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The Networked Economy at SAPPHIRENOW


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If you missed the Networked Economy Forum at SAPPHIRENOW here are the top sessions, videos, and blogs from the event. For more information on the Networked Economy be sure to check out

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The Networked Economy at SAPPHIRENOW

  1. 1. Networked Economy SAPPHIRE NOW Orlando, Florida | June 3-5, 2014 #SAP | #SAPPHIRENOW | #NetworkedEconomy
  2. 2. In June 2014, SAP held its annual SAPPHIRE NOW conference with 25,000 attendees in person and over 250,000 people watching online. There was lots of buzz about the Networked Economy and how it’s shaping the Future of Business. This presentation compiles the highlights for you. For more information, visit:
  3. 3. Sessions Videos Blogs
  4. 4. Sessions Videos Blogs Ride the Wave of Technology in the Second Machine Age Erik Brynjolfsson, MIT | 45 mins Accelerate innovation, automate jobs, and fundamentally change the way you work. Get insights into the causes and effects of the exponential rise in the wave of new technologies, including recent trends in productivity, profits, investments, and employment, and the implications for individuals, businesses, and society.
  5. 5. Navigate Global Economic Flows in a Digital Age Michael Chui, McKinsey | 20 mins Hear how the global flows of goods, services, and capital across political and economic boundaries have hit unprecedented levels. Learn about research conducted by the McKinsey Global Institute on these global flows and about the underlying information and communication challenges that businesses must also navigate to stay afloat in a digital age. Sessions Videos Blogs
  6. 6. Harness the Internet of Things to Lead in a Networked Economy Steve Lucas, SAP | 20 mins Discover how the Internet of Things lets you create new opportunities through machine- to-machine, cloud, Big Data, and analytic technologies that enable ubiquitous connectivity and real-time decision making. Learn why only leaders who can harness those opportunities stand to lead in the networked economy. Sessions Videos Blogs
  7. 7. Plan Your Business Strategy for a Connected Economy Joe Weinman, Author, Cloudonomics | 20 mins Compete and innovate in the next wave of business transformation. Learn how Big Data, mobile, social, analytics, and other building blocks of the networked economy have redefined the strategic conventions for achieving operational excellence, product leadership, customer intimacy, and innovation in business. Sessions Videos Blogs
  8. 8. Flourish in the New Economy through Social Collaboration Sameer Patel, SAP | 20 mins Engage and collaborate with customers, employees, and partners to solve problems, create opportunities, and inspire innovation. Understand how to use social collaboration to identify and use repeatable patterns to gain the maximum value from the digital transformation of the networked economy. Sessions Videos Blogs
  9. 9. Collaborate Without Boundaries Tim Minahan, SAP; Kory Manley, Caesar’s Entertainment | 20 mins Explore how you can use collaboration to support commerce in an increasingly global economy, where emerging markets are playing greater roles in corporate sales and supply chains. Hear how business networks are enabling effective collaboration among buyers and suppliers across the globe by breaking down barriers to global commerce. Sessions Videos Blogs
  10. 10. Seize Economic Opportunities from the Internet of Everything Joseph Malik Bradley, Cisco | 20 mins Hear what the buzz on the Internet of Everything (IoE) is all about. Explore the research from Cisco Systems, Inc. revealing that IoE stands to create U.S.$19 trillion in global value over the next 10 years. Learn why connections among people, processes, data, and things will save organizations money, improve productivity, generate revenue, and create quantifiable outcomes. Sessions Videos Blogs
  11. 11. Thrive in the Digital Networks of the Networked Economy V. Bapat, SAP; D. Krishnamurthy, SAP; E. Brynjolfsson, MIT; J. Malik-Bradley, Cisco; Michael Chui, McKinsey | 45 mins Prepare for doing business in a world where exponential change will dominate the face of the global economy. Hear how the networked economy will likely impact individuals, societies, resources, and businesses over the next three to five years, and learn what you can do to get ready. Sessions Videos Blogs
  12. 12. Keynote Presentation: Simplify Everything. Do Everything. Bill McDermott, CEO, SAP | 90 mins Bill McDermott, Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Executive Board at SAP, will discuss today's global business networked economy and showcase the strategy for businesses to simplify everything via the SAP Cloud powered by SAP HANA. Sessions Videos Blogs
  13. 13. The Networked Economy Showcase at SAPPHIRE NOW Mahira Kalim, SAP | 3 mins See the Networked Economy in action in this SAP Technology Showcase at the 2014 SAPPHIRE NOW conference. Sessions Videos Blogs
  14. 14. Details on the Forums at SAPPHIRE NOW Vivek Bapat & Lindsey LaManna, SAP | 1 min SAPPHIRE NOW’s Future of Work and Networked Economy forums are discussed in more detail. Sessions Videos Blogs
  15. 15. Business Networks: Disrupt and Conquer Chakib Bouhdary, SAP | 4 mins Today’s business networks are smarter, faster, and more global than ever. And they’re transforming business in ways never thought possible, as companies harness the insights and intelligence of entire communities to break down the barriers to collaboration and enable new processes that drive innovation and competitive advantage. Sessions Videos Blogs
  16. 16. Business Strategy in the Networked Economy Joe Weinman, Author, Cloudonomics | 2 mins Hear how the building blocks of the networked economy are redefining the strategic conventions for operational excellence, product leadership, customer intimacy, and innovation. Sessions Videos Blogs
  17. 17. Leveraging the Knowledge of Your Networks Alex Saric, SAP | 2 mins Find out how you can make the most of your connectivity and access a wealth of knowledge in your networks to drive innovation. Sessions Videos Blogs
  18. 18. The Collaborative Economy is for Business to Business Jeremiah Owyang, Blogger and Fouder, Crowd Companies Council The Collaborative Economy, which includes the sharing economy, maker movement, crowd funding, and crowd lending, is perceived mainly as a peer-to-peer movement. Yet, it’s not limited to individuals helping each other alone. Companies, both large and small, are replicating the same strategies and tactics to improve their own business. Sessions BlogsVideos
  19. 19. Simplification in 2 Words: Networked Economy & Millennials Nick Robinson If you saw Bill McDermott’s keynote online or live at SAPPHIRE NOW this year, it’s pretty clear that “Run Simple” is our new tagline. But if you dig a little deeper, there are two key trends that are leading the charge to simplify. And that, my friends, is the networked economy and the millennial generation. Sessions BlogsVideos
  20. 20. Top 10 Takeaways from SAPPHIRE NOW 2014 Muthu Ranganathan, SAP Motivated by response to my key takeaways blog of SAPPHIRENOW 2013, repeating the same for SAPPHIRENOW 2014. Once again very difficult to pick only 10, but for simplicity sake it’s best to keep it simple. Sessions BlogsVideos
  21. 21. For Networks, Bigger is Not Always Better Jonathan Becher, SAP Practically everyone has a machine-to-machine Internet of Things story they like to tell. It might be refrigerators automatically reordering milk, cows that send texts to farmers when they’re in heat, or understanding the demand for ice cream in real-time. We are living in a networked economy. Sessions BlogsVideos
  22. 22. 5 Bold Predictions For Digital Networks And The New Economy in 2020 Christina Ramlet, SAP During the opening SAPPHIRE NOW keynote last week in Orlando, thousands of customers and partners heard Bill McDermott, SAP’s CEO, offer a clear indication of the types of opportunities the world is going to see over the next 15-20 years. The numbers show that we have 3 times the economic opportunity now through the networked economy than what we have seen over the last 20 years. Sessions BlogsVideos
  23. 23. #SAP | #SAPPHIRENOW | #NetworkedEconomy