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SAPANA | from passion to action


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Presentation of SAPANA | from passion to action |

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SAPANA | from passion to action

  2. 2. WHO ARE WE Non profit NGO Founded in 2009 NGO’s consultant Awakening ProjectsFocus on Gender Equality andsocioeconomic empowerment We act with passion
  3. 3. WHYA large percentage of NGO s, mainly in developing coun-tries, despite having strong ability, goals, funding andmotivated teams they suffer from basic structural failuresthat do not allow them the desired impact within thecommunity that they could achieve.SAPANA is focused to face and correct these failures,giving basic tools on economics, social interpersonal,management and sustainability areas.
  4. 4. Everyone who has skills and potential to explore can infact be the development force of a community, espe-cially young people and women. Due to social and cul-tural issues, they are stuck in unfair roles and completelyinaccurate of their potential.SAPANA, through a focus on gender equality, Intends tofight this reality through training and empowermentpractices with results on economic and social empower-ment of women.Empowering women, empowering these people will em-power us all.Together we develop communities.
  5. 5. WHAT DRIVES US To reach one’s deepest inner being and develop his skills and passions, emerging out sustainability, dignity and will to change, towards a greater impact in the community around.
  6. 6. 2011 2010 European representative of AIILSG First implementation in the field 2011 Team creation and foundation of the NGO 2009Project concept definition HISTORY
  7. 7. TARGET AUDIENCE (organizations)NGOS WITH:› Potential and will to impact the community› Healthy vision, mission and values› At least 5 years in the field› Action in rural areas (not exclusive)› Teams of 5 to 10 people› At least one member who communicates in English› Programs with the ability to evolve and to become self-sustainable
  8. 8. OBJECTIVES (organizations)FLAWS EVALUATION AND IDENTIFICATION:› Adjusted questionnaires to the reality of the Organization and type of position within it› Listing of identified difficulties and related flaws analysis› Analysis of team skills and backgrounds
  9. 9. OBJECTIVES (organizations)IDENTIFICATION OF THE ORGANIZATION GOALS:› Conceptual analysis of the mission and vision› Feasibility study of goals and their prioritization› Alignment of expectations with the Organization
  10. 10. OBJECTIVES (organizations)TRAINING AND EMPOWERMENT:› Skills modules portfolio with focus on efficiency and sustainability of the Organization› Total adaptation to reality, needs and teams of the Organization› Different formats of modules application with prepared information for various types public in terms of literacy, mentality, such as IT, Language, Professional, Interper- sonal, Education and Preservation.
  11. 11. OBJECTIVES (organizations)COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT:› Cooperative work between Organization, Sapanaand population› Use of impact measurement tools in the community› Use of social networks and new media document lifestories – affective relationship between contrastingrealities such as the portuguese and the indian ones.
  12. 12. MODULES (organizations)TRAINING SKILLS:› IT (Windows, Word, Excell, Powerpoint, Image, Internet, Blogs and Social Media)› Professional (CV, approaches to the market, interviews, presentation skills, entrepreneurship, fundraising, funds management, disclosure tools)› Interpersonal (leadership, teamwork, conflict management, communication, decision-making)› Language (english, copywrite)› Education and prevention (sexuality, STD s, prostitution, genital mutilation, violence, citizenship and human rights, food safety and hygiene, role of the family in the 21st century, castes vs. Western countries)
  13. 13. TARGET PUBLIC (people)PEOPLE (specially women and youngsters):› With influence in their community› Skills and potential by exploring› Willingness to improve their lives and those of their children› Integrity and commitment with our programme› The strength to fight for their dignity
  14. 14. GOALS (people)› Training on themes related to the use of condoms, prevention of STD s, female genital mutilation, etc.› Analysis of technical expertise and real needs of each person› Support in developing projects and businesses that promote financial sustainability and dignity› Help in trading, access to micro-credit, etc.
  15. 15. PROJECTSMovement involving people and social / cultural actions around thesetopics, promoting the diffusion of information throught the media:› Condom use› Prevention of Stds› Prevention of AIDS› Genital mutilation
  16. 16. PROJECTS› International project of social and economic empowerment› We deliver tools for self-sustainability on the long-term› We develop individuals› Sub-projects: Demm, Mouraria (example), Kakuma
  17. 17. SUB-PROJECTS› Distribution of 60.000 condoms› Consulting to the NGO itself› Reintegration of sex workers in the community› Online platform for the sale of products manufactured by the sex workers DEMM-Margao, Goa
  18. 18. SUB-PROJECTS› Distribution of 60.000 condoms, books, etc.› Link between ISEG and AIILSG› Restore a historical connection with a social project that is happening in the two countries simultaneously Project infor Portugal (Mouraria example)
  19. 19. SUB-PROJECTS› Impact on a population of almost 100,000 people, one of the largest refugee camps in Kenya› Collaboration with EDP Foundation in social entrepreneurship projects› Creating an online platform for marketing handcrafted products made by peasant women Project Kakuma› Help in access to micro-credit projects (e.g. kiva, myc4) (Refugee Camp)
  20. 20. ACTION AREAS Portugal Ukraine India and NepalGuatemala Morocco Yemen Kenya
  21. 21. PARTNERS
  22. 22. ASHOKA Contact › SOLOMON PRAKASH More info ›› Worlds largest organization of social entrepreneurship› More than 2000 "change makers" in more than 60 countries› Pioneer in social innovation policies, replication of sustainable solutions with strong impact in the community, creating infrastructures for the development (access to financing, facilitating the liaison with academic and industrial areas, etc.)› Partnership at human resources and logistics
  23. 23. ALL INDIA INSTITUTE OF LOCAL SELF GOVERNMENT Contact › MUKESH KANASKAR More info ›› Main institution of education and research in India› Over 80 years of activity and coverage throughout the territory› Focused on empowerment and community development, public policy research, training and projects in areas of health, environment, power, technology, management, etc.› Partnership at the institutional level, infrastructure and access to funds
  24. 24. ISCTE-IUL Contact › Maria das Dores Guerreiro More info ›› Academic and research partner› Application and standardization of measuring tools and data collection› Statistical analysis of data and comparative studies› Recruitment of volunteers for studies and actions in the field – traineeships, masters theses, etc.› Cross and data validation at a global level that support the whole project
  25. 25. FUNDAÇÃO DA JUVENTUDE Contact › Paula Graça More info ›› Portuguese Youth Foundation› Supports initiatives that promote the integration of young people in the enterprise market, young entrepreneurship, social inclusion and citizenship› Organizes social projects, educations programmes, research grants, etc.› Partnership for logistics and Portuguese initiatives
  26. 26. HIRE & TRUST - EXECUTIVE SEARCH Contact › Nuno Fraga More info ›› Private consultant› Works with the client to find the right Human Capital which will enable them to achieve positions of excellence at a com petitive level› All the team-members have areas of expertise where they develop their processes in order to maximize the value added that is intended to provide to the customer
  27. 27. Carolina Cruz Patrícia Assis Miguel Jerónimo Mafalda Almeida Mónica Araújo Joana Murta RosaCEO Change Manager Field Coordinator Head Office Coordinator Creative Partner Gaps Solver and Human RelationsI have a degree in Psychology. I’m from the Management field and Coming from engineering but not being Licensed in Translation of English and Licensed in graphic design , I`ve been Graduated in International Relations,Im passioned about human mind I’m always moved by what my an engineer, everything I’ve achieved is French. working in the creative area since the power of the relations betweenand our race. instinct says. due to the passionate work I believe in. 1997. people fascinates me. Driven by an immense desire to giveI believe that I can change the world. I live to take the opportunities uncon- This organization gave me and still a valid contribution by building I like being a designer! With my work Besides that, I live as an explorer andI’m driven by a desire and a dream. gives me daily challenges. ditionally I’m driven by passions and a better world. I can give wings to my imagination as a surfer, and while I´m out thereI am realistic, and only thus I can do much coffee. and learn with each project. I have a lot of time to realize how I’m financial, extremely analytic, I’m sensitive and I wake up every daysomething. amazing is the place that we live in methodic, passionate and a true I dont like wasting time sleeping or urging to become a better person, Love art in its most various forms,I felt the need to learn Financials, procrastinating, when I can be creating. and about how great persons can we believer that is at the basis that to make a difference. from theatre to photography.Stewardship and Entrepreneurship. all be. everything is built. I like to believe that the whole human I want to do something that makes I’m for self development, shiatsu andI also felt the need to develop the my beings have an infinite potential I believe that happiness is only true my Soul smile. feng shui.competences, and basically that is and that is up to each one to take when shared.what Sapana goes to discover. I like the diversity of ways of living, advantage of it. Through SAPANA we try to help eachDevelop skills and valences of each people and places and I’m passionateone in order to become full and more one to find their way, as we found For me, and for me, I try to do it through about inspiring life stories.sustainable. ours. Dream. Wish. Make it happen. creativity, multidisciplinarity and I love dreams and high flights. dedication-something that makes me I believe that creativity has an never give up find my catharsis, either important role in the world because it triggers emotions. by art, projects with meaning or simply meet exciting people.
  28. 28. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION! Sapana Team (+351) 91 213 78 02