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Saqib khan Senior Brand Manager


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Saqib Khan is the senior brand manager at Atlas Battery having nine years of brand management experience under his belt including market research, consumer behavior, strategic planning, market budget formulation and management, advertising, digital marketing, corporate branding and brand activations.

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Saqib khan Senior Brand Manager

  1. 1. Career Portfolio Muhammad Saqib Khan 2007 - To date
  2. 2. Senior Brand Manager 2015-Present
  3. 3. Atlas Group as a whole is quite active in CSR activities, having a number of foundations under its wing. Atlas Battery as an individual entity had never done CSR properly. I came up with the idea of initiating CSR in the month of Ramadan, pitched it to the ad agency and together we came up with the idea of installing Mist Fans at Bus Stops all over Karachi to counter the heat wave that killed so many pedestrians in last year’s Ramadan. The idea became the talk of town on social media. 2016 – CSR: Mist Fan Campaign
  4. 4. The Orphanage Campaign was a sort of an extension of the Mist Fan Campaign, in that we decided to donate the mist fans at the end of that campaign to the orphanages. The idea was to distribute Eidi to children in different orphanages all over Karachi while providing them entertainment in the form of Magic Show, Puppet Show, Jumping Castle and other interactive activities. In many companies, CSR activities is the domain of either HR or a separate department dedicated to PR and stuff. Since at Atlas Battery we didn’t have that, I decided that marketing ought to be the one leading these efforts, and the rest, as they say, is history. 2016 – CSR: Orphanage Campaign
  5. 5. Before this sponsorship, I had been placing the TVC on a number of news and entertainment channels. The problem with that strategy is unless you have a budget of colossal proportions, you end up spreading your resources thin and not getting prominence on any one channel. By focusing the budget on a specific event on just one channel, I was able to get the spotlight on our brand as never before. Of course the fact that it was an exceptionally well-made TVC with a catchy jingle helped matters. The PSL campaign in particular created a lot of hype at a very reasonable investment. 2016 – Sponsorship of PSL and England Series
  6. 6. Atlas Battery was not the main sponsor of this event but the way I got branding elements placed at strategic locations all over the Al- Hamra Complex, the venue for this event, it created the perception we were. What’s more, I didn’t have to incur any additional expense getting these made, since we had the Multan Auto Show less than a month ago, and I had anticipated this well in advance that it would be more cost-effective to transport that branded material to Lahore instead of making it all over again. 2016 – Lahore Mystic Festival
  7. 7. In order to add some innovation to Pakwheels brand activations, I made use of helicam technology to add a new dimension to the coverage of our activity at Multan show, a summarized video of which can be seen on the right. This was the first time we were doing a show in Multan, and to spice things up, I got a real- life replica of a NASCAR made and put on the show as part of an interactive activity involving batteries. 2016 – Brand Activations
  8. 8. 1. Video Tutorials 2. Travel Log Webisodes 3. Augmented Reality Project 4. Kidz Dunya Brand Engagement 2016 – Ongoing Projects
  9. 9. 2015 was the year where I experimented the most in brand activations. I came up with the idea of using live streaming to cover the event and created a dedicated domain to cover it. The idea was to use an apparently neutral host to cover the Pakwheels auto show and then subtly embed content in favor of my brand. Then the idea of using drones was also conceived this year although the implementation was perfected the next year. The cherry on the cake was reserved for the last event of the year where I got African performers to come in and perform in front of our stall at the event. 2015 – Brand Activations Flash Mob | Live Streaming Pakwheels Autoshow Islamabad 2015 – Lake View Park Music Band | Afro Dance & Acrobatics Pakwheels Autoshow Karachi 2015 – Port Grand Carnival Band Performance Pakwheels Autoshow Faisalabad 2015 – Iqbal Stadium Khattak Dance Pakwheels Autoshow Peshawar 2015 – Islamia College
  10. 10. JETRO, or the Japan External Trade Organization, is a government-related organization that works to promote mutual trade and investment between Japan and the rest of the world. In Pakistan they are active in arranging events in collaboration with Japanese partnership companies. Atlas Battery being one of them, whenever they arrange an event, I work together with them to create Atlas Battery’s presence at that event which includes creating branded stalls, arranging manpower to man the stall and ensuring ample brand visibility at the event. 2015 – JETRO Exhibition
  11. 11. This was the first time we were shooting the TVC of AGS, a brand which had been without it for the last 50 years. It was the one of the most challenging brand briefs I had written owing to the fact that this 50 year old national brand meant different things to different people. In the end I worked with the ad agency to come up with a concept and pitch it to successfully to the CEO. What was more difficult was the fact that it was going to be the most expensive project ever undertaken by me, courtesy the multitude of locations and the use of foreign talent behind the camera. Ahsan Rahim, the talented director behind all of Ufone’s TVCs, and the famous DOP, Kelvin Koche, responsible for shooting Don 2. 2015 – AGS TVC
  12. 12. The first season of the AGS roadshow met with such overwhelming response that we decided to come up with the second season, covering even more towns and cities. And because of the magnitude and scale of the second season, I decided to split it into two. The first leg was conducted at the end of 2015 while the second leg at the start of 2016. We kicked off the season by formally inaugurating the Float by the CEO and then getting it on the road. 2015-16 – AGS Roadshow
  13. 13. Brand Manager 2012-2015
  14. 14. Almost all the brand activations I had carried out until this point in time had been done in major urban centres. AGS however was a national brand not confined to just the urban cities. In order to penetrate the semi-urban and rural segments of the target market, I came up with the idea of AGS roadshow whereby a float would go all over Pakistan focusing on just the small towns and cities, and the team would conduct battery check-ups, carry out small quizzes and contests hand over AGS branded gifts to the customers. 2015 – AGS Roadshow
  15. 15. By the end of 2013, I had grown Atlas Battery’s brand activation to a large extent in terms of scale and magnitude. But it was all linear with the entire activity revolving around the core activity of battery check-up. I got an additional dimension to the whole proceedings by introducing customer engagement activities like Talent Show and ‘Kuch Kar Kay Dikhao’, activities that made my brand land on top of all the other sponsoring brands in the consumers’ mind. 2014 – Brand Activations
  16. 16. From visiting the Indonesian and Thai Market to study hybrid battery dynamics, to coming up strategies based on House of Brand Model and Branded House Model to finally launching the brand, it took two years to get this project off the ground. And finally when it was launched, it was the biggest launch ever in the history of Atlas Group. None of the 16 companies before had done a 360 launch, which I was able to achieve for the Atlas Group of Companies. 2014 – Launch of Atlas Hybrid Brand : 360⁰ Campaign
  17. 17. The Atlas Hybrid TVC was going to be the first major TVC that I was going to shoot. And to get it absolutely right, I worked in close coordination with the Strategy department of the ad agency, creating a detailed demographics and psychographics of the potential consumer, gleaning insights of the Pakistani consumer and then finally tying all together to create 5 different concepts to pitch to the management. Once the concept was locked, selecting the director,producer, talent, props and the locations for the shoot. The shoot took place in two cities, both outdoor and in the studio. 2014 – Atlas Hybrid TVC
  18. 18. One of the Immutable Laws of Branding is that if you want to make a new brand successful, it’s better to create an entirely new category around it and then wait for the competitors to enter that category to validate it. In line with this law, I created a short documentary to both to highlight the finer points of this new product and also to position it as a whole new category of batteries. Easier said than done, as the battery category itself is a boring category for the average consumer. So to make it enticing, I had this documentary spun into a form of story and shot in full cinematography style, taking inspiration from science-fiction flicks like Minority Report and Iron Man. The result is a visual masterpiece that not only entertains the viewer but also educates him. 2014 – HB Documentary
  19. 19. I had the team run a number of competitions and contests to support the on-ground activations like Pakwheels, Mystic Festivals etc. Moreover a game was also developed to promote the Atlas Hybrid battery on the social media front. 2014-15 – Social Media Campaign
  20. 20. After completing overhauling the website in 2008, I again set about the task of revamping it, in line with the prevailing trends. This time around, I focused on making the site completely interactive with a graphical user interface. It also incorporated the use of Google Maps to pinpoint the exact location of dealers all over the country to facilitate the customers. 2014 – Website Revamp
  21. 21. I teamed up with the organizers of the inaugural edition of the Karachi Mystic Festival to create a prominent brand presence at the event held at the Beach Luxury Hotel. A free battery check-up was also organized for the visitors to this event. 2014 – Karachi Mystic Festival
  22. 22. A lot of effort went into the creation of this brand. From coming up with a prototype design for the bottle, to getting the mold made for the design in conjunction with Technical Development department, I was involved in all stages of the product development. And then came the launch itself which was my very first launch. It went well and the new brand has gone from strength to strength in the three years since its launch. 2013 – Battery Tonic Launch & Promotions
  23. 23. Up until that point, Atlas Battery had been conducting its free battery check-up campaigns at small events. I saw this as the ideal opportunity to scale our efforts many notches up, negotiated a reasonable deal with the Pakwheels management and so we took part in what was to become one of the most lucrative partnerships for the AGS brand. I didn’t change the format much from the previous activation we did at DHA, but I scaled the activities many notches up to be in line with the magnitude of the event. 2013– Sponsorship & Brand Activation at Pakwheels Auto Shows
  24. 24. Why the comic strip? Battery is a pretty boring category. Whether it be car battery or UPS battery, people aren’t really interested in it other than for its basic use. We wanted to stir an interest in the category, pique the curiosity of the general public. Therefore we sat down and had a series of grueling brainstorming sessions. We wanted to humanize the brand, lend a personal touch to it. The idea is to have a conversation about everyday topics and blend battery into the mix. Our primary target market as far as this campaign is concerned is 24-28 year old males, Nomi and Shezi epitomize this target market. Of course there’s the female interest as well into this segment which is evident from the queries we’ve received from this segment on our FB page. This is because of not only the battery being used in the household segment as part of UPS where the battery is in front of the ladies of the house 24/7, but also because of the growing number of single women going to work in their own cars. Most of them don’t have a driver, so they’re pretty much on their own when it comes to maintenance. 2013 – Nomi & Shezi Digital Campaign
  25. 25. After a gap of 6 years, I went back to the place that had started our free battery check-up campaigns in the first place. This time around we were equipped with a jingle, brand ambassadors, free samples of Battery Tonic, and a number of gifts for our customers, culminating in a far more memorable experience for the consumers. I also created an upscale lounge which served multiple purposes, including product display and brand awareness. 2013 – Battery Check-up DHA Sunday Bazar
  26. 26. This was the first time ever that Atlas Battery created a TVC either for itself or one of its brands. I worked with the ad agency to come up with a number of concepts and present it to the management, out of which one was chosen by the CEO. It was a two-day shoot which took place at different locations all over Karachi including a field on the outskirts of Karachi. I was there on location throughout to ensure that the technicalities of a battery were not overlooked. 2013 – Battery Tonic TVC
  27. 27. I’m constantly being approached by a number of universities to sponsor their events. While it’s not possible to entertain all requests, I make it a point to at least accept some from the top universities in Pakistan, including IBA, LUMS and NED. While these sponsorships are spread throughout my nine years tenure, the bulk of the sponsorships took place in 2013. 2013 – IBA, LUMS & NED Sponsorships
  28. 28. For the first time in the history of Atlas Battery, AGS was able to pull off an almost 360 marketing campaign that encompassed television, OOH and social media. The central theme, the premise for this strategy, the basis of this strategy was to strengthen the association between AGS and Japanese car manufacturers who prefer to use AGS exclusively in their vehicles. In the first phase billboards were placed at strategic locations all over Karachi, including an electronic billboard placed on the way to Boat Basin that garnered substantial interest. In the second phase a synergy was created between the billboards and the social media by engaging the fans in a contest that entailed guessing the location of the billboards, as well as a quiz, both of which led to a huge fan following and consequently a renewed interest in the brand. The campaign culminated in the form of a telope which was run on major television networks nationwide to hammer home the point about AGS being the only battery that powers Japanese cars in Pakistan. 2012- OOH Campaign Combined with Digital
  29. 29. At that point in time, I was looking after exports as well, and in order to both create brand awareness and clinch export deals from the MENA region, I persuaded the management to participate in the Automechanika Exhibition held in Dubai. And in order to reduce cost of participation, I forged a deal with Trade Development Authority of Pakistan [TDAP] which was also participating there, which saved the company 50% in the participation fees. 2012 – Participation in Automechanika Exhibition, Middle East
  30. 30. Building upon my past effort of creating the corporate brochure, this time around I opted for a sleek and sophisticated look so that it was in line with the potential MENA customers as well. This brochure has been in use since then for all export related queries. 2012 – Creation of New Brochures for Corporate Branding
  31. 31. This was the first time that Atlas Battery forayed into sports sponsorships. It was a small event organized by the Pakistan Army and held in Islamabad. 2012 – Sponsorship of 44th National Athletic Championship
  32. 32. Assistant Brand Manager 2007-2012
  33. 33. This was my very first negotiation deal, done with the Dreamworld Resort Management. This deal helped us not only to brand the Dreamworld Resort for a limited time, it also gave AGS the perfect platform to interact with its customers, provide them with value-added service in the form of free battery check-up and generally create a memorable experience for them. 2012 – Sponsorship & Brand Activation at Dreamworld Car Rally
  34. 34. This was my very first negotiation deal, done with the Dreamworld Resort Management. This deal helped us not only to brand the Dreamworld Resort for a limited time, it also gave AGS the perfect platform to interact with its customers, provide them with value-added service in the form of free battery check-up and generally create a memorable experience for them. 2011 – Sponsorship & Brand Activation at Dreamworld Car Rally
  35. 35. We had a co-branding venture with Total Parco whereby we started selling our motorcycle batteries at their select outlets in Lahore. In conjunction with this plan, we created a battery check-up campaign to check batteries of bikes getting their fuel replenished at Total Parco stations. 2011 – Free Battery Check-up at Total Parco
  36. 36. In order to increase footfall at ABL’s recently created model shops, I came up with the campaign of free battery check-ups outside these model shops all over Karachi. In order to enhance customer engagement, each customer was given an opportunity to rotate a fortune wheel we had placed at the venues and win a prize. The activity was able to significantly increase footfall and ultimately sales at these shops which were still in their infancy stage. 2011 – Battery Check-up Campaigns At Model Shops
  37. 37. We had plans for brand alliances with petrol and CNG stations. As the first step, we started out branding select CNG stations in different parts of the country with the emphasis primarily on the brand AGS. 2011 – CNG Station Branding
  38. 38. Atlas Battery was transporting batteries on almost a daily basis to upcountry using contract trucks. I facilitated a deal with the transporters which gave me the opportunity to brand the transport containers using the most cost-effective medium- paint. That gave us a moving advertisement non-stop on highways all over Pakistan. 2010 – Branding Of Transport Vehicles
  39. 39. After creating the very first Facebook page of the company on my own, I ran a number of campaigns including quizzes, contests and developed apps to create interest in the battery category online and increase the fan base to an acceptable level. 2009-12 – Social Media Campaigns
  40. 40. This was my very first negotiation deal, done with the Dreamworld Resort Management. This deal helped us not only to brand the Dreamworld Resort for a limited time, it also gave AGS the perfect platform to interact with its customers, provide them with value-added service in the form of free battery check-up and generally create a memorable experience for them. 2010 – Sponsorship & Brand Activation at Dreamworld Car Rally
  41. 41. Atlas Battery introduced factory-charged batteries which was an initiative to provide batteries in the market that were already filled with electrolyte and charged properly at the factory itself. The need for this initiative arose because the quality of AGS batteries was taking a hit because of sub-standard electrolyte in the market and improper charging. This strategy was devised to create a paradigm shift in the market whereby consumers got slowly shifted to purchasing plug n play batteries. 2009 – Introduction of Factory-Charged Batteries
  42. 42. The strategy of creating posters and other relevant POS material existed when I joined. However, the process wasn’t streamlined in that the agency made up the theme on their own with no real direction from the brand. I made it a point to give some purpose to every poster, that every poster should aim to address either a single segment or if the complete range of batteries, then it should be aligned behind a specific 2009 – POS Material for Retail Outlet Branding
  43. 43. Atlas Battery had in the past a haphazard packaging strategy. Cartons came in all sizes and shapes with no real identity. In short the packaging didn’t give a uniform brand image. I first worked with the ad agency to create a single design that could become the hallmark of the brand across all SKUs, and then worked with the Supply Chain department to ensure a smooth transition from the numerous old designs to a single identity. 2009 – Revamp & Launch of Uniform Packaging
  44. 44. I successfully initiated contact with the organization Brand Exhibitors and leveraged the brand essence of AGS in such a way that it won the Brand of the Year Award for the year 2008. The following are the post-event activities I conducted to leverage the Brand Of The Year Award, generating publicity both for the brand as well as the award itself: 1. Letter distributed to all the dealers/retailers informing them about the award and thanking them for helping us win this award. 2. Exact replica of Award certificates distributed to all the zonal/regional offices and dealers. 3. Placement of the award-receiving photo/news in various newspapers. 4. Special advertisement for the award created by Adcom and placed in major dailies/magazines. 5. Exclusive AGS Brand Supplements were published in Express and Qaumi newspaper. 6. Placement of the award-receiving photo/news on the Atlas Battery corporate website. 2008 – Brand of the Year Award
  45. 45. Atlas Battery had a bland website that nothing to write home about. I rewrote the entire website, adding sections and getting them verified from different department and gave a new look to the website. I was instrumental in overhauling the website, rewriting it myself, arranging it in different sections and making it more interactive. 2008 – Revamp of AGS Corporate Website
  46. 46. I teamed up with different people to give a new look to the AGS brochures which served the dual purpose of corporate image as well as export. 2007 – Creation of New Brochures for Export
  47. 47. In line with the aim of corporate social responsibility, Atlas Battery conducted a public service campaign at the Defence Sunday Bazaar where anyone wishing to get the battery and the electrical system of his car checked was provided service free of cost irrespective of the brand of the battery installed in his or her car. This was the first time Atlas Battery introduced the concept of free battery check-ups and I went on to spawn this idea into a full-fledged brand activation activity 2007 – Launch of Free Battery Check-up Campaigns
  48. 48. Miscellaneous Projects 2007-Present
  49. 49. In addition to being a man of action and taking care of the operational side of marketing, I also contribute at the strategic level, formulating three year strategies, creating annual business plans, making and managing the marketing budget, and assisting the Finance department in the theme development of the Annual Report. Three Year Marketing Strategies, Annual Business Plans, Annual Reports
  50. 50. I conducted a number of studies, surveys and analysis for Atlas Battery, some with the collaboration of the sales team, others with the aid of Nielsen market research company. The purpose of each of these surveys was to solve a real world business problem. Nationwide Surveys, U&A Studies, Market Analysis
  51. 51. Wall Calendars was something that was already being done when I joined Atlas Battery. However, mostly it was the same usual conventional themes like cars being done over and over again. I teamed up with Adcom to come up with thought-provoking themes like Muslim scientists contributions, the historic places mentioned on the Pakistan currency, Alternate Energy Solutions etc. Moreover, I initiated the creation of table calendars along with the wall calendars to target the corporate sector. Table & Wall Calendars, Ramadan Calendars
  52. 52. Creation of Giveaways, Stickers and Miscellaneous items Throughout my career, I’ve worked with different vendors and printers to create a number of promotional items and giveaway, ranging from the conventional items like stickers and pens to more unique items like tissue boxes and keychains molded in the shape of a battery.
  53. 53. Not only getting the creatives made by the ad agency, but the cost negotiations and actual printing of all POS material by the vendors is also handled by me. World Cup Schedules, Posters, Magazine Ads
  54. 54. I’m a through and through digital aficionado. I’ve been blogging for the past 12 years, creating a number of blogs on different content management systems including Blogger, Movable Type, Tumblr and Wordpress. I’ve created profiles on some of the most popular social media platforms including Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr, 500PX, Periscope, GoodReads, Twitter and of course Facebook. As a result I’ve been able to leverage my digital influence to effectively propagate my brands’ activities into the social media sphere. Personal Digital Efforts
  55. 55. Contact • Email: • Linkedin: • About Me: • Google Plus: • Twitter: • BLOGS: 1. Branding - 2. Travel - 3. Restaurant Reviews -
  56. 56. “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Peter Drucker