Sapient YouthZest 2012


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YouthZest is the initiative of Sapient Institute of Management Studies, with a motive to uncover the hidden talents across the colleges of Indore.
YZe an excellent platform for students to embark upon the toughest challenges in today’s competitive world.
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Sapient YouthZest 2012

  1. 1. Our Associates
  2. 2. Our Associates
  3. 3. About SapientSAPIENT Institute of Management Studies is a breathof fresh air for aspiring management students. Ourbiggest difference lies in our approach towardseducation – we teach our Students, how to learn.
  4. 4. About YouthZest is the initiative ofSapient Institute of ManagementStudies, with a motive to uncover thehidden talents across the colleges ofIndore. an excellent platform for students to embark upon the toughest challenges in today’s competitive world. 20days for brainstorming, bringing out ofbox ideas, delving deeper into localproblem and chasing your goals.
  5. 5. ActivitiesBe the Change Business MaharajaIllusion of Arts Jewel HuntScavengers
  6. 6. Be the Change 2 rounds to crack for final round. Round I- Best team name. Round II- Social Cause Pic. Final round:- Presentation
  7. 7. Be the ChangeMembers-Minimum 3 andMaximum 5 members.Information regardingthe activity will be priorprovided to all teamsthrough email.
  8. 8. Business Maharaja Members: min 1-3 Max. Submission of business plan for selection. Business plan will be evaluated by experts and top teams will be selected for final round i.e. Presentation.
  9. 9. Illusion of Arts
  10. 10. Mosaic (Collage Making) 2 Members in a team. Collage Making Time- 1 HourTheme- Efficient use of energy, Green Economy, Many Faces - One Nation, Our Heritage Paper, Magazines, Glue, Sketch Pen / colours etc. to be brought by participants Team has to give presentation on the collage which would be created by participants. Sketch pens or any other drawing material can be used for the collage making. Cutting from home is not allowed. Coloured drawing Sheet will be provided by the college of full size (28 x 23 inches).
  11. 11. Jugaad (Best out of Waste) Number of Participants in a team: 2 members Time Limit: 1 Hr. Participants are required to bring their own waste materials. Judgment will be based on Innovative Idea, Clear depiction of the message and Colors. Participants are requested to be as environmental friendly as possible.
  12. 12. Race on the Face (Face Painting) 2 Members in a team. Theme :- Emotion, Horror, Animal, Advertisement Time limit – 1 hour Reference materials, drawings, computers are not allowed to be used during the Competition. Painting will be draw to the lower neck. Head pieces are optional, only the face will be judged. Hair and eyelashes are the only things allowed to be completed before competition time. You have to use your own resources.
  13. 13. Expressions (Tattoo Painting) No. of participant in team- individual + 1 volunteer Tattoo art will be done only on the arms. Time limit-45 mins. Size - Must fit within/not more than 4”x6” area. In the event of the tie between tattoos they will be re-judged. There is no theme for tattoo. Necessary material (paints, brush, gel pens, etc.) to be bought by the participants.
  14. 14. Jewel Hunt (Talent Hunt)• Dancing: • Skit – Group • Art: – Solo – Sand Art – Duet – Painting• Singing: – Group • Fashion show – Solo • Others: – Duet – Instrumentals• Mime – Rock bandIf any other event can be prepared by the student then they can take the permission from the event director and participate accordingly.
  15. 15. Jewel Hunt (Talent Hunt) Each act should be no longer than 3 minutes and no shorter than 1 minute. Participants can provide resources required for their event (like Mike, Lasers, Board, etc.) with the participation forms. All the costumes and general requirements are to be managed by the participants only. Small groups may perform together. Group acts limited to five (5) members.
  16. 16. Scavengers Participants have to submit a letter from their college signed by director or HOD of college. An undertaking has to be signed by each and every participant regarding any injury risk. Sapient decision would be the last decision in any case of conflicts. No sapient team will be participating in the show.
  17. 17. Scavengers  Participation can be done in a team of 4 members (preferable combination 3 boys and 1 girl).  Participants have to bring their own bike.  Heart patients, asthma patients, physically injured due to any accident etc people are suggested not to participate.  The show will be of whole day.  All undergraduate and post graduate students can participate.