60 Years of Cannes Lions Infographics: The 90s


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Our second annual SapientNitro Cannes Lions infographics represent a series of six commemorating the six decades of Cannes Lions Festivals.

For more coverage on Cannes Lions 2013, follow the Cannes Lions Pinterest page curated by SapientNitro: http://pinterest.com/canneslions

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60 Years of Cannes Lions Infographics: The 90s

  1. 1. #CannesLions60 Years of Cannes Lions1990s
  2. 2. ifyou’rebeignauthentic,youwillfindanaudienceifyourbeignauthenaudiencetifyourbeignauthentic,youwillfindanaudienceF I N DBEINGy o u w i l la n a u d i e n c eifyou’rebeignauthentic,you’rewillfindanaudienceifyou’rebeignauthentic,youwillfindanaudienceDavidKarpa u t h e n t i c ,i f y o u ’ r e
  3. 3. GAME CHANGER:THE 1990SFERNANDA ROMANOQuadri-lingual, multi-award-winning, CCOand Partner at Naked Brasil, this digital guruis funny, too: "We were working at DM9DDBin São Paulo, my area was called othermedia and special projects and the agencygot a brief from Henkel to build a newwebsite for its super-glue. Every few days Igathered the whole team into my office tochat. I would go to a grocery store across thestreet, get a few boxes of chocolate, a coupleof big bottles of soda and, as we didn’t haveenough chairs – we didn’t have room for thatmany chairs anyway – we all sat on the floor.The joke in the office was that the Internetwas down. Yes, they thought that was funny."With the 60th anniversary of Cannes Lionscomes a celebration of the iconic work thatchanged the landscape of advertising.CREATIVE MARKETER OF THE YEARCOCA-COLA
  4. 4. WINNING WORK:THE 1990SHENKEL "REALITY ADVERTISING"Super Bonders most famous benefit is thatit sticks forever. This campaign asked, why tellpeople that when you can show them?DDM9DDB glued a (now very dated)computer monitor to a wall, pointing awebcam at the gravity-defying unit, andprompting web surfers to type in messages,which they could then watch appear on themonitor in real time.The campaign went on for123 days and attracted half a million activeparticipants in 80 countries.DELEGATE POLLMUST-KNOW FRENCHBonjourMerci BeaucoupChampagneSil vous plaîtParlez-vous français?RoséCest la vieGagnerDélicieuxVous êtes magnifiqueJe voudrais du vinOn va se saoulerRenardCombienBièreUniqueUne autre bièreGratuitCest ce soirPatienceAttendVous êtes si belleOuiVin Blanc
  5. 5. 1. Carlton Terrace 25992. Baoli 17383. Le Mocca 13794. Plage Royale 10088. Gutter Bar 4929. Hôtel Majestic Terrace 30110. Google Creative Sandbox Beach 263TOP CHECK-INS AROUND THE PALAISON FOURSQUARE, 16 - 20 JUNE3 91042516785. Grand Hyatt Cannes Hôtel Martinez 9726. 72 Croisette 6857. Plage Croisette Beach 671PALAIS DES FESTIVALS ET DES CONGRÈS5278 CHECK-INS
  6. 6. QUOTE OF THE DAYSEAN COMBSPIN OF THE DAYPINTEREST.COM/CANNESLIONS“ @Spotify artist @Willow Socia performingat the @Starcom MediaVest Group dinner
  7. 7. FUN FACTBOTTLES CONSUMEDBRAZILS GRAND PRIX WINS•2013: Ogilvy Brasil São Paulo, Café Recife: "Immortal Fans" (Promo & Activations)•2012: TALENT SÃO PAOLO, GO OUTSIDE MAGAZINE: "RADIO REPELENTE" (RADIO)•2010: ALMAPBBDO SÃO PAOLO, BILLBOARD MAGAZINE CAMPAIGN (PRESS)•2005: DDM9DDB, Henkel Superbonder: "Reality Advertising" (Cyber)•2000: AGENCIACLICK, SAO PAULO EYEBANK, “BRAILLE,” (CYBER)GinWhiskeyRedWhiteVodkaRose1 unit = 10 bottles*Bottles Consumed at the Dutch YoungCreatives Party Monday at Plage Royale•1993: DM9 PUBLICADADE, GUARANA ANTARCTICA: "GUARANA DIET"
  8. 8. STYLE SPOTTINGSHIFT DRESSES9,474 PHOTOS TAGGED #CANNESLIONS THIS WEEK16 JUNE 2013 17 JUNE 2013 18 JUNE 2013 19 JUNE 2013 20 JUNE 2013@anatshr Charlotte Claudette @iamskb1596 1873 1903 15212581
  9. 9. WWW.SAPIENTNITRO.COM/CANNESLIONS1950s 1960s 1980s 2000s1970s 1990s