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Ws6 presentation sfi sthlm engelska amsterdam


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Swedish for immigrants

Published in: Education
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Ws6 presentation sfi sthlm engelska amsterdam

  1. 1. 2012-03-16 SIDAN 1Swedish for immigrants SFI Stockholm
  2. 2. Society Orientation Courses forrefugees at the Center for SocietyOrientation Courses Carin Larsson Coordinator 2012-03-16 SIDAN 2
  3. 3. Target group Persons covered by the law on introduction activities for certain newly arrived immigrants Anyone between the ages of 20 and 64 (or 18 and 19 with no parents in Sweden) who has received a residence permit as a refugee. 2012-03-16 SIDAN 3
  4. 4. The objective The objective is to ensure that all newcomers to Stockholm County will receive a uniform, high-quality introduction to Swedish society. 2012-03-16 SIDAN 4
  5. 5. The website The website is a guide that will help immigrants to find information about how Swedish society works and whom you can contact when you have questions about various issues. The information under the heading of How Swedish Society Works is available in six different languages. 2012-03-16 SIDAN 5
  6. 6. Course contents according to the new law 1. Coming to Sweden 2. Living in Sweden. 3. Supporting and developing yourself in Sweden. 4. Individual rights and obligations 5. Having a family and children in Sweden 6. Participating in the Swedish society 7. Health maintenance and medical care in Sweden. 8. Growing old in Sweden. 2012-03-16 SIDAN 6
  7. 7. Politics National Agency for Education Stockholm municipality Public and Public Employmentprivate schools Service 2012-03-16 SIDAN 7
  8. 8. SFI with an orientation towards work andfurther studiesThe sfi course shall prepare the students for the labour market all schools have modules of work and labour orientation some schools have courses within the course preparing for work in different fields like working in a shop, working in a restaurant, working in a daycare center there are special courses for people with a professional diploma like ingeneers, teachers (sfx courses) the schools try to help students to find practice places in different job places the schools have flexible schedules so that the students can combine studies and work 2012-03-16 SIDAN 8
  9. 9. SFI for persons with different disabilitiesEverybody is supposed to be able to study sfi. Therefore there aredifferent solutions for people with different disabilities: For some students there is technical support There is alternative sfi for those who for different reasons can’t study in big groups There is one to one studies for certain students with special problems There is sfi for blind students There is sfi for deaf students 2012-03-16 SIDAN 9
  10. 10. SIFA Public schools Sfi Söderort,SFI Special Needs Education Sfi Västerort ABF Sveavägen Högdalen, Competens Vällingby, Lunda Private schools Hermods Stadshagen Kista, Liljeholmen, Lernia Globen, Globen Alvik, Enskede, Utbildningsborgen Alternativ sfi 2012-03-16Socialtjänst- och arbetsmarknadsförvaltningen SIDAN 10SFI Stockholm
  11. 11. National test Prov och betyg D Test and Diplomas National test Prov och betyg C C National testProv och betyg S3 B BTest and Diplomas S2 A S1 2010-08-13 SIDAN 11