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The Future of Work is here and being driven by the changing economy, globalization, the need to attract and retain diverse talent, as well as a number of other shifts. This year at SAPPHIRE NOW, SAP dedicated 18 sessions to this very important topic. In case you missed them, or any of the content around these sessions, here they are summarized. For more information and content on the Future of Work, check out

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The Future of Work at SAPPHIRE NOW

  1. 1. Future of Work SAPPHIRE NOW Orlando, Florida | June 3-5, 2014 #SAP | #SAPPHIRENOW | #FutureofWork
  2. 2. In June 2014, SAP held its annual SAPPHIRE NOW conference with 25,000 attendees in person and over 250,000 people watching online. There was lots of buzz about the Future of Work and how it’s shaping the Future of Business. This presentation compiles the highlights for you. For more information, visit:
  3. 3. Sessions Videos Blogs
  4. 4. Promote Employee Engagement with a Collaborative Leadership Model Dan Pontefract , TELUS Communications | 20 mins Take a more connected, collaborative approach to leadership. Establish an ongoing, company-wide conversation that connects managers and employees. Enhance your corporate culture by collaborating at every level of the business. Learn how TELUS Communications is meeting these goals by relying on cloud solutions from SAP. Sessions Videos Blogs
  5. 5. Gear Up for the Future of Work by Challenging Convention Jacob Morgan, Chess Media Group | 45 mins Explore how today’s management methods must adapt in the face of new technology and workplace trends. Examine the dramatic shift occurring between employee and employer as workers, rather than management, take control over how a job is performed. Learn about key trends shaping the future of work and how to prepare your organization to succeed. Sessions Videos Blogs
  6. 6. Get Ready to Engage Millennials Panel Discussion led by Jacob Morgan | 20 mins Discover what makes millennials unique and how you can transform that uniqueness into a business advantage. Learn how to hire, manage, engage, and retain the best and brightest of this new generation. Gain firsthand insight as four millennials share their attitudes about the workplace and their expectations for job satisfaction. Sessions Videos Blogs
  7. 7. Attract Top Talent by Becoming an Employer of Choice N. Butki, Great Place to Work; G. Roberts, Talent Analytics; Michele Zanini, The MIX; Jackie Montesinos-Suarez, SAP | 30 mins Sharpen your competitive edge in today’s intense hunt for high- quality employees. Create an organization where talent competes for you instead of you competing for talent. Learn the attributes that transform a company into a great place to work. Discover the traits that top talent values the most in a corporate culture. Sessions Videos Blogs
  8. 8. Learn at the Speed of Change Jenny Dearborn, SAP | 20 mins Accelerate the pace of learning to keep up with rapid changes across industries, organizations, processes, and technologies. Think beyond the traditional learning model, and explore innovative ways to empower your people with more knowledge in less time. Understand the future of learning by bringing your ideas and collaborating with your peers. Sessions Videos Blogs
  9. 9. Master the Changing Nature of Work to Attract the Best and Brightest Steven Hunt, SAP | 20 mins Hear how new trends are intersecting to fundamentally change what companies must do to attract, manage, and retain the talent to execute business strategies. Learn about three global changes that are profoundly altering work: the omnipresence of social technology, an unprecedented multigenerational workforce, and a scarcity of skilled labor. Sessions Videos Blogs
  10. 10. Find the Future of HR in the Clouds Mike Ettling, SAP | 20 mins Empower your organization to achieve tangible and measurable outcomes. Engage your workforce, customers, suppliers, and partners both inside and beyond your enterprise in new and innovative ways. Learn how cloud technology lays the foundation for employee success and happy, connected customers. Sessions Videos Blogs
  11. 11. Improve Recruitment and Strategy with Total Talent Management D. Bell, Vodafone; A. Srinivasan, Fieldglass, an SAP Company | 20 mins Learn how total talent management and talent pools bring strategic value as traditional employment and the use of flexible contract workforces converge. Discover how to increase HR visibility by connecting sources of labor enterprise-wide. Hear about innovative technology that can help you view and understand the makeup of your total labor force. Sessions Videos Blogs
  12. 12. What’s to Come in the Future of Work Jacob Morgan, Chess Media Group | 1 min This short video features Jacob Morgan, Future of Work thought leader, discussing the trends he feels will define the Future of Work, as well as the importance of millennials and management. Sessions Videos Blogs
  13. 13. The Most Important Problem: Unleashing Human Potential Polly LaBarre, The MIX | 2 mins Organizations built for the future focus on the biggest challenge: unleashing human potential. The SAP Unlimited Human Potential M-Prize helps leaders tackle this important issue. Sessions Videos Blogs
  14. 14. Making The Business Case for Predictive Talent Analytics Greta Roberts, Talent Analytics | 2 mins Greta discusses the importance of making a business case for any employee related predictive analytics effort. Sessions Videos Blogs
  15. 15. Ramp Up Innovation through Workplace Diversity Anka Wittenberg, SAP | 3 mins This video showcases SAP’s Autism at Work initiative with an update on the current status of the initiative. Sessions Videos Blogs
  16. 16. Why the CEO Cares about Leveraging HR Technology Mike Ettling & Brigette McInnis-Day, SAP | 3 mins The role of HR is actively changing from an administrative, compliance-driven function to one that drives the CEO agenda. Sessions Videos Blogs
  17. 17. Sessions Blogs Bringing (Corporate Social) Responsibility To The Future Of Work Shelly Dutton, SAP Videos With 87 percent of the global workforce disengaged with their work, executives are constantly seeking ways to empower employees to do their best work and help the company achieve its objectives. According to Gallup’s State of The Global Workplace report, the key to employee engagement is to provide impactful, challenging, and meaningful work that gives employees an opportunity to perform their jobs well and feel good about it.
  18. 18. Come Together: How Technology Can Unify The Multigenerational Workforce Diane Fanelli, SAP For the first time, four generations— traditionalists, boomers, Gen Xers, and millennials—are working side by side. And not just in the United States, but around the world. How will organizations unite this increasingly diverse workforce? Sessions BlogsVideos
  19. 19. Close The Skills Gap By Attracting The Best And Brightest Talent Everywhere Tracey Arnish, SAP The economy is improving, and changes in social norms have raised the stakes in recruitment. At the same time, there doesn’t appear to be enough people with the right complex skills entering the job market. How do you recruit the best and the brightest when there are five generations in the workforce? How do you reach them at all? Sessions BlogsVideos
  20. 20. Technology And The Trust Gap: Social Media, BYOD, And Remote Work Nate Butki, Great Place to Work Institute Only about half of American workers feel their employer is open and upfront with them, according to the American Psychological Association’s 2014 Work and Wellbeing Survey. One in three say their bosses aren’t always honest and truthful, and one in four flat out don’t trust the people they report to work for each day. Sessions BlogsVideos
  21. 21. The Pivotal Role Of The Learning Professional Today And Tomorrow Jenny Dearborn, SAP Whether we’re talking about the corporate learning environment of today or 10 years from now, one truth will remain: The right experiential and continuous learning will deliver the sustained human capability businesses are seeking. Sessions BlogsVideos
  22. 22. Predictions for the Future of Work Jen Cohen Crompton, SAP As the world changes and technology continues to cause disruption, industries, companies, and leaders must adapt. Not only do products and services need to adjust to the changing values and needs from society, but how business is conducted and employees are treated must also follow suit. A focus on empowerment, unlocking human potential, and forging ahead in innovation are keys to how the future of work will be transformed. Sessions BlogsVideos
  23. 23. NEWSBYTE: Behind the Scenes with the SAP M-Prize Winners Susan Galer, SAP I’ve been writing about the finalists of the SAP M-Prize “Unlimited Human Potential” Challenge, and now that the winners have been announced, was lucky enough to talk with some of these amazing teams to find out what has inspired them. Sessions BlogsVideos
  24. 24. How To Put Together A Winning BYOx Strategy William Clark, SAP I’ve received a lot of positive feedback around introducing BYOx (Bring Your Own Anything) as a core IT strategy. In What Is BYOx and Why Is It So Important?, I outlined the importance of moving beyond BYOD into a broader way of thinking. Sessions BlogsVideos
  25. 25. NEWSBYTE: Brookshire Grocery Uses SuccessFactors to Supercharge with Highly Skilled Employees (Susan Galer, SAP) Imagine walking into an 85-year old company and finding out there was no established training and development program. This is the situation that Ginger McCullough faced five years ago at Brookshire Grocery Company. Sessions BlogsVideos
  26. 26. NEWSBYTE: Recruiting for Peak Performance: San Francisco 49ers Rely on SuccessFactors to Simplify and Win (Susan Galer, SAP) American football is one of the most lucrative sports in the world, generating approximately $9 billion last year. However, filling stadiums with happy fans requires a full team effort from employees on and off the field. Sessions BlogsVideos
  27. 27. Open Letter to Millennials, from the Floor of #SAPPHIRENOW Corey Coley-Christakos, SAP From the floor of #SAPPHIRENOW, the Future of Work track brought us a collection of insights that enriched our generational intelligence. Sessions BlogsVideos
  28. 28. Tales of a Vintage Millennial: Are We All Really So Different? (Part 1) Christina Ramlet, SAP As a self-proclaimed “vintage millennial,” I often find myself in a state of nebulousness, running through behavioral checklists to determine if I’m native to Gen X or Gen Y. Born on the millennial cusp, but from the era of the green screen and intellectual anonymity, I spent half my life barred from drawing on the world’s knowledge with a simple click of a button—guaranteeing that every idea I put on paper was my own. Sessions BlogsVideos
  29. 29. Tales of a Vintage Millennial: What Makes The Young Ones So Confident? (Part 2) Christina Ramlet, SAP During the much-buzzed- about SAPPHIRE NOW keynote, three fresh-faced and awe-inspiring millennials took the stage to kick off the event. Now, if I stood up in front of 25,000 executives, peers, customer, and prospects from around the world when I was 18 years old, let’s just say my puke-to- excitement ratio would break the barometer. I was blown away by their confident eloquence and self- assurance. Sessions BlogsVideos
  30. 30. #SAP | #SAPPHIRENOW | #FutureofWork