Some Brilliant bloggers and Some Naive Bloggers


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Meet some of the brilliant and some naive bloggers. Every blogger who is starting fresh should know about these brilliant bloggers if you want to make big in blogosphere..

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Some Brilliant bloggers and Some Naive Bloggers

  1. 1. BLOGGERS MEET SOME BRILLIANTAND NAIVE BLOGGERS • Brilliant bloggers in the list are Accessible • Sapna from
  2. 2. Her Blog: His Blog: hitenvyas.comShe delivers the most He is a certified NLP. Hecomplex writings in a simple helps People in selfand attractive way. Her improvement. A verycomments are longer than honest person with whomsome of the posts. She writes everyone wants toas if there is no full stop. associate.
  3. 3. Her Blog: Her Blog:She is a Writer, internet marketer necessityofchange.comand a life coach, but she can write She uses her blog to talk abouton any possible topic in the world. the changes we encounteredShe has multiple blogs to work on. in our life and how to handle them to grow and build character.
  4. 4. His Blog: Her everydaygyaan.comHe is a student of Medicine. She uses her blog to shareHe teaches the ways to be with readers things in daily lifehappy through his writing. that inspires her.
  5. 5. Her Blog: His Blog: “The main purpose of theAs you read her blog, you blog is conscious evolution.find out about the release of Conscious Evolution is apositive, affirming energy worldview that we raise thethat is a result of showing or consciousness of planet byreceiving love. participating in our own spiritual growth.”
  6. 6. Sue Neal Josh WilnerHer Blog: His Blog: joshwilner.comI like her modesty when she A writer and social mediasays that she regards herself expert, he loves spending timeas a beginner as online writer with his family and friends.and blogger, even thoughworld knows about her skills.
  7. 7. Yeremi Akpan ChadrackHis Blog: His Blog:He is a writer and a content webincomejournal.commarketer who works full time from He is a Freelance writer,home. He is always helping Preacher and SEO expert.others through his writing skills. He gives practical advice to make money online.
  9. 9. Tonya Stephens NeamatHer Blog: Her neamatproblog.comShe is a network marketing She is a network marketingexpert, an Entrepreneur and expert, share marketinghave started working on strategies and blogging videos.
  10. 10. Viola Tams Akos FintorHer Blog: His Blog: akosfintor.netShe is a network marketing Despite his early struggle heexpert with 9+ yrs of kept working towards hisexperience, helping goals, then foundmothers succeed. something in his Networking marketing career that delivered exactly as it promised..
  11. 11. Gizmos Gadget Technology Tech Expert(Blogger)/Tech Expert(Wordpress)/Gizmos and Gadet Expert
  12. 12. His Blog: His Blog: techivy.comHe is an information technology His website is for tech-lovers whoexpert who is there to help other are in constant search of the latestbloggers who are on blogger. He technological updates in this ever-is a freelance designer and changing niche. He has his fulltimedeveloper. He is always there to job as a Software Engineer .help sort out the technical queries.
  13. 13. His Blog: Her Blog: wonderoftech.comHis technical expertise on She helps people my makingWordpress has helped many, I them aware of the latest gizmos,still remember his technical app and on Website Performancetesting tool. He is into affiliatemarketing as well.
  14. 14. His Blog: His Blog: He uses his blog to present his viewsHe is a computer Graduate. on blogging tools, wordpress pluginsHe help others on SEO a critical and everything related to blogging.component of blogging.
  15. 15. His Blog: Her Blog:He is handling multiple blogs mymagicfundas.comapart from his full time job, expect An Engineering Graduate whohim to share the secret of his time help people about blogging,management skills one day on his technology and how to earnpost. He is making money from all money online through her blog.his blogs.
  16. 16. SOCIALMEDIA/MEDIA(Entertainment) EXPERT
  17. 17. Her Blog: Her Blog: is a Social media expert She does movie reviews andwhich compliments her her blog currently targets theblogging skills, she has been Entertainment niche. She will besupporting her husband online bringing more exclusive eventbusiness as well. reviews and more backstage photos and articles.
  18. 18. Ethics and Social issues Expert
  19. 19. His Blog: Her healnowandforever.netMichael writes about ethics She is a an author, anin everyday life and I firmly international teacher and abelieve in that, no matter social worker. Lately she haswhat, ethics for me will been covering the womenalways remain at the top. issues via her blog.
  20. 20. BLOG Buying and Selling Expert
  21. 21. His Blog: His Blog: wpblogtips.comHe is into building and selling He is involved in selling andwebsites. Founder of buying of blogs and the He also works as one is the latest in the series.moderator in
  22. 22. Learn different ways toearn money via blogging
  23. 23. His Blog: Her Blog: suejprice.comHe is a PHP developer and She is Certified Public accountant.developed a Plugin - cash donator, She did several workshop withhe suggest different ways to make Robert Kiyosaki. She help people toyour blog a profitable business. build their home based business.
  24. 24. Blogging (Generalist)
  25. 25. His Blog: Her Blog: She is a web content developerHe is the youngest on the and an academic researcher.blogosphere I’ve come She is also promoter and onlineacross just 18+ yrs. His reputation speaks greatly ofthis talent.
  26. 26. His Blog: His Blog: He is a researcher by profession butHe is a blogger, online also love designing web sites,business coach and building and creating blogs,Wordpress expert. template design, doing video tutorials, modifying codes, widgets and plugins.
  27. 27. Her Blog: Her barbaracharles.orgIn her blog she is sharing Her blog is all aboutthings that she has learned personal development,on her journey of internet emotional and financialmarketing. freedom and success.
  28. 28. His Blog: His Blog: draggonblogger.comHe loves to share best DragonBlogger is a Technology andblogging tips, Technology Entertainment portal that in additionnews and social media to featuring technology articles andmarketing through his blog. product reviews
  29. 29. His Blog: His Blog: creativebloggers.netHis blog provide blogging, pc His blog provides helpful informationtroubleshooting tips, tech on how-to use social media andshopping news , gadget and strategies tips, to improve yoursoftware reviews and IT content and gain more traffic, alongrelated tutorials. with helpful blogging tips that will help you launch your first blog.He is also a Wordpress consultant.
  30. 30. His Blog: His Blog:His blog is where he look to gainprofitincome.comthe world through the eyes of His blog is a hub where heothers. His thoughts on this share his experience withplatform are influenced by online marketing.people around him.
  31. 31. His Blog: Her Blog: Her blog is all about Love,His blog is all about the marriage, Sex, hormones,learning internet marketing coupled with technicalonline using written articles aspects of blogging andand videos. product reviews.
  32. 32. Her Blog: Her donnamerrilltribe.comShe is an Internet and Affiliate She is passionate aboutMarketer and help readers assisting “Newbies” who arewith her blogging tips. struggling to develop their own online business. She is into Networking marketing as well.
  33. 33. Management
  34. 34. His Blog: His Danblackonleadership.infoHe helps organizations get to His desire is to help others becomewhere they want to go better people and leaders throughquicker. He loves working with his writing and resources. His goal isGeneration Y. to write content that helps you reach your leadership potential.
  35. 35. His Blog: sylmarketing.comHis blog is mainly about marketing andwriting. He writes his experience withmarketing, and also about his personalexperience in life.
  36. 36. About India A
  37. 37. Her Blog: His Blog: blog.chowla.inIf you are interested in Indian If you are really passinateholidays or you are looking for about India then please visitgenuine information on India, his blog.then you need to visit herblog.
  39. 39. 1. Mosam and Charmie – Their blog Their blog dissipateinformation related to technology, gadgets and blogging tips.2. Hossain – His blog His blog gives the usefulinformation about internet marketing tools, blogging, affiliate marketing etc.3. Pavan – His blog His blog consist of posts ontopics relevant to all aspects of technology. He also give suggestions andideas on technology.4. Rupali Garg – Her blog She works on developingthis website to keep you updated with new launches related to techonologyand gadgets.5. Anant – His blog He helps the readers byupdating them of the latest information on technology and gadgets.6. Srikant Rao – His blog He uses his blog to apprisereaders about the technology, gadgets and blogging tips.7. Sahil – His blog His blogs consist of useful informationrelated to techology/blogging /SEO etc.I’m also thankful to I.C Daniel(, Siegfried( and Evan (
  40. 40. My Blog: h4hitech.comcartoonblogger.comI write short comic/satire with cartooncharacters and the purpose of the blog isto bring smile on the face of the readers.I’m new to blogging and will continue tolearn and improve.