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How Are the Internet of Things and Predictive Analytics Revolutionizing Vehicle Fleet Management?


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From transit to telecommunications to cleaning and maintenance services – if your company relies on cost-effective and efficient fleet operations, Automotive Resources International (ARI) is ready to revolutionize the way you do business.

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How Are the Internet of Things and Predictive Analytics Revolutionizing Vehicle Fleet Management?

  1. 1. ©2017SAPSEoranSAPaffiliatecompany.Allrightsreserved. Picture Credit | Customer Name, City, State/Country. Used with permission. How Are the Internet of Things and Predictive Analytics Revolutionizing Vehicle Fleet Management? From transit to telecommunications to cleaning and maintenance services – if your company relies on cost-effective and efficient fleet operations, Automotive Resources International (ARI) is ready to revolutionize the way you do business. Just 10 years ago there was a lack of transparency into fleet operations. How long is a driver taking on service stops? Where is the best place to refuel given the driver’s location? Which repair facility should be used and why? To help its customers answer those questions in real time, ARI turned to SAP. With the SAP HANA® platform as the backbone of its IT infrastructure, ARI uses the Internet of Things, geospatial analysis, and telematics combined with SAP® Predictive Analytics software, powered by SAP Leonardo, as the foundation for Intelfleet – the fleet management application used in its call centers. New innovations in machine learning using the SAP Leonardo Machine Learning capabilities are just on the horizon. With sensor-based data gathering and real-time analytics, ARI can offer new products, services, and compelling analysis to its customers, so they can better understand how their fleets are operating and where they can cut waste – helping them run better and reduce costs for their own end customers. SAP Business Transformation Study | Travel and Transportation | ARI
  2. 2. ©2017SAPSEoranSAPaffiliatecompany.Allrightsreserved. As the largest privately held fleet management company in the world, ARI is committed to helping customers manage vehicle fleets more efficiently and lower operating costs. The key to doing this is strong investment in technology. Using the Internet of Things and telematics combined with predictive analytics, ARI brings data on vehicles, drivers, movement, maintenance, and more together into one source – enabling customers to use that information to influence business decisions today and fleet strategy in the future. “ARI entered a European market that was very old-fashioned – no transparency for customers. We are bringing fleet management to the next level by allowing customers to gather and analyze data on every aspect of fleet operations.” Majk Strika, Managing Director, ARI Europe 1.4 million Vehicles managed around the globe >100,000 Vehicles currently equipped with telematics technology 25% Of operating budget invested in technology
  3. 3. Studio SAP | 53557enUS (17/10) ǀ This content is approved by the customer and may not be altered under any circumstances. ©2017SAPSEoranSAPaffiliatecompany.Allrightsreserved. Streamlining Fleet Operations with SAP HANA® and SAP® Leonardo ARI Mt. Laurel, New Jersey Industry Travel and transportation Products and Services Global fleet management services Employees 2,500 Revenue US$2.4 billion SAP® Solutions SAP HANA® platform, SAP® Leonardo digital innovation system, and SAP Predictive Analytics software, which is powered by SAP Leonardo; plans to deploy SAP Leonardo Machine Learning capabilities “We invested in SAP HANA, the Internet of Things, and telematics 10 years ago. Since, we have tripled our portfolio to 1.4 million vehicles.” Bill Powell, Director of Enterprise Architecture, ARI ARI uses IoT technology, telematics, and predictive analytics to let customers track and report on every detail of vehicle fleet operations. From driver activity to fuel data, repairs, and more, companies can see where time and money are wasted, then adjust business strategy accordingly. With SAP HANA and SAP Predictive Analytics, which is powered by SAP Leonardo, ARI is bringing fleet management into the digital age. Before: Challenges and Opportunities • Use innovation as a key to adapt to a changing market and move forward despite increasing size • Collect data on every aspect of operations – from car ordering to remarketing to driver behavior – to control total cost of ownership for customers and improve driver safety • Bring more value to customers by moving from a reactive to a proactive state Why SAP • Backbone of ARI’s IT system, including its complete data warehouse, built on SAP HANA • Cutting-edge technology to translate data into business strategy and build tailor-made solutions for clients • Internet of Things (IoT), analytics, and machine learning capabilities of SAP Leonardo After: Value-Driven Results • Real-time data on driver safety, driver behavior, repairs, fuel, and more – helping ARI customers make faster decisions, run more efficiently, and keep drivers safer • Predictive analysis of data on maintenance, engines, tires, transmissions, and more using SAP HANA – helping better-inform customers and stay ahead of their needs • IoT and telematic technology to connect assets, drivers, and vendors, providing deep operational insight • Geocoding that can determine when a driver is within 400 feet of a required stop – helping determine how much time was spent before getting back on the road • Less manual contact across processes for greater efficiency, increased value, and lower costs • Ability to help customers understand how they spend and why, and how to avoid overspending and downtime 96% Goal of call center interactions handled with a machine learning algorithm Watch the video to hear more on how ARI is revolutionizing fleet management together with SAP. 2 seconds To receive new vehicle data, compared with 2 minutes just 7 years ago 1 TB Of telematics data handled each month using SAP HANA
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