ITIL V3F Overview Part II


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ITIL Introduction and detailed Overview Part II

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ITIL V3F Overview Part II

  1. 1. Information Technology Infrastructure Library Created by Saqib Javed John PMP, ACP, ITIL v3F, SCJP, SCWCD ITIL Part II
  2. 2. ITIL – Service Design Aspects of Design o Technology o Processes o Solution o Management o Measurement o Methods & Metrics Constraints of Design o Warranty o Utility o Resources o Capabilities o Contractual o Pricing o Standards and Regulations o Values and Ethics o Copyright o Patent and Trademarks
  3. 3. ITIL – Portfolio Management Portfolio Methods o Define o Approve o Analyze o Charter Portfolio Service Groups o Pipeline o Catalog o Retired Balancing Portfolio o Run Business o Transform Business o Grow Business
  4. 4. ITIL - Capacity Management Components of Capacity Management o Demand o Resource o Service o Component o Threshold
  5. 5. ITIL - Availability Management Aspects of Availability Management o Reliability o Maintainability o Serviceability
  6. 6. ITIL – Financial Management Costing Units o Organization o Equipment o Transfer o Accommodation o Software
  7. 7. ITIL - Change Management 7R’s of Change Management o Raised o Reason o Return o Risk o Resources o Relationship o Responsible 7 Steps of Change Management o People o Processes o Product o Partners Types of Changes: Normal, Standard, Emergency
  8. 8. ITIL – Configuration Management Characteristics of Configuration Item (CI) o Category o Attributes o Relationship o Status
  9. 9. ITIL - Security Management Elements of Security Framework o Plan o Implement o Control o Maintain o Evaluate Basic Qualities of Information Asset o Confidentiality o Integrity o Availability o Authenticity o Non-Repudiation
  10. 10. ITIL – Service Desk Configuration of Service Desk o Local o Virtual o Centralized o Follow-the-Sun
  11. 11. ITIL – Continuous Service Improvement Types of Measurements o Preventive o Corrective o Detective o Reductive o Repressive Purpose of Measurements o To Justify o To Direct o To Intervene o To Valuate CSI provides guidance on improvement and measurement of processes and services
  12. 12. ITIL - V and Kano Models V Model 1. Review 2. Acceptance 3. Operational 4. Testing 5. Release Kano Model Factors 1. Basic factors 2. Excitement factors 3. Performance factors
  13. 13. ITIIL - 4Ps of Strategy & Design 4Ps of Service Strategy o Perspective o Position o Plan o pattern 4Ps of Service Design o People o Processes o Product o Partners
  14. 14. ITIL – Business Models oIn-Sourcing oCo-Sourcing oMulti-Sourcing oOut-Sourcing oBusiness Processes Out-Sourcing oKnowledge Processes Out-Sourcing
  15. 15. Thanks…. Created by Saqib Javed John M.Sc. CS, PMI-PMP, PMI-ACP, ITIL F V3, SCJP, SCWCD Email: Skype: saqibjohn76 LinkedIn: