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Sap crm online training


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Sap crm online training

  1. 1. SAP CRM 7.0 Technical OnlineTraining - CourseContent1. ABAP Programming Basics(Mandatory ABAP Skills for SAP-CRM Technical)SAP Overview& SAP ModulesABAP Programming-1: Data Dictionary & ProgramsABAP Programming-2: Function ModulesABAP Programming-3: ABAP Objects (Classes & Methods)ABAP Programming-4: Transaction Codes & Message ClassABAP Programming-5: BADI Enhancements& Enhancement Spots.2. CRM Functional Overview:CRM Overview, Basic components&ArchitectureBusiness Partner – Master dataProduct – Master dataBase CustomizationTransaction ProcessingActivity managementPartner Management & other profilesOrg Structure managementAction ProfilesCRM Order Processing2. CRM TechnicalConcepts (ABAP CRM): KeylabsOneOrder ConceptCRM 1Order Components& TablesCRM Order ReadCRM Order Maintenance3. CRM Enhancements TechniquesEEWB / AETCRM Event Call backsTransaction Launcher
  2. 2. 4. CRM 7.0 –Web UIConcepts:Overview of User interfaceBusiness Role ConceptL – Shape ArchitectureNavigation AreaHeader AreaWork AreaWork centreDirect linkgroupQuick linksWEB UI Framework and Architecture:MVC ArchitectureBusiness Layer(BOL) / Generic Interaction Layer(GenIL)5. UI Component Development and Enhancement Concepts:KEYLABSComponent Workbench - BSP_WD_CMPWBi. Types of Controllers:Component controllerCustom ControllerView Controllerii. Types of viewsForm View / Table View / Empty Viewiii. Concept of Contextiv. Context Nodesv. Event Handler Methodsvi. Inbound Plugsvii. Outbound Plugsviii. Runtime Repository EditorModel, Windows, View Sets, Navigational LinksComponent Interface,Component UsageUI Configuration toolWEB UI Exercises:Standard UI Component Enhancements using BSP Component WorkbenchUI Component Creation using BSP Component Workbench
  3. 3. BOL Programming:Generic Interaction Layer(GenIL) Overview:GeniL Object ModelTypes of GeniL Objects(Business Objects):GenIL Object Model Tools:GeniLModel BrowserGeniL BOL BrowserBOL (Business object Layer) Programming Basics: KeylabsWorking with BOL Entities / CollectionBOL Core Class(CL_CRM_BOL_CORE)Create, Read and Modify entityRemove entity, Sorting of entitiesLocking entity, Filtering entityCreate related entitiesReading Related entitiesBOL (Business object Layer) Programming (examples)Reading CRM Order data Using BOL ProgramCreate/Change/Delete CRM Order data using BOL Program
  4. 4. for SAP CRM Online Training :keylabs TrainingUSA: 908-366-7933India:+91-9550645679Labels: SAP CRM Online Training, CRM online training, CRM training in USA, UK.