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How to search without Google


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GTV 10 minute talk from Greenbelt 2013. Discusses briefly why one might not default to Google as a search engine, provides three alternative search sites and some general librarianly advice along the way

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How to search without Google

  1. 1. How to... search without* Google (*nearly)
  2. 2. The web is more than Google. There are other starting points for finding information.
  3. 3. Diving into Google is a reflex. Do we forget to think before we search?
  4. 4. These suggestions may take a few moments before but save time by improving results
  5. 5. Search limiters include... filetype: site: intitle: “greenbelt festival” filetype:pdf
  6. 6. Google personalises your results based on general activity. In-private browsing prevents this.
  7. 7. Carrot Clustering Engine
  8. 8.
  9. 9. millionshort
  10. 10. Libraries curate & filter content you can access online.
  11. 11. Not just words
  12. 12. Internet Archive has some old versions of some websites & can help tracking developments
  13. 13. Credits. Images via Find out more:
  14. 14. Sara Batts @drbattytowers