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Reimagine your Law Firm


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See how digital transformation allows you to reimagine your law firm and "live in the moment".

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Reimagine your Law Firm

  1. 1. $12.5m expected in yearly savings by Norton Rose Fulbright from cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) Source: Summary of Technology and Telecommunications Procurement Transactions, Norton Rose Fulbright
  2. 2. Source: Daily Online Video Usage, Statista: The Statistics Portal, 2014 68% of firms with >250 lawyers have knowledge-management initiatives to improve efficiency
  3. 3. Source: "Will a Robot Take Your Job?" Interactive Search, Deloitte and University of Oxford Study, BBC News, Sept 2015 66% of the jobs for legal associates will be replaced by automation by the year 2035
  4. 4. Source: "Redefining the 21st-Century Global Law Firm with SAP and Fulcrum Global Technologies," SAP Business Transformation Study, Baker & McKenzie, 2015 >70% improved efficiency by Baker & McKenzie by reducing billing templates from 435 to 28
  5. 5. Source: Heather Levy, "Gartner Predicts Our Digital Future," Gartner, Oct 2015 20% of legal docs and shareholder and market reports will be authored by machines by 2018