Get Out! Research Relief where they least expect it!


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Poster presented at the 2012 Joint Conference of Librarians of Color

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Get Out! Research Relief where they least expect it!

  1. 1. Get out! Research Relief Where They Least Expect ItLaksamee Putnam • Sara Arnold-Garza • Shannon Simpson • Towson University, Albert S. Cook Library Baltimore, MDIntroduction CSD & TOPS Program Justification Brand Development ChallengesAs roving reference becomes a mainstay activity on campuses across the country, the • Garnering motivation for rebrandingpractice presents a unique opportunity to collaborate with multiple university depart- To ws To Ch on ar to • Slow traffic le sS wments in order to reach students from diverse backgrounds. However, it is not always t. n an d I-6 d.enough to create a miniature library station outside the physical building. Adapting 9 Bl Dr. 5 v on • Time required by librarians rs Emeto the target environments’ demeanor and practices helps alleviate library anxiety forstudents, staff and faculty. Research and Instruction librarians at Towson University areintegrating this adaptive practice as a new approach to reaching diverse populationsacross campus. Once a week librarians blend into these casual environments in order WC Moving Forwardto provide research relief. The librarians have found this to be a mutually rewardingendeavor they plan to expand and encourage you to replicate! • Increase marketing to build Towso Em ers on ntown Blvd. student awareness • “Research Relief” phrase originally coined by Shannon and used for the roving Dr iveDiversity at Towson University LA reference at the CSD • Video advertising • Better signage Dr. • Expanded outreach to TOPS and retained the name however we wanted to re- To we Burke Ave. r Dr Osler UU“ Towson University values diversity and fosters a climate that is . brand to make the service more visible Un ive rsi t yA Center for Student Diversity (CSD) ve. urn Dr . HH • Speak with student groupsgrounded in respect and inclusion, enriches the educational experi- CA SM • Decided to unify all the other roving reference done by librarians to other de- The CSD was “established to aid the institution in its efforts to foster inclusion, col- • Track interactions through the offence of students, supports positive workplace environments, promotes partments laboration, and relationship building. The center provides academic, social, and transi- desk statistics trackerexcellence, and cultivates the intellectual and personal growth of the Cro tion support for underserved students and promotes exchange and dialogue between CK • Voted on names and tagline ss C N be ew f or elentire university community. ” lA e8 ve r. . individuals of diverse backgrounds and lifestyles.” : 30 amp nD a. m Gle . References us D e. 5 -69 s Av en I ore and h tep r. S im r alt nte B e Populations CSD serves: C Names Taglines n Dr. CityThe Numbers Cook Library Center for the Arts Tow son Towson University. (2012). Towson opportunities in STEM. Retrieved from http:// • African American Student Development Smith Hall (TOPS) University Union (CSD) Research Relief We bring the research help to you Despite a prevalent nationwide “graduation Towson University. (2012). Center for student diversity. Retrieved from http://www. • Asian Pacific Islander/Latino Student Development Hawkins Hall (Education) West Commons gap” between minority and non-minority Cook Library Across Campus Fast research help where you need it most graduates, Towson was singled out in 2010 College of Liberal Arts • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Student Development Library Quick Clinics Library help for your research by the Washington Post for being one of Towson University. (2012). Office of diversity and equal opportunity. Retrieved from the few institutions of higher education • Student Success Programs - SAGE and CEEP • Originated from a separate project with Shannon cataloging the small library in Ask a Librarian Helping you research everything in the country by which minority stu- asp • Women’s Resources the Center for Student Diversity and students occasionally dropping by to ask dents either meet or exceed the questions Towson University. (2012). Commitment to diversity. Retrieved from http://www. graduation rate of non-minority • Campus Ministries • New official logo designed by the Center for Instructional Advancement & Tech- students. • Towson student population: Over 21,000 • Jewish Cultural Center - Hillel nology office. Towson University. (2012). Center for student diversity - Diversity profile. Retrieved • Average daily library traffic during term: 3,000 • Posters/handouts created to indicate schedule and the current presence of an from • 1960’s designed library for much smaller population. available librarianGroups that identify, measure, facilitate and assess Towson Opportunities in Science, Technology, Vise, D. (2010). Md’s Towson University conquers ‘graduation gap’. The Washington Engineering and Math (TOPS) • Growing campus Post. Sunday, December 12. Retrieved from issues on campus dyn/content/article/2010/12/11/AR2010121103752.html?sid=ST2010121200488 • The Diversity Advancement Committee, • The mission of the program is “to recruit and retain students from underserved • Make a personal connection, so the librarian becomes a familiar face Positive Outcomes made up of University leadership including and underrepresented communities in the Baltimore Metropolitan area who are • Smaller, “safe” place for students to be themselves the President interested in pursuing careers in all STEM disciplines” • Presence at familiar location provides ease for students, staff and faculty Additional Reading • Attempting to reach students during point-of-need moments • National Science Foundation • New, more positive perceptions of librarians To view links to the references listed above, addi- • Diversity Action Committee, composed of a cross section of members of the academic (NSF) funded tional resources about the topic of this poster, and • Opportunities presented through collaboration with other university and administrative divisions of the university Reasons students voice for not going to the library a copy of the poster itself please use the QR code • Significant increase in student departments and representatives of the student body or go to this URL: retention/matriculation • Busy space and busy librarians • Engages librarians with diversity initiatives on campus • The Center for Student Diversity (CSD) is • Transferable classes from Baltimore the coordinating resource for students and • Too far • Student workers this fall semester will have added task of helping catalog County Community College student groups to engage with diversity is- CSD library sues on campus. • Study space not what students prefer • Learning Commons space for • Library information session integrated into TOPS student orientation TOPS students • Unfamiliar territory