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Perakende, dağıtım, hızlı tüketim, üretim, telekomünikasyon, medya gibi bir çok sektörde en hızlı büyüyen ticaret platformunda sizde yer almak ister misiniz? Buluttan da sunulabilen bu çözümle müşterilerinize nasıl daha yakın olabileceğinizi göreceksiniz.

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  1. 1. It is not the employers who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money. It is the customer who pages the wages. Henry Ford
  2. 2. SAP and hybris Powering the Future of Customer Engagement OMNI-CHANNEL COMMERCE PLATFORM #1 Fastest growing, most advanced commerce platform - enabling next generation customer engagement ENTERPRISE APPLICATIONS 40 years of business software leadership and solutions expertise #1
  3. 3. Introduction to hybris. The future of commerce™. Today.
  4. 4. The most functionally complete commerce platform in the marketplace Single view of the Customer + Single view of the Business Single, Agile, & Scalable technology stack Proven integration with SAP CRM & ERP hybris is the fastest growing commerce platform in a +$50B global market. Omni-Channel B2B / B2C Industry focused Total flexibility and choice across on-premise and cloud deployment models hybris is the Future of Commerce
  5. 5. The Omni-Channel Commerce Imperative Engaging customers consistently across channels – a key business challenge “Now that the initial shock of the online onslaught has worn off, most retailers have joined it. They proclaim themselves to be „omni-channel‟ merchants, as adept as Amazon online, but with the added excitement and convenience that comes with physical shops.” Source: The Economist, July 13 Shopping: The Emporium Strikes Back “The biggest challenge resulting from consumers‟ broader, greater, and more frequent use of the Internet prior to purchasing is that retailers face not only cherry-picking shoppers but also the problem of how to better integrate siloed customer touchpoints, particularly for affluent shoppers, as they shift their spend away from physical stores to the online channel.” Source: Forrester, Nov 20, 2012 The New Paradigm of Retail “Creating a consistent customer experience remains the most valued capability for retailers, but 54% of our respondents indicate that their biggest inhibitor is that they do not have a single view of the customer across channels.” Source: RSR, June 2013 Omni-Channel 2013: The Long Road to Adoption
  6. 6. This is your customer – B2B and B2C (and your staff) fickle, demanding, social, mobile multi-ethnic, global always connected their brand preferences eclipse channel “what they want, when they want it” eclipses brand
  7. 7. This is your customer – B2B and B2C (and your staff) YOU want a single view of THEM. THEY want a single view of YOU. You think of it as multi-channel. They think of it as ONE EXPERIENCE.
  8. 8. Delivering a good customer experience used to be simple. Store Customer Warehouse Product information Product Order etc. Customer data Early days... web Customer Warehouse
  9. 9. Operational processes today are incredibly complex ...and today Warehouse or content delivery Store /POS Customer Product information Product Order etc. Customer data
  10. 10. Delivering consistent data used to be simple. Product information Order web catalog Customer Early days...
  11. 11. Multi-channel data consistency is incredibly complex. Various ERP unstructured merch planning CRM Suppliers Customer Product information Order Customer data social BIG DATA ...and today
  12. 12. The future of commerce demands business acceleration Companies have created great multi-channel customer experiences using traditional technologies and practices. The challenge in the future is to do that while  dramatically improving time to innovation  finding enough skilled technical resources  optimizing operational processes  managing total cost of ownership
  13. 13. The future of commerce requires modern technologies and practices hybris believe that is best achieved with an architecture and products optimized for real-time, online data for products, customers, orders and inventory across all channels an agile, natively multi-channel, single-architecture product set  built on a single stack  based on open standards  with the flexibility of bespoke development  with the cost effectiveness of packaged applications
  14. 14. hybris Commerce Suite The industry‟s most modern, agile, comprehensive commerce suite. Across the e-business lifecycle on a single platform Omni-channel: Any channel, any device, anywhere Architected for maximum agility  Innovation  Expansion  Integration  lower TCO  enterprise scale  enterprise reliability Ready to be your primary business platform
  15. 15. Four megatrends / mega IT challenges 1. Channel convergence 2. Global business 3. Big Data, getting bigger: Volume, Velocity & Variety 4. Rapid business change forcing IT reaction hybris is architected to be future-proof
  16. 16. order management omni-channel touch points master data platform omni-channel logic hybris Commerce Suite The industry‟s most modern, agile, comprehensive commerce suite.
  17. 17. hybris natively supports more touchpoints than any other platform, and is architected to support any – even those that will emerge in the future tv games POS mobile call center print social
  18. 18. hybris Commerce for B2C or B2B Both Gartner & Forrester call it a “leader” for a reason Unsurpassed merchandising capability empowers business users, maximizes selling Best-practice accelerator reduces costs, speeds time to value Native web content management lowers implementation & maintenance costs REST & Java APIs connect to virtually anything Comprehensive B2B functionality Architected for agility: extensions & integrations
  19. 19. The only commerce suite built on a single stack • better functionality • lower development costs • consistent user experience • better performance & efficiency (fewer servers) • easier maintenance & upgrades Optimum use of open standards • much wider availability of resources • much lower TCO Fresh, modern, SOA implementation hybris Commerce Platform The last commerce platform you will ever need™ Java EE Servlet Container
  20. 20. hybris: best of both worlds green field development high cost high risk long time to market Modular Service-oriented architecture Built for extensibility and flexibility Shorter time to market Based on standard technologies traditional commerce solutions limited extensibility limited flexibility vendor dependency
  21. 21. B2C and B2B – THE SAME… B2B buyers and other users are also consumers – they expect a consumer-like experience. They need all the B2C functionality. Product data requirements (much more than a traditional catalog) equally important Multi-channel increasingly relevant in B2B: mobile in field or warehouse, commerce embedded in machines Agility, innovation, equally important for competitive advantage Lower TCO equally important
  22. 22. B2C and B2B – ...BUT DIFFERENT! Multiple experiences required for multiple classes of customer / user Product data more complex: multiple prices, multiple catalogs Account management required: roles and permissions, cost centers & budgets, sales reports, credit management, sales quotations Order processes more complex: standing orders, credit checks, open to buy POs, approval processes Only hybris incorporates comprehensive B2B functionality with a B2C user experience on a single platform.
  23. 23. Long term, maybe the biggest IT challenge of all In a world of big data big cost pressure rapid change any device, anywhere, anytime everything connected & realtime consumer-driven UIs & processes for all users
  24. 24. Long term, maybe the biggest IT challenge of all ...Yesterday’s heavy relational databases WON’T WORK! They won’t disappear, but they’ll play a diminished back-end role
  25. 25. OmniCommerce In the future, a commerce platform architected for the internet and customer centricity will be the heart and brain of 21st-century business. We call this OmniCommerce™ orders customers entitlements products inventory
  26. 26. Strength Across all Customer Segments and Industries Digital Manufacturing Retail Wholesale Telco GlobalEnterprisesSME
  27. 27. BizX Business Impact *Source: 2012 hybris Customer Survey hybris Omni-Channel Business Improvements *
  28. 28. hybris is the future of commerce.™ Today.