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Frugal engineering- SAP Parts

Frugal Engineering is the process of reducing the complexity and cost of a good and its production.

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Frugal engineering- SAP Parts

  1. 1. Getting More With Less FRUGAL ENGINEERING
  2. 2. What Is Frugal Engineering  Frugal Engineering is the process of reducing the complexity and cost of a good and its production.
  3. 3. Why Frugal Engineering  Lack of Manufacturing Resources.  Need of the Clients with Resource deficit.  Functional appropriateness for the Environment.  Lack of Institutional infrastructure for supply &
  4. 4. Frugal Is Innovative
  5. 5. Frugal Is Appropriate
  6. 6. Frugal is Socio-economic Concern
  7. 7. Frugal Is Not Cheap Frugal Engineering Solution is not cheap with respect to the performance when compared with a known standards.
  8. 8. Economic | Environmental | Social FRUGAL ENGINEERING – Approach & Objectives
  9. 9. Frugal Innovation – Value Chain •Distribution & Supply Chain For Access •Contracts, •Rules •Trust •legitimacy •Customers with low Affordability. •Capital •Skills • Labor Resource Scarcity – Upstream Input Resource Scarcity – Downstream Outputs Institutional Gaps – Downstream Outputs Institutional Gaps – Upstream Inputs
  10. 10. Going Frugal - Choice to Make • More With lessMore Is Better • QualityCost • SlackConstraints • GlobalizationLocalization • Institutional ComplexityInstitutional Gaps • ScaleSustainability • EfficientAdaptable • Social ImpactProfit Maximization
  11. 11. What is Essential Common Sense ! USE YOUR BRAIN
  12. 12. Where It Starts Frugal Engineering – It all starts at the open mind. USE YOUR BRAIN For the God has Gifted Unique to Humans 1. Humor 2. Appreciation of Beauty 3. Awareness of Death 4. Understanding Time 5. Meaning of Life 6. Desire to Worship 7. Creativity
  13. 13. How to Reach Frugal  Accept that you can be Creative.  Question Traditional Assumptions.  Improve your Problem Solving.  Employ Creativity Techniques.  Practice Thinking in New Ways.  Search Alternate.
  14. 14. Ask Yourself  Believe in yourself  Keep Patience  Do not give up.
  15. 15. Avoid  Actions Without Vision
  16. 16. Explore your Surrounding Learn From children. They are Biggest EXPLORER
  17. 17. DO NOT STOP
  18. 18. Frugal Engineering @ SAP PARTS  SAP Parts’ Seals are technologically developed for protection of equipment working in the extreme and most adverse conditions like mud, rock-dust, sand, and water, desert heat and sever cold. These seals provide very effective lubricant retention and exclude contaminates in all applications across all types of conditions have proven a long service life with low maintenance.  SAP Parts seal designs use elastomeric O- Rings to provide loading for the metal component. The design uses the contact area between the metal sealing rings to create a static and dynamic seal.  These Seals serves under most of the drastic environmental and hostile service conditions
  19. 19. Frugal Engineering @ SAP PARTS  SAP Parts’ Mechanical Duo Cone Seals are specially engineered high precision products giving Import substitute to Indian Construction Equipment OEMs
  20. 20. Frugal Engineering @ SAP PARTS  SAP Parts’ Specially Surface Treated and Specialty grooved Bushings with MOS2 Coating are intended for The high performance in robust conditions.  It has a wide acceptance for its Durability and Cost Effectiveness.
  21. 21. Frugal Engineering @ SAP PARTS  SAP Parts’ Seal O Fix is an unique Compound developed, for Duo Cone Seal Assembly, which do not contains any Environment Polluting chemicals.
  22. 22. Frugal Engineering @ SAP PARTS  SAP Parts’ Test labs are equipped with Unique Seal leakage life and Endurance Testing Machines designed by SAP Engineering team giving the performance report of all the seals Produced, in an efficient way analogues to the field working conditions
  23. 23. SAP PARTS Manufacturer, Designer and Exporter of Specialty And Precision Parts For Construction Equipments and Off Highway Vehicles. Address: Works@ 85,B.U.Bhandari Indl. Estate, Nagar Road, Sanaswadi, Pune – 412208 . 02137- THANKS ISO 9001:2008

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  • rocky1jha

    Nov. 17, 2019

Frugal Engineering is the process of reducing the complexity and cost of a good and its production.


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