Employee Verification Checks


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Employee Verification Checks

  1. 1. www.e-crossings.net Employee Crossings is dedicated to provide About Us comprehensive and quality driven HR Solutions. We are an expertise in mid-level and senior-level recruitments, employee background screening and corporate trainings for various industrial segments across the nation. Background checks and pre-employment screening are so important in todays world, because of the real threat employers are facing under the legal doctrine "negligent hiring." Hire incorrectly, and you may lose productivity, earnings, and even put yourself, your company, or your co-workers at risk. Screening your potential employee through a thorough Our Vision background check allows your human resourcesTo see Human Resources attain their department to make the right decisions.highest potential while driving up an Employee Crossings understand that humanorganization to excellence. resources are your biggest asset and we facilitate the right hire for you. We provide a comprehensive portfolio of Our Mission screening services, which enable employers toWe help Organizations to reach their make the right hiring decisions at the right time,highest level of potential through in the most efficient way.innovative & smart solutions for theirHuman Resources needs &requirements.
  2. 2. www.e-crossings.net Verification Checks Employment Checks Education Checks Involves previous employment Verification of educational details including designation and professional held, remuneration, duration qualifications from the of employment, Reporting University / college attended manager and Existence of the by the candidate. previous employer. Criminal Checks Address Checks Drug ChecksVerification from the law A through check about the Individuals undergo drugenforcement authorities address provided by the test performed by a on the possibility of candidate. pathology lab for validating criminal cases possible drug abuse Database Checks Reference Checks Court ChecksSearch from International A through check about the This is search of records and National Databases candidate and their of the criminal chargesfor any potential criminal relationship with the against the applicant in background. reference is provided the court of jurisdiction. CV Validation Health Checks Company Search CV validation verifies all Health checkup for the This search identifies the the components of the staff. existence of the applicantcandidates CV or resume. ex-employer
  3. 3. www.e-crossings.net Verification Checks Identity Checks Infinity Screening Verification of the It is the ongoing process documents that are of background screening. particularly used by the It is also called applicant for the purpose continuous screening of his identity Company Ownership Date of Birth Check Check It can be performed by Company ownership check verifying the documentsis defined as the process of used for proof of date ofvalidating ownership details birth like Class 10th from the registrar of certificate, PAN Card, companies Driving license, Passport and authorities issuing date of birth certificates. Professional License Property Checks Check Property check is defined asIt is defined as the process the process of validating of validating professional property papers from thelicense check directly from issuing authority. This the issuing authority. check prevents buyers fromE.G Certificate of Chartered fraudulent sellers by Accountancy protecting them from fake property documents
  4. 4. www.e-crossings.net Verification Flow ChartContract Signing EBS Cases received from customer YES Cases checked for Insufficiencies Insufficiencies reverted to Insufficiencies Found? clients NO Revert from Clients about Validate Checks Insufficiencies Allocation of Checks Cases validation is done NO YES Allocation of Checks to Problem in functional team Validation? SPOC Validates and carries out sample audit Reports are sent to clients by SPOC Address Check - 7 Working Days Property Check - 21 Working Days Employment Check - 7 Working Days Professional License Check - 21 Working Days Reference Check - 7 Working Days Company Ownership Check - 21 Working Days Education Check - 21 Working Days Date of Birth Check - 21 Working Days Criminal Check - 21 Working Days Identity Check - 21 Working Days Database Check - 21 Working Days Health Check - 21 Working Days Drug Check - 21 Working Days CV Validation - 21 Working Days Infinity Screening
  5. 5. www.e-crossings.net Contact Details Contact Person Vaidehi Barve Business Head Mobile: +91 9820303787 Email: vb@e-crossings.net Office Address Job Tree HR Solutions Pvt Ltd,Evershine Mall, 1/22, Mind Space, Link Road, Malad West, Mumbai- 400 064 Tel: 022-4266 9652/53 Email: info@e-crossings.net