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The Definitive Guide to Pull Marketing


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Pull marketing has quickly become one of the most talked about areas in marketing. As an active participant, SAP developed this infographic as Guide to Pull Marketing. It answers the question, "What is pull marketing?" and identifies key attributes and tactics.

The Definitive Guide to Pull Marketing

  1. 1. The definitive guide to pull marketing What is pull marketing?• Involves mutually interesting dialogue and action supported by thought-provoking and timely content to meet an audience’s needs• Nurtures and develops long-term relationships with the audience to serve needs and provide value• Seeks to understand what messages and content will meet audience needs – not to control the message or content• Places content where the audience is already engaged (Customers will “self-select” to interact.) Key attributes of pull marketing Make it easier for the Easily provide timely audience to find us information Earn the right to be heard Promote brand as Move further down the sales trusted source cycle Some pull marketing tactics Inbound hotlines Content syndication sites (third party) TeleWeb (online chat) Search engine marketing Social media (Twitter, Web sites Facebook, blogs, and so on) Pull marketing checklist Inbound hotlines Third-party Web sites Do your inbound numbers populate Do you leverage third-party sites to across all channels and media? publish your content? Are your inbound agents trained Do your media sites rank high on on your products? search results? Is your inbound hotline accessible Are your hotline, chat, and contact across all phone devices? us forms prominently displayed? TeleWeb (online chat) Search engine marketing Are chat functions available across Do your search ad and landing page all digital channels ? include hotline numbers and chat? Are your agents able to provide Can your audience get what it optimal chat experience? wants at the landing page? Are your assets search friendly? Social media (Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc.) Web site Do your Web pages include Have you gathered audience keywords that are search friendly? insights from social channels? Are your hotline, chat, and contact Do you have resources to facilitate us forms prominently display? conversation on social channels? Is your Web site refreshed Do you have a content calendar for frequently? your social channels? Infographic designed by the SAP Demand Center Marketing team, APJ Contact :Lisa Halim (@lizhalim)