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Sapphire dosing pumps presentation for the investors 2012_jun30


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Sapphire dosing pumps presentation for the investors 2012_jun30

  1. 1. Manufacture technology for high precision dosing pumps produced from single crystal sapphire Presentation for investors July 2012Highly confidential. Intended only for the recipient . © Copyright ICDI JSC 2012
  2. 2. Project overview Investment target: Creation of a specialized technology for manufacture of wear-resistant dosing pumps. The core of such a dosing pump is represented by a pump element produced from a synthetic single crystal sapphire. The production will be consumed by pharmaceutical companies in the Russian Federation and abroad. Two Russian patents have been received. Two more Russian and international patents for an invention are planned to be received in the nearest future. Estimation for necessary investment = 160 mln. RUR (approx. 4 mln. EUR) * 1 EUR = 41.32 RUR / Central Bank of Russia / http://www.cbr.ruHighly confidential. Intended only for the recipient . © Copyright ICDI JSC 2012
  3. 3. Project development Project development At first trial design for a dosing pump on the basis of a pump element was produced. Then sapphire pump element was successfully patented and a project team was formed. Initial tests and a close research of dosing pumps were conducted and as the result the shortcomings were revealed as dosing pumps needed additional research and development. Today the project assumes carrying out further research and development activities and scientific laboratory study for the purpose of design improvement of the dosing pumps form and analysis of its clinical properties, and also for the purpose of a scientific proof that using sapphire dosing pumps allows the medical products to stay chemically pure till the end and that their period of storage increases considerably.Highly confidential. Intended only for the recipient . © Copyright ICDI JSC 2012
  4. 4. Product presentation Sapphire dosing pump is a casting dosing device that is related to special equipment accessories for exact filling of medical products into ampules, bottles and other capacities. A dosing pump consists of a metal part and a pump element that is entirely produced from a single crystal sapphire. The technology of implementation of single crystal sapphire in a dosing pump is striking and innovative! Range of application: Main consumers are pharmaceutical companies that are involved in the dispensing process. Product can be applied in other industries such as food, chemical, petrochemical, perfumery, cosmetic, car engineering and aviation industries.Highly confidential. Intended only for the recipient . © Copyright ICDI JSC 2012
  5. 5. Advantages of sapphire crystals 1. Huge wear resistance (life time up to 25 years). 2. Sapphire isnt toxic, doesnt cause changes to central nervous system, liver, kidneys, protein metabolism, lipid exchange, general reactivity. Sapphire doesnt possess cancer genic, mutagen, embiotronic or any other types of remote effect. The material is absolutely biocompatible, it has been proven by pathologist morphologic and toxicological tests. 3. It is stable towards hostile environment and can maintain boiling concentrated acids. Due to sapphire chemical purity of 99,99. 4. Sapphire dosing pumps allows to increase period of medical products storage in many times due to the material’s high quality and lack of admixtures.Highly confidential. Intended only for the recipient . © Copyright ICDI JSC 2012
  6. 6. Key product markets Russian Federation The Russian market of pharmaceutical industry is only starting to develop, the share of the Russian pharmaceutical industry production is 0,03% in the world. On the other hand, the Russian pharmaceutical market has high growth potential and increases on the average 15% annually. Annual market size for consumption of metal, ceramics or glass dosing pumps in Russia is 8400 units of different brands, models and modifications. At the average price for a dosing pumps of 185 000 RUR this market is at least 1 554 mln. RUR. CIS countries 1st target: Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia In the pharmaceutical market of the CIS there are about 700 pharmaceutical enterprises present and they are engaged in pouring of medical products. Annual market size for dosing pumps is 16 800 units (at least 3 108 mln. RUR). EU countries 1st target: Italy, Switzerland and Germany Annual consumption of dosing pumps is around 30 000 items (185 mln. USD). USA and Canada 40% of world production of medical products. At least 55 000 dosing pumps a year (340 mln. USD).Highly confidential. Intended only for the recipient . © Copyright ICDI JSC 2012
  7. 7. Operational budget  R&D 80,0 mln. RUR  Production equipment 55,7 mln. RUR  Intellectual property protections and patents 6,0 mln. RUR  Certificates (for Russian, CIS, world) 1,0 mln. RUR  Marketing costs 5,6 mln. RUR  Participation in international conferences 1,2 mln. RUR  Office rent 5,4 mln. RUR  Office furniture 0,5 mln. RUR  Employees salary fund and trainings costs 4,6 mln. RUR * 1 EUR = 41.32 RUR / Central Bank of Russia / http://www.cbr.ruHighly confidential. Intended only for the recipient . © Copyright ICDI JSC 2012
  8. 8. Risks Operational risks • Sharp rise in prices for the electric power and materials (metal, sapphire) is partially leveled by low share of these expenses in the prime cost. • Risk of breakage of the equipment in the course of production - possible solution at emergence of a similar situation would be in equipment repair in the shortest terms; the strategic stock of production is used, services of subcontractors for repair equipment work are used). Marketing risk • The risk of similar production emergence is estimated as low (diamond has similar characteristics, but its use is not favorable from economic point of view). • Attempts of piracy are possible and may result into illegal production and usage of dosing pumps. In the case of piracy attempts the company will initiate judicial proceedings. • Risk of a shortage of necessary number of clients owing to uncertainty and lack of information about the production in the market. The risk is leveled by large-scale marketing actions and presence of highly skilled and experienced sales managers in the company. • Limitation of the Russian market of enterprises – consumers of dosing pumps (it is leveled by the fact that the company is willing to work in the foreign markets as well)Highly confidential. Intended only for the recipient . © Copyright ICDI JSC 2012
  9. 9. Project scientific supervision Research supervisor Khachatur Bagdasarov Professional achievements: author of numerous works on physics of crystals, has numerous publications in various Russian and foreign editions. Author and coauthor of many educational editions on crystallography. Has a number of inventions of world level in the field of crystallography. Work experience during last 5 years : The head of department of Institute of crystallography of. A.V. Shubnikova of the Russian Academy of Sciences Degree: Doctor of physic and mathematical science, professor, member-correspondent of the Russian Academy of Sciences, twice winner of awards of the Russian Federation. Research supervisor Evgeniy Lukin Professional achievements: the author of numerous articles in Russian and foreign scientific magazines, 260 publications in total. Inventor. Honored worker of the higher school. Has 58 inventions, couple dozens of patents and copyright certificates. Work experience during last 5 years: The Russian chemical and technological university of D. Mendeleyev (since 1961), professor of faculty of chemical technology, ceramics and refractory material. Degree: Doctor of Engineering, academician of AIN and MAI of Russian Federation.Highly confidential. Intended only for the recipient . © Copyright ICDI JSC 2012
  10. 10. Project board of management General Director Vitaliy Savenkov During all labor activity works with exact and high precision engineering tools production. Occupied executive positions in commercial structures. Has been manager to 5-200 people. Since 2001 prosecutes subjects of development of the high precision equipment. In 2003 organized LLC Alfatekh - was the cofounder of the company, held a position of the Technical director. In LLC Alfatekh registered the first patent for pump element. Director for development Alexander Fuchizhi The management of production department of 500 people, administrative work, control of technology and production rules, control of a technical condition of the equipment and maintenance of a demanded technological level, development and introduction of new production technologies, recruiting and teaching new employees. Production Director Andrey Novikov High knowledge in the field of the engineering tools equipment, management of department of 100 people. Control of technical condition of the equipment and timely acquisition of spare parts. Maintaining and control of the plan of production.Highly confidential. Intended only for the recipient . © Copyright ICDI JSC 2012
  11. 11. Contact information Vitaliy Savenkov Project manager and General Director of LLC “FarmaSapphir” Direct phone: +7 (909) 676-51-28 E-mail: LLC “FarmaSapphir” Address: 14, Dorogobuzhnaya st., Moscow, Russia Phone: +7 (499) 140-87-48Highly confidential. Intended only for the recipient . © Copyright ICDI JSC 2012