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Must-See SAPPHIRE NOW: Top 10 Retail Showcase


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Look who shared their stories at SAPPHIRE NOW, and discover how to profitably grow in a competitive marketplace.

Visit the full Retail SAPPHIRE NOW presentations at:

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Must-See SAPPHIRE NOW: Top 10 Retail Showcase

  1. 1. MUST-SEE SAPPHIRE NOW TOP 10 RETAIL SHOWCASE Retail is evolving at an amazing pace. Discover how to grow profitably in a competitive marketplace.
  2. 2. RETAIL RUNS ON SAP. 2 Look who shared their stories at the SAPPHIRE NOW conference. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. Kingfisher plc McCormick & Co. Inc. The Sports Basement, Inc. OfficeMax Inc. Kraft Foods, Inc. MVV Energie AG Societé de transport de Montreal Charlotte Russe, Inc. Eldorado LLC Maidenform Brands, Inc. Groupe Danone S.A.
  3. 3. TRANSFORMING THE RETAIL EXPERIENCE THROUGH INNOVATION WITH LORI MITCHELL- KELLER. RETAILERS NEED TO THINK ABOUT HOW THEY CAN CAPITALIZE ON THE BUYING POWER OF THE GROWING MIDDLE CLASS AND PROVIDE THEM WITH A PERSONALIZED SHOPPING EXPERIENCE. Lori Mitchell-Keller, Senior Vice President and Global Head, SAP Retail Business Unit Attention, retailers: There’s a new type of shopper stepping onto the world stage. Born from massive growth in the middle class along with mobile and social technologies that enable browsing and purchases right from the palm of the hand, a new generation of shoppers expects a new kind of retail experience, too – one that’s as fluid and as personalized as the way they live their lives. Lori Mitchell-Keller, senior vice president and global head, SAP Retail Business Unit, explains how retailers will be able to meet these expectations and more with emerging technologies from SAP. 3
  4. 4. DELIVER A BETTER SHOPPING EXPERIENCE: CONSUMER PRODUCTS AND RETAIL. IT’S ABOUT THAT SMART INTERACTION, AND CREATING THAT PERSONAL EXPERIENCE WITHOUT BEING TOO FRIENDLY. Lauren Shanley, SAP Graduate Academy There’s a seismic shift in purchasing power under way. And for smart retailers who want to successfully tap into it, they need to leverage buying behavior to drive new product creation and deliver more personalized shopping experiences. Mike Bell, CIO of Kingfisher, the largest home improvement retailer outside of the U.S., and Jerry Wolfe, CIO of the food-flavoring company McCormick & Co. Inc., share how their companies are doing just that. In addition, Lauren Shanley of SAP gives voice as a Millennial shopper. 4 By 2017 it’s expected that Millennials will have more spending power than any generation previously. By 2030, 80% of the middle class will be outside what we consider to be the developed world. 2013
  5. 5. 5 ADAPT AND WIN USING THE OMNI- CHANNEL SUPPLY CHAIN. TAKING THE ORDER AND FULFILLING THE ORDER, FROM OUR PERSPECTIVE, AND FROM THE SUPPLY CHAIN’S PERSPECTIVE, IS LIKE THE HEARTBEAT OF THE COMPANY. Christine Pfefferle, VP, Order Management, OfficeMax Your customers expect a seamless shopping experience. Hear how retailers are meeting the challenge. As consumers approach retailers from all sides, manufacturers and retailers need to allow for some give and take to achieve the agility they need to make the most of the omni-channel supply chain. In this lively forum, three SAP customers, David Rumberg, partner at Sports Basement, Christine Pfefferle of OfficeMax, and John Buckley, director, integrated business planning at Kraft Foods, share and compare their experiences in the new supply chain environment.
  6. 6. INCREASE CUSTOMER LOYALTY AND DEEPEN CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS IN THE CLOUD. CLOUD MIGHT BE A REVOLUTION IN YOUR COMPANY.… IF YOU GO ON THIS JOURNEY, YOU’VE GOT TO TAKE EVERYBODY WITH YOU. Ralf Steinbach, Director of Software Architecture, Groupe Danone Moving to the cloud is simpler than you may think, and it can take your customer relationships to a whole new level. Why move to the cloud? For Groupe Danone, the reasons were many, including increased flexibility and lower capital expendi- ture. When the international food and beverage manufacturer chose SAP to build its cloud solutions for a call center and an e-commerce site, it discovered many more benefits. If you’re considering moving some − or all − of your business to the cloud, Ralf Steinbach of Group Danone provides insight on what to expect along the way. 6
  7. 7. Hear how Maidenform is using SAP HANA to drive business change. At Maidenform, it’s not business as usual. Using SAP HANA as its database, the 90-year-old intimate-apparel manufacturer is taking a whole new approach to its corporate reporting and per- formance management strategy. No longer siloed within separate business functions, data can be easily shifted back and forth between teams. As Howard Dubin of Maidenform explains it, with SAP HANA, leaders at his company can now see their business in its entirety. 7 BUILD AND EXECUTE A BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE STRATEGY ON THE SAP HANA PLATFORM. IT WOULD TAKE 15 TO 20 MINUTES TO PULL UP A REPORT. SAP HANA HAS JUST BLOWN THAT OUT OF THE WATER AND HELPED OUR EFFICIENCIES. Howard Dubin, IT Director of SAP HANA, Maidenform
  8. 8. SO, WHAT WE’RE TALKING ABOUT HERE IS BRINGING TO THE RIGHT PEOPLE THE RIGHT PRODUCT AT THE RIGHT PLACE AND AT THE RIGHT TIME. Pierre Bourbonnière, Chief Marketing Officer, Societé de transport de Montreal Imagine one-to-one marketing with 1.2 million customers in real time. For the Societé de transport de Montreal, that time has arrived. What if you could reach out to each of your customers with an offer that’s perfect for each of them, at the very moment they need it? You can, not in some distant future, but today with real- time technologies from SAP. That’s exactly what the Societé de transport de Montreal is doing with the launch of its new customer reward and recognition pro- gram, STM Merci. Hear how STM Merci delivers relevant geo- localized offers from program partners straight to passengers’ mobile devices 8 ENGAGE CUSTOMERS IN INNOVATIVE WAYS THROUGH REAL-TIME SOLUTIONS.
  9. 9. 9 EXPLORE A FASHION TREND: 90-DAY IMPLEMENTATION OF ANALYTICS. OUR BUSINESS MODEL IS CHANGING, OUR BUSINESS IS CHANGING CONSTANTLY, SO SOMETIMES OUR KPIS NEED TO CHANGE.… WE’LL BE ABLE TO CHANGE OUR KPIS ON THE FLY. Matt Gandolfo, BI Architecture, Charlotte Russe See how SAP HANA satisfied one fast fashion retailer’s need for speed. In the fast fashion business of Charlotte Russe, key performance indicators (KPIs) can change as quickly as today’s hot trend. So when the retailer wanted to upgrade its business intelligence (BI) platform, it wanted one that could keep pace with its business model while providing fast access to business information – and it wanted it fast. So, as Matt Gandolfo of Charlotte Russe explains, that’s why his company chose SAP Sales Analysis for Retail analytic application, powered by SAP HANA, a rapid deployment package that still allows for customization. 9
  10. 10. IMPLEMENT MERCHANDISE PLANNING ON THE SAP HANA PLATFORM. HERE ARE OUR USERS NOW: INTO ONE SCREEN THEY CAN SEE ALL THE BASIC MASTER DATA FOR THE ARTICLE THAT THEY NEED TO PLAN. Fabricio Granja, Deputy Vice President for Business Operations Support, Eldorado Known for innovation, Russian electronics retailer Eldorado wanted a smarter way to plan for its business. So it turned to SAP. Learn how to use merchandise planning to achieve business goals with the SAP Retail Merchandise Planning application. Hear how Eldorado implements consistent, end-to-end planning by relying on real-time, demand-driven forecasts, common data, and key performance indicators across its buying cycle using the SAP application. 10
  11. 11. MEET THE NEEDS OF THE MODERN CUSTOMER: FROM REAL TIME TO RIGHT TIME. Meeting customers’ expectations is no longer enough; you need to exceed them in every interaction. Mind-reading. That’s probably the secret superpower that every salesperson dreams of. The power to know exactly what your customer wants the moment that he or she wants it. The good news is mind-reading is just about here, in digital form at least. It’s called SAP 360 Customer solution, and Bernhard Schumacher, head of sales at MVV Energie, tells how it’s helped his company’s customer acquisition and retention efforts by sharing real-time insights tailor-made to a customer’s needs. TO CONVINCE SOMEBODY THAT YOU ARE SELLING NOT JUST A COMMODITY … MEANS IT SHOULDN’T JUST BE ONLY POWERPOINT WHEN YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT NEW SERVICES. IT SHOULD BE VISIBLE. YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO SHOW HIM WHAT IT MEANS. Bernhard Schumacher, Head of Sales at MVV Energie 11
  12. 12. 9 ACCELERATE SCALABLE MOBILE APP ROLLOUTS WITH SAP MOBILE PLATFORM. IS IT SIMPLE? IS IT AS SIMPLE AS BUYING ANGRY BIRDS ON YOUR DEVICE? Tony Kueh, Global Vice President and Head of Product Management, Mobile Division, SAP How to avoid roadblocks and keep your mobile app rolling. Smart companies are looking for mobile app development approaches that meet both current and future needs . And they want the power to deliver enterprise-grade, scalable solutions to both consumers and employees quickly. In this presentation, Jeanne Cotter, vice president and CIO of Hobby Lobby Stores Inc., tells of her company’s rollout journey. Learn about the factors you need to consider, potential road- blocks you need to avoid, as well as the cutting-edge capabilities you can build into your apps today, including: • Live 3-D visualization • Location-based services • Augmented reality • SAP HANA integration 12
  13. 13. Visit the Retail SAPPHIRE NOW presentations at SAPPHIRE NOW On Demand for Retail