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history and deverlopment of bike


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history and deverlopment of bike

  1. 2. History and development of bike
  2. 3. Draisienne 1817 The steerable Draisienne was invented. At the time, the speed record for this bicycle was 15 km/h MacMillan Velocipede1839 The MacMillan velocipede was the first of its kind to be ridden with the legs off the ground.
  3. 4. Michaux Velocipede 1860 The world's first mass-produced riding machine. Phantom 1869 The Phantom, with its ordinary drive, is released.
  4. 5. Ariel1870 The first model to define the features of the ordinary bicycle. Salvo1876 The appearance of an easy-to-ride tricycle.
  5. 6. Kangaroo1878 Ordinary bicycle employing the first gear system and having a smaller rear wheel. Bayliss Thomas1879 The Bayliss Thomas was the climax of ordinary bicycle beauty and was the most complete model to date.
  6. 7. Lawson Model1879 First leg-powered bicycle driven by a chain to the rear wheel. Dicycle1880 Achieved popularity by replacing two-wheeled models with three-wheelers.
  7. 8. Rover 1885 With equal-sized wheels, this was the prototype of the modern-day bicycle. Domestic Boneshaker 1877 Made smaller to fit the size of the Japanese body.
  8. 9. Domestic Ordinary Bicycle1890 Achieved popularity by replacing two-wheeled models with three-wheelers. Domestic Safety Bicycle1892 The first safety bicycle trial manufactured in Japan.
  9. 10. Fuji Hao1928 Domestic bicycle that was a copy of an English model. Mitsubishi Jujigo1947 The frame was made out of duralumin used in airplanes.
  10. 11. Everest Racer 1948 Employed parts from sports bicycles and others types of bicycles. Smart Lady1956 Sold to consumers based on a monthly installment plan.
  11. 12. Mini Bicycle1965 One-Piece Frame for both Men and Women