Explore the New World of the Networked Business


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http://tinyurl.com/q9qk9pd : Examine ways that businesses are connecting to digital communities of existing and potential partners. There’s a new world where sellers can quickly find opportunity and buyers can efficiently find new sources of supply, all in real time. Investigate the world of networked business, and identify steps you can take to flourish.

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Explore the New World of the Networked Business

  1. 1. • Founded in 1995• Based in Dallas, TX with 10 offices across the US and internationally• 800+ highly-skilled SAP consultants/architects worldwide• Premier SAP Services Partner; Gold-Level partner for SAP BusinessAll-in-One / SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions; Run SAP certified• The breadth of a global SI with the depth and energy of a boutiquefirm•••
  2. 2. Total Cost of Ownership Software, Services, Hardware,Training, Internal Support Gardner EvaluationIntegrated Platform Single platform vs. point solutions Common Data / Metadata Common Rules Drill to Detail: ERP <-> BI <-> EPMMigrate or Upgrade? Hyperion implementations atversion 9.x and earlier require amigration / reinstallLeverage Existing Investment& Knowledge Existing SAP footprint Trained internal resources
  3. 3. Note: All metrics are per server.ImplementationLicenses ($) 1x 1.2 - 1.5xProfessional Services($) 1x 1.5 – 3xImplementation (Days) 80-160 120 – 240SW Install (days) 2-5 10-15+Hardware (Servers) 1x 2-3xMaintenanceTraining Courses – PowerUser (days)5 10-16Training Courses – Admin(days)5 16-24System Administrators 1-2 3-5Applications to Maintain 3-5 12-20+$- $2,000 $4,000 $6,000 $8,000 $10,000SAPIBMOracleAverage Total Cost Per UserEPM Mega-Vendors’ SolutionsTotal Solution Cost Software LicenseSource: Gartner, “CPM Suites User Survey 2011: CustomersRate Their Corporate Performance Management Vendors”,August 2011
  4. 4. SAPMaster data Transactional dataBWDimensionsFI/CO ActualCubeOther ActualsCubesMasterCubeBWPlanning and ConsolidationDimensionsBPCERPNative Integration Native IntegrationDetailedCubesCOREBWDATANative Integration Native Integration
  5. 5. Single ApplicationAccessible and consistent data.Single Reporting PlatformNative integration into SAPECC, SAP NetWeaver BWand SAP BusinessObjects BIsolutions11i9OracleMultiple Applications/Many future purchasesMultiple Databases/Data Sources & MetadataMultiple Reporting Products / User InterfacesNo integration into SAP without a utility orconsulting engagementPlanningConsolidationReportingAn Integrated Platform Will Streamline Processes, Simplify Access To Information & Support GrowthFewer tools to learn, less administrationData Warehousing StrategyReporting and Analytics StrategyFewer integration points = less points offailure
  6. 6. One version on the truth – across ERP, BI, EPMOne stop shop / one interfaceRoot cause analysis – Drill to DetailSelf-service financial reportingAdminister own changesLess points of integration = less validation workWorkflow / Process FlowsHigher value activities
  7. 7. Hyperion versions prior to 9.3.1 must be migrated TWICE! Upgrades for version prior to 11 would firsthave to upgrade to a supported version AND THEN upgrade to the current version.Based on architecture and functionality changes, Hyperion implementation partners stronglyrecommend a redesign of applicationsYou cannot transfer business rules and logic from Essbase to HFM, sometimes not even to PlanningReports / templates developed in older versions of the Essbase Add-In must be re-written forSmartView“The decision to upgrade Hyperion is more akin to buying a house than buying a pair of shoes.”“The complexity of the process is such that the recommendation is to NOT upgrade simply becausethere is a new version.”“Don’t forget to consider the ancillary supporting products as well. Not just HFM and Planning, but alsoEssbase, FDM, HAL, and so on, and so on. There are enough moving pieces that we can’t use a singlerule of thumb and generically recommend whether to upgrade.”
  8. 8. •••••••••••••
  9. 9. Expertise12+ years Hyperion background13 years experience with BPC400+ BPC projectsReferencesMultiple referencesWebinars / Case StudyContentApproachLeverage Hyperion investmentSolution Accelerators1. Hyperion Enterprise is moving off Oracle PremierSupport in May 2013. What does this mean? No new updates, data fixes, script upgradesor critical patch updates No security alerts and no new tax, legal andregulatory updates No certification of Hyperion Enterprise withnew Oracle products2. SAP Software Roadmap Integration to date SAP HANA, Mobile, Cloud
  10. 10.  Headquarters: Milwaukee, WIInternational user base Industry: Construction Revenue: $5.6 billion Hyperion: EnterpriseWhy SAP: Finance owned solution Improve reporting performancein an increasingly complexorganization Faster Consolidation Easy to use, Excel interface TCO Tight integration with SAP ECC Drill back capabilities Leverage investment in BIsoftware from SAP Headquarters: Chicago, IL Industry: Chemicals Revenue: $1.0 billion Hyperion: HFMWhy SAP: Better reporting capabilitiesthrough the user friendly Excelinterface Finance maintained solution More flexible dimensionalstructures Ability to perform regional sub-consolidations Data Integration platform tomanage 14 unique data sources Drill back capabilities Headquarters: Little Rock, AR Industry: Marketing, Prof Srvcs Revenue: $1.3 billion Hyperion: EssbaseWhy SAP: Finance team could build andown the solution Full Excel interface, rather thanExcel-like tool Tight integration with SAPProfitability and CostManagement Hyperion would have required afull re-implementation Move towards a reporting andanalytics platform incorporatingBPC, PCM, and BI Headquarters: Chicago, IL Industry: Manufacturing Revenue: $4.5 billion Hyperion: Essbase, HFMWhy SAP: Integration with SAP ECC & BI TCO Improved Consolidations Drill back capabilities Leverage investment in SAP Establish forward-looking,extensible data and reportingstrategies