Drive Efficiency and Better Decisions


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Learn how collaboration solutions from SAP help people and companies make better decisions and exchange data, information, and ideas more efficiently. Hear how two companies used the cloud to build secure, collaborative foundations that help them grow and scale quickly. For the full replay please visit

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Drive Efficiency and Better Decisions

  1. Drive Efficiency and Better Decisions ThroughCollaboration in the CloudSAPPHIRE Session 7234
  2. Companies are increasingly doing business across boundaries Business networks are both internal and external Headquarters Plants Regional Offices Regional Headquarters Partner Distributors Supplier Distribution Centers Joint Ventures Subsidiary Manufacturing Site Sales Office© 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 2
  3. Running a business network goes beyond B2BFour key aspects: connect, transact, collaborate with real-time content and insights Connect On-board and off board partners quickly Real-Time Content without worrying about future changes in network’s standards & Insights High quality, real- Transact time information Deploy Standardized, pre-packaged best delivered at right practices for multiple line of business’s and functions that integrate to business time and right process context to effectively drive Collaborate business change Extending Business Network into people to people centric business social collaboration© 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 3
  4. Artoni 34PL ® Lean Logistic ICT Services SAP EWM and TM 4PL B.U. Road & Rail B.U. Contract Logistics B.U. Global forwarding
  5. Artoni
  6. Artoni 6
  7. SAP Information Interchange OnDemandBenefits for ARTONI Project –for ARTONI Why ArtoniSolutionwith SAP? Benefits Connect today Requirements  Standardized Interfaces  Simplify the process for central content repository and High reusability due to a customizing interfaces cash flow, ARTONI realize improvements in sales, service, and  SAP Standard, nooperating costs while reducing more custom development pre-defined content Improvestandardized IDocs on ERP side - Solution fully supported by  Delivery of customer relations  Best practices of SAP PI and SAP II as a perfect fit Combination by SAP SAP Achieve transparency in costs management  High-value services digital protocol formats as part of our Sustainability cost in standard to ensure delivery of logistic processes  Lower solution as replacement of multiple technologies One Create aspeed to establish electronic connections with trading Policy  Increased standard logistics event management Increased speed for setting electronic connections with  Stable cost model partners trading partners  World Wide 24x7 Support  Artoni/ERP side  SAP Information Interchange document type Only One Profile for
  8. SAP Information Interchange for Artoni Connect OUTSIDE (EDI) ARTONI SAP EWM Customer 1 Logistics SAP EWM Customer 2 Trasportation SAP Information SAP Interchange NetWeaver PI SAP ECC Customer N SAP ... Every type of Standard Artoni Message Mapping Message Structures
  9. SAP social software solutionsEfficient and effective collaboration within the business network is key Extended reach into the global partner community and end customers to obtain better insight and to drive better decisionsConnectivity and transactional efficiency Effective people-to-people collaborationwith business partners and subsidiaries Cohesive, results-driven, secure With business partners, subsidiaries, and customers© 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 9
  10. Skateboarding 2.0
  11. • founded by Alex Luxat in a garage workshop in Cologne, Germany 2002• building single wood/fibreglass longboards.• toys vs. sports equipment• limited possibilities of growth• niche: low volume, high quality handcrafted decks• led to a technological arms race between local manufacturers• application of F1 composite technologies and processes• application of telemetry technologies for track testing
  12. Challenge statements:• Achieved goal of building the “Bugatti Veyron” of longboards - but highly cost prohibitive for mass market.• Needed to preserve quality & innovation while scaling manufacturing & operational efficiencies.• Deliver under a sustainable business model that embraces best practices & accountability.• Needed to create a central corporate memory for executive decision support while simultaneously eliminating ineffective communications & standardizing collaboration methodologies.
  13. Thank you!Q&A
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