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Learning with facebook sandra perusch_slideshare

  1. 1. Learning with Facebook? How to use Facebook (in a University Environment) WWW.FH-KAERNTEN.AT
  2. 2. ABOUT ME…Sandra Perusch…. works in the Marketing/PR dep, heavy socialmedia addict, former student, gives trainings in social mediaI dislike bullet pointsI dislike power pointI interaction: so ask questions – but please don‘t interrupt WWW.FH-KAERNTEN.AT
  3. 3. Learning and „new“ media Facebook – in General Facebook in Education – how can it be used? Exchanging information (via groups, sites, profiles) Discussions (teacher-student, student-teacher, teacher- teacher, student-student) Uploading documents, sharing videosSecurity & Privacy issues How do I keep my privacy? What about private informations about projects etc.? ExamplesWHAT will we be talking about? WWW.FH-KAERNTEN.AT
  4. 4. „We don‘t have a choice onwheter we DO social media, thequestion is how well we DO it.“ Erik Qualman WWW.FH-KAERNTEN.AT
  5. 5. … and all of that with ZERO moneyWhy? What?MARKETING INFORMATION SUPPORT and NETWORKING more students, E-Mail is old- input  help help students &meet them where fashioned, SM is students faster, lectures connectthey are quick and easy get their input easier easier WWW.FH-KAERNTEN.AT
  6. 6. LEARNING AND „new“ MEDIAVirtual Learning Environment / WHERE?Learning Management System Profiles in social networks with various privacy settings Compulsory learning media (e.g. Browser settings with apps from uni, like Moodle) Provision, organisation and management of study material and learning processes Assessment With special programs: netvibes Like patchwork – many little (costs) or Symbaloo Edu (free) pieces are creating a big masterpiece (It‘s alive) Smartphones WWW.FH-KAERNTEN.AT
  7. 7. PERSONAL LEARNING ENVIRONMENT:From books to Internet Learning and „new“ media II Social-media programs – interactive  web services Focused on the student (control, design, usage time) Learning culture is completely different – intrinsic motivation WWW.FH-KAERNTEN.AT
  8. 8. More than 800 million active users Offers possibilities to discover like-minded individuals to form interest groups 50% of active users log on to Facebook in any Expands real-world given day social connections There are over 900 million objects that Average user is people interact with connected to 80 (pages, groups, events community pages, and community pages) groups and events Social networking site Average user has 130 friends People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on FacebookSource: http://www.facebook.com/press/info.php?statistics (26.01.2012) WWW.FH-KAERNTEN.AT
  9. 9. EXCHANGING INFORMATION Facebook in Education (FiE) – How can it be used? Create a teacher Create groups or account sites (student Updates on new groups/academic assignments groups) Difference between Asking questions open information and private Upload information documents, videos etc. WWW.FH-KAERNTEN.AT
  11. 11. EXPLANATION of TERMSGroups: built around a group of people rather than an individualbusiness or brand. No “become a fan” feature, do not share asmuch info with users’ friends as users interact ( Sites)Apps: powerful, developers can write software for, help promoteyour institutionPolls: need a quick answer about a particular feature? Or just tofind out information and opinions from a specific demographic?Ads: enabling institutions to specify a specific demographictarget, see how many people that demographic will hit, andadvertise to themFacebook Connect: enables your website to easily integrate withFB (login process, retrieve users’ friend information, and evenpost data back to users’ Mini Feed so all their friends can seetheir activity) WWW.FH-KAERNTEN.AT
  12. 12. GROUPS (DISCUSSION BOARD/WALL) student to teacher to student to teacher student student Students can post Students respond Respond to questions online to articles colleagues (e.g. outlines in (downloadable articles, quotation essays, from somewhere), s, videos structure…) quotations, videos FiE WWW.FH-KAERNTEN.AT
  13. 13. VIDEO SHARINGSharing of videos with deadlinefor feedback (e.g. askingspecific questions in class or asassignment) Dear all, please watch this video on… Extract meaningful points and/or examples from the video, and discuss how far you agree or disagree with his views. Substantiate your views with your experiences. Deadline for submission…Video should be watched bystudents before/as part of thecourse FiE WWW.FH-KAERNTEN.AT
  14. 14. OTHER IDEAS… Chat: Instant messaging (without possibility to attach Applications: documents etc.) and real- Create quick quizzes (quiz creator) time conversation or more complex apps/games (programming skills)FB Sharing-Apps: Use FB as your sharing tool Send Slideshare presentation links FiE Link students to your blog, bookmarks, twitter etc. WWW.FH-KAERNTEN.AT
  15. 15. FACEBOOK - LIMITATIONS Educational Usage Group 5000 Limit for invitations or messages Page/Event Creator’s Restrictions (need an extra admin to send Private Usage inviations, see all options) Can’t pull in photos etc. 500 “Liked” Page Limit automatically from a user to a Page or group Privacy issues No power to “costumize” Groups or Sites the way businesses or educ. Institutions would like to WWW.FH-KAERNTEN.AT
  16. 16. SECURITY & PRIVACY ISSUESHow do I keep my What about securedprivacy? information of Main problem: research etc.? constant changes Groups need to be in privacy settings private and only open upon Try to keep invitation updated and create different lists with different Admin has to viewing options decide take care when sharing information & decide which informationOverall: everything on Facebook is never really private –e.g. if friends privacy settings are weak, they could share YOUR things WWW.FH-KAERNTEN.AT
  17. 17. EXAMPLES & EXERCICES• www.fb.com/FHKaerntenCUAS• https://www.facebook.com/oxfordbrookes• Your university  WWW.FH-KAERNTEN.AT
  18. 18. OTHER TOOLS? QUESTIONS?• www.twitter.com• www.youtube.com• https://plus.google.com/ WWW.FH-KAERNTEN.AT
  19. 19. REFERENCES• http://www.insidefacebook.com• http://www.facebook.com/press/info.php?statistics• http://youtu.be/bpX--CYtiaQ• http://www.youtube.com/user/FachhochschulKonfer?blend =1&ob=0• http://www.google.at/imghp?hl=de&tab=wi WWW.FH-KAERNTEN.AT
  20. 20. Thanks for your attention! … and now: WWW.FH-KAERNTEN.AT