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Mccombs india trip_alumni


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The McCombs India alumni association presents the MBA alumni trip to India.

This 10 day trip in the summer of 2012 is to understand the business and socio-cultural environment in India and to catalyze and promote establishing businesses in India.

Cities visited in India include Mumbai, Delhi and Agra with planned trips to businesses and cultural landmarks.

The trip is open to MBA alumni and students from the McCombs School of Business and their significant others.

Seats are limited, please RSVP to book your places.

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Mccombs india trip_alumni

  1. 1. McCombs MBA Alumni India Trip Summer 2012
  2. 2. Delegation of McCombs MBA Alumni to visit India
  3. 3. Trip Objective Understand business environment in India
  4. 4. Trip Objective Understand socio-cultural environment in India
  5. 5. Trip Objective Promote US-India trade
  6. 6. Trip Objective Catalyze joint ventures
  7. 7. Industry Focus Energy, Services, Infra & Technology
  8. 8. Cities to visit Delhi, Agra, Mumbai
  9. 9. When: 7-10 days in July 2012 McCombs School of Business: / Contact: Ram Krishnamurthy, MBA 2012, ram.k