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Lucia Sarasola Portfolio


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Lucía Sarasola’s Web & Soft Design Porfolio and CV. All rights reserved.

Published in: Design
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Lucia Sarasola Portfolio

  1. 1. Lucía Sarasola graphic design & media websites | e commerce softwares usability e learning mailings | newsletters presentations cv
  2. 2. websites Banelco Palo Alto Tuanix Talentos Arg Website design for client Website design for wine Portal design for soap opera Website design for consulting management and sales warehouse. guide. agency. services. FLASH + Action Script HTML + CSS + SEO HTML + CSS + SEO HTML + CSS + SEO Argentina Venezuela Argentina Argentina
  3. 3. websites CNE DRA Javier Joaquin Santa Orosia Portal design for Venezuela Website design for IT services. Website design for illustrator. Website design for undertaker. Government electoral system. HTML+CSS FLASH + Action Script HTML + CSS + SEO HTML + CSS + SEO Argentina Argentina Spain Venezuela
  4. 4. e-commerce Glittere Interturis-Grupo OSDE FanSport Rifasonline Website design for jewelry Website design for travel Website design for football Website design for raffles sales sales. agency. fans t-shirts sales. and online drawings. HTML + CSS + SEO HTML + CSS + SEO HTML + CSS + SEO HTML + CSS + SEO Spain Argentina Spain Spain New Version Soon online
  5. 5. e-commerce Logiscenter The Merlin Factory BricoSoriano Sedeco Website design for logistic Website design for strudels Website design for decoration Website design for climatic inputs sales. sales. inputs sales. inputs sales. HTML + CSS + SEO HTML + CSS + SEO HTML + CSS + SEO HTML + CSS + SEO Spain Spain Spain Spain Soon online
  6. 6. softwares Workflow Security Adm. Portal SIPRE Inventory EDM TCI - Board Reports CNE Platform (República Bolivariana de Venezuela Electoral System) | Management Software Platform design, usability and functional analysis of the OS. HTML+CSS Venezuela © Copyright 2009. All rights reserved.
  7. 7. softwares Setup Screen Login Screen Splash Screen Management Screen Colega Suite (by PPC Software) | Management Software GIP | Management Software Platform design, usability and functional analysis of the OS. Platform design, usability and functional CRM (client management), ERP (administrative management), MORA (financial analysis of the OS for pharmacy management) and TCI (telemarketing management). management. HTML+CSS HTML+CSS Argentina Spain © Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. © Copyright 2009. All rights reserved.
  8. 8. usability CNE and SIPRE Platform | Usability and Design Guide for developers Customized guide for CNE and SIPRE Platform developers with usability, functional and design analysis for future implementations. PDF File (97 pages) Venezuela © Copyright 2009. All rights reserved.
  9. 9. e learning YPF Commercial School Interactive Courses design, usability and functional analysis. Co-developed with didactic editors. FLASH + Action Script for Scorm 1.2 platform Argentina © Copyright 2007. All rights reserved.
  10. 10. mailings | newsletters Logiscenter Turismo Maral SoloNDS SoloNDS Frenos Cuatro Barreras HTML+CSS HTML+CSS HTML+CSS HTML+CSS HTML+CSS Spain Argentina Spain Spain Argentina
  11. 11. presentations Enxendra O.Globalmark Presentation design for electronic and digital company. Presentation design for international relationships company. Power Point .pot Power Point .pot Spain Argentina
  12. 12. cv . lucía sarasola Experience Personal Info Internship at “plantabajac” graphic design studio • Brochure design Year 2002 • Postcard design Name | Sarasola Lucía Mr. Javier Veraldi and Ms. Carolina Santantonin • Packaging design Place of birth | CABA, Argentina References (54 11) 45231750 • Stickers design Date of birth | February 8th 1980 • Photography design Work phone | (54 11) 3529.1256 PERFORMANCE • Original printing preparation Cell phone | (54 11) 15.5493.7311 • Original printing preparation • Illustration • Press supervise • Corporate design “proyecto-pi” graphic design studio • Art design for music industry [BMG] Period 2005-2006 • Postcard design Co-founded studio with Mr. Mariano Rosín Education • Billboard design References (54 11) 46325539 • Poster design School Provincia del Chaco | Escuela 12 d.e. 12 PERFORMANCE “zcomunicaciónvisual” graphic design studio • Website design and development Period 2002-2005 • OS design High-School Ms. Daniela Zaied and Ms. Marina Zaied • Icon design Schonthal References (54 11) 45516041 • Project management High school’s degree specialized in software development • Account management PERFORMANCE • Corporate design University • Microsite development for Glasurit BASF Argentina • Interactive CD design and development Universidad de Buenos Aires • Editorial design • Mailing design Graphic Design [Musimundo catalogue, among others] • Add design • Scenography design for Lux Star reality show • Stationery design Languages • ArteBA art festival participation • Banner design English | Instituto Argentino de Estudios Ingleses • Website design and development • Brochure design [IADEI] High courses • Corporate design • Postcard design • Interactive CD design and development • Packaging design W3C, CSS, Seo Course • Mailing design • Clothing pattern design Course for HTML with CSS development, certified by • Publicity campaign design • Product catalogue design W3C, suitable for SEO • Promotional campaign design • Photography design • Add design • Original printing preparation • Stationery design • Press supervise • Banner design • Illustration
  13. 13. cv . lucía sarasola SMS for “Repsol YPF Commercial School” project Developed websites Currently working Period 2006-2007 Ms. Paola Argento Period 2002-2005 - Belonging to the present time Freelance . Co-founder at Andocreando References (54 11) 50710051 or (54 11) 1556210051 [GD + development] [GD + development] SKILLS PERFORMANCE [GD + development] • Organic SEO. • Multimedia development for e-learning platform [GD + development] • Website development. • Courses Print-guide design [GD + development] • E-commerce website design. • Courses and Conferences presentation design [GD] • E-learning design. [GD + development] • Platform y software design. MIX COMUNICACIONES [development] • Usability and functional analysis. Art Director temporary replacement - BTL Design [development] • Corporate and logo design. Period May 2007-June 2007 [development] • Media presentation design. Mr. Julián Carrera • Editorial design. References (54 11) 4777-7800 Period 2005-2006 - Belonging to the present time [development] OTHERS PERFORMANCE [GD + development] Software knowledge • Add design [development] Mac and PC, Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash [motion and • Direct Marketing design action script], Dreamweaver, Fireworks, In Design, Quark, • Campaign design Period 2007-2008 Corel, Pagemaker, After Effects [basics], Office. • Poster design [GD] Photography knowledge Analogue and digital camera. Grupo OSDE Period 2008-2009 Period June 2007- January 2008 [GD + development] COMMENTS Mr. Diego González [GD + development] I’m always looking for new opportunities to improve and References (54 11) 1563519490 [GD + development] perfect myself. I feel fanaticism for this discipline and I’m [GD] interested in the constant interaction with those who PERFORMANCE practise it and prolong it as well. • Multimedia design Soon I like to experiment and combine different visual • E-commerce website design [GD on testing] languages on the pieces I design. My favorite moments • Technical and functional analysis [GD + developing] at the beginning of a project are finding the concept • Architect planning that guides the creative development and taking the • Department coordination challenge of designing in terms of its subsequent • Project management implementation.