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Midbrain - [Cerebellum] - Dissection Video 4 - Sanjoy Sanyal


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Cerebellum Dissection Video 3 by Dr Sanjoy Sanyal, Professor and Course Director of Neuroscience and FCM-III Neurology in the Caribbean. A transverse (axial) section has been taken through Midbrain with Virchow's Brain Knife. It shows the Internal structure of Midbrain, including the Crus Cerebri, Tegmentum, Decussation of Superior Cerebellar Peduncles, Substantia Nigra, Colliculi, Aqueduct of Sylvius, Periaqueductal Gray. It relates to how the main Efferents from Cerebellum via the SCP decussate inside the Midbrain.
Camera person is Mr Mark Lessard, IT Administrator, with his Sony HDR XR520 camera. This file has been rendered into .MPEG format from its original very high definition .MTS format because the original file size was VERY big.

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