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Reforest haiti


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Reforest haiti

  1. 1. When Christopher Columbus arrived in Haiti it was 98% forested Today’s total forest cover is 3.8%
  2. 2. The French colonists cleared the mahogany trees from the forest for profit The rural farmers have used charcoal for cooking
  3. 3. It is said that Haitians do not cut down trees that provide food but desperation makes for bad decisions
  4. 4. But there are people hard at work planting trees for the future.
  5. 5. Nurseries are being established
  6. 6. seedlings prosper from careful nurture
  7. 7. Many projects are well advanced and trees are thriving
  8. 8. Without trees the land dries up, the farmers leave the land for cities without jobs or a place to live. Without trees there is more poverty more disease and more death
  9. 9. Trees are Haiti’s hope for a healthy sustaining future
  10. 10. ees.html Jatropha nursery in Kaffrine. We planted over 35,000 jatropha plants in 2007, and will be planting many more in coming years Support trees for Haiti
  11. 11. Some projects do not appear to be well tended