be elected atthe 2013 State Leadership Conference. All applicants must submit anapplication by February 1. The application will be prescreened and all How to submit pictures to be published on the website:  All pictures should accompany articles and be in .jpg format (do notapplicants meeting the preliminary qualifications must participate inState Officer Candidate Qualifying Interviews on February 22-23. embed pictures Word documents or PowerPoint slides). Send to news@georgiafbla.org. Reduce picture size to 640x480 before submitting.2013 Board of Directors Election  Local school advisers are responsible for having a publicityThe Georgia FBLA Board of Directors serves as the policy-making agreement form on file or accessible for each student pictured. (Thisbody of our organization. Once again, we will be electing three can be the same form used for your school system.) You do notmembers (Central Area Representative, North Metro Area need to submit these.Representative, At-Large Representative) for our Board of Directors atthe State Leadership Conference. Terms for incoming board memberswill be for a three-year term beginning with the 2013-2014 school year. Appearing in the National FBLA PublicationsThe election for these positions will be at the State Leadership To submit your chapter news to the national FBLA magazine,Conference. Advisers should meet the following qualifications to apply Tomorrow’s Business Leader, submit your information by:  Emailing your news items to communications@fbla.org, andfor a Board position:  Have served an active Georgia FBLA adviser for at least three attaching photos if you have them.  Be sure to include your school name and your state or the national years;  Plan to serve as an active Georgia FBLA adviser for the next office wont be able to post your article.  Please note that only a few of the many articles submitted will three years;  Have the support of the local administration to serve on the Board actually be published. of Directors. Appearing in Conference Slide ShowsRun for the Ribbons To appear in the slide shows at the Fall and State LeadershipMembers receive special recognition and in some cases, cash rewards Conferences, following these guidelines:  Email pictures to pictures@georgiafbla.org in .jpg format. Imagefor participating in our various state projects. Georgia FBLA recognizesits members’ participation with the ever-popular conference ribbons. dimensions must be at least 1024x768 and image size should beParticipate in many projects and see how many ribbons you can collect. greater than 100 KB. Please do not embed pictures in Word files or PowerPoint slides or send pictures that are cropped or edited.  Send pictures representing multiple activities.Join the Professional Division  Send pictures other than group poses.Advisers, parents, and FBLA supporters are encouraged to join the  Pictures for FLC Slide Show are due November 1.Professional Division of FBLA-PBL. Membership dues are only $23 a  Pictures for Chapter of the Year credit are due February 1.year. Applications will be available on the Intranet. Chapters recruitingthe most Professional Division members will be recognized at the StateLeadership Conference. Appearing in the State Scrapbook To be part of the Georgia FBLA State Scrapbook, you should submit a completed 12”x12” scrapbook page (front and back) by February 1.Adviser Wall of Fame Your chapter name should appear somewhere on the page. Pages willAdvisers with 20 years of service and excellence in many areas may be not be returned. Submit pages to:eligible for nomination to be honored on the FBLA-PBL Adviser Wall of Georgia FBLAFame at the National Center. 3316-A South Cobb Drive, Suite #229 Smyrna, GA 300802012-2013 Georgia FBLA Chapter Planning Guide 7
  11. 11. Georgia FBLA Calendar of EventsGEORGIA FBLA OCTOBER 2012 SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAYOPERATION 1 2 3 4 5 6OCTOBER: MEMBERSHIP AFFILIATION DEADLINEOctober 1-207 8 9 10 11 12 13 First day to make FLC Fall Motivational Rally, FLC REGISTRATION Housing Reservations Perry DEADLINE FLC HOUSING RESERVATION DEADLINE14 15 16 17 18 19 20 NFLC DENVER FALL MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION REPORTING DEADLINE DEADLINE21 22 23 24 25 26 27 FLC PAYMENT RECEIPT FLC LATE DEADLINE REGISTRATION DEADLINE FLC SUBSTITUTION/ CHANGE DEADLINE28 29 30 31GEORGIA FBLA NOVEMBER 2012 SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAYNOW IN 1 2 3NOVEMBER: RLC SKILLS TESTING REGISTRATIONOctober 21- DEADLINENovember 30 FLC SLIDE SHOW SUBMISSION DEADLINE4 5 6 7 8 9 10 National Fall Leadership National Fall Leadership Conference, Denver Conference, Denver11 12 13 14 15 16 17 Fall Leadership Fall Leadership National Fall Leadership National Fall Leadership Conference, Classic Conference, Classic Conference, Charlotte Conference, Charlotte Center Athens Center Athens TBL Winter Issue American Enterprise Day Deadline18 19 20 21 22 23 24 RLC DUES ELIGIBILITY DEADLINE25 26 27 28 29 30 ACTE Convention, GWCC ACTE Convention, GWCC Atlanta Atlanta RLC Skills Testing RLC Skills Testing2012-2013 Georgia FBLA Chapter Planning Guide 9
  13. 13. Georgia FBLA Calendar of EventsGEORGIA FBLA FEBRUARY 2013 SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAYFEBRUARY Items Due February 6: Items Due February 13: 1 2FRENZY: SLC Registration & Payment (send to Evans) SLC Skills Testing Submissions (send to Monty) Chapter of the Year application (send to Monty) Local Chapter Annual Business Report (send to REGION OFFICER CANDIDATE,February 1-13 SLC Housing Reservations Form (send to Monty) Monty) STATE/NATIONAL FBLA Scholarship Applications (send to Monty) Mission LIFT Forms for SLC Recognition (send to OFFICER CANDIDATE SLC Skills Testing Materials (send to Monty) Monty) APPLICATION RECEIPT DEADLINE3 4 5 6 7 8 9 SLC Skills Testing SLC Skills Testing SLC Skills Testing SLC COMPETITIVE EVENT SUBMISSION Job Shadow Day SLC REGISTRATION & RECEIPT DEADLINE COMPETITIVE EVENT First day to make SLC SUBMISSION and Housing Reservations HOUSING POSTMARK DEADLINE10 FBLA-PBL WEEK 11 FBLA-PBL WEEK 12 FBLA-PBL WEEK 13 FBLA-PBL WEEK 14 FBLA-PBL WEEK 15 FBLA-PBL WEEK 16 FBLA-PBL WEEK FBLA Adviser FBLA Professional National FBLA Appreciation Day Division Engagement Day Community Service Day FBLA Dress to Win SLC PAYMENT RECEIPT Wednesday DEADLINE SLC CHAPTER OF THE COY/LCABR RECEIPT YEAR and LCABR DUE DEADLINE17 18 19 20 21 22 23 SLC LATE REG/ TBL Spring Issue State Officer Candidate State Officer Candidate SUBSTITUTION/CHANGE/ Deadline Qualifying Interview, Qualifying Interview, REFUND DEADLINE FFA-FCCLA Center, FFA-FCCLA Center, Covington Covington24 25 26 27 28 Middle Level State Leadership Conference, Georgia National Fairgrounds, PerryGEORGIA FBLA MARCH 2013 SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAYDon’t forget that 1 2BAAs must be BUSINESS ACHIEVEMENT AWARDsubmitted no later SUBMISSION DEADLINEthan 11:59 pm on MARKET SHARE AWARDFriday, March 1. APPLICATION DEADLINE3 4 5 6 7 8 9 SLC Online Testing SLC Online Testing SLC Online Testing10 11 12 13 14 15 16 State Leadership State Leadership Conference, Hyatt Conference, Hyatt Regency Atlanta Regency Atlanta17 18 19 20 21 22 2325 25 26 27 28 29 30 NLC COMPETITOR COMMITMENT & DEPOSIT RECEIPT31 DEADLINE2012-2013 Georgia FBLA Chapter Planning Guide 11
  14. 14. Georgia FBLA Calendar of EventsGEORGIA FBLA APRIL 2013 SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY 1 2 3 4 5 6 MEMBERSHIP AWARDS NLC TRAVEL DEPOSITS DEADLINE RECEIPT DEADLINE DISTINGUISHED BUSINESS LEADER SCHOLARSHIP DEADLINE7 8 9 10 11 12 13 NLC Competitor Certification Meeting14 15 16 17 18 19 20 NBEA Convention, Atlanta (through 4/20)21 22 23 24 25 26 27 BAA AMERICA SUBMISSION DEADLINE28 29 30 Items Due on April 1:  Membership Madness Application  Membership Mania Application  Membership Achievement Award Application  100% Class Participation Award Application  FBLA Outstanding Chapter Application  Distinguished Business Leader ScholarshipGEORGIA FBLA MAY 2013 SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY 1 2 3 45 6 7 8 9 10 1112 13 14 15 16 17 18 MARCH OF DIMES NLC TRAVEL FINAL FUNDRAISING REPORT PAYMENT RECEIPT DEADLINE DEADLINE FBLA ECO-CHAPTER GO GREEN PROJECT DEADLINE19 20 21 22 23 24 2526 27 28 29 30 3112 Georgia FBLA: Leaders by Design!
  15. 15. Georgia FBLA Calendar of EventsGEORGIA FBLA JUNE 2013 SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY 12 3 4 5 6 7 89 10 11 12 13 14 15 SLOTS REGISTRATION DEADLINE16 17 18 19 20 21 2223 24 25 26 27 28 29 Institute for Leaders, Institute for Leaders, National Leadership National Leadership Anaheim Anaheim Conference, Anaheim Conference, Anaheim National Leadership30 Conference, AnaheimNational LeadershipConference, AnaheimGEORGIA FBLA JULY 2013 SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY 1 2 3 4 5 67 8 9 10 11 12 13 GACTE (through 7/13)14 15 16 17 18 19 20 SLOTS SLOTS SLOTS SLOTS Region Officer Academy Region Officer Academy21 22 23 24 25 26 2728 29 302012-2013 Georgia FBLA Chapter Planning Guide 13