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Demonstrating Lumbar Puncture Steps On Gaumard Trainer - Sanjoy Sanyal


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This is a demonstration of the steps of performing a Lumbar Puncture on a Gaumard Scientific Trainer. We have been using this trainer for quite some time and it has given us good service.
The commentator is Dr Sanjoy Sanyal, Professor and Course Director of Neuroscience and FCM-III Neurology in the Caribbean.
It describes the LP procedure from locating the L4 landmark, to positioning the simulated 'patient', to Skin Prepping, to Sterile Draping to Local Anesthesia infiltration, followed by the steps of the actual LP procedure and its conclusion.
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: Special thanks are being extended to Gaumard Scientific and its Vice President, John Eggert, for giving us explicit written permission to use the pictures of Gaumard Scientific in this demonstration.
Camera person for this video is Mr. Mark Lessard, IT Administrator par excellence, with his high definition Sony HDR XR520 video camera.
The original file, almost 1GB in .MTS format, has been rendered into 400 MB .MPG format, using Ulead Photo Studio, for the purpose of uploading online

Demonstrating Lumbar Puncture Steps On Gaumard Trainer - Sanjoy Sanyal

  1. 1. Dr Sanjoy Sanyal MBBS, MS (Surgery), MSc (Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh), ADPHA Professor and Course Director of Neuroscience – FCM-III Neurology Watch video here: /demonstrating-lumbar-puncture-steps- on-gaumard-trainer-sanjoy-sanyal
  2. 2. Palpate L4 Spinous Process with both Thumbs while feeling both Iliac Crests with Other Fingers of both Hands
  3. 3. L4 Spinous Process is on the Supracristal Plane (Line joining highest points of both Iliac Crests) Head End
  4. 4. Chorohexidine Gluconate with Alcohol or Povidone-Iodine 10% and / or Alcohol (Isopropyl or Ethanol) Povidone-Iodine is not used in this trainer because it will stain the trainer Head End
  5. 5. Sterile drape with an opening centered over L3- L4 Interspinous Space is placed over patient Head End
  6. 6. 0.5 or 1% Lignocaine is infiltrated subcutaneously at the LP site Head End
  7. 7. Manometer (Vertical Tube) is attached to the 3-way Stop-cock, for use after inserting the LP Needle Head End
  8. 8. 26-Gauge Tuohy LP Needle with Stylet inside is advanced through L3-4 Inter- spinous Space Head End
  9. 9. Periodically remove Stylet to assess placement (CSF should drip out) Head End
  10. 10. CSF dripping out confirms Needle Placement in Lumbar Cistern Subarachnoid Space Head End
  11. 11. Manometer Assembly (with 3- way Stop-cock) is attached to Hub of Tuohy LP Needle Head End
  12. 12. Intracranial Pressure can be read off from the level of CSF on the vertical tube (in Millimeters of Water) Head End
  13. 13. Turn the lever of 3-way Stop-cock to collect CSF in a Test Tube for analysis Head End
  14. 14. Remove Tuohy LP Needle by applying a counter-pressure on skin with left hand, using a Gauze Head End
  15. 15. Apply a dressing over LP site using a sterile gauze or Tincture-Benzoin seal Head End
  16. 16. The Gaumard Scientific trainer is in routine use in our medical institution Special thanks are being extended to Gaumard Scientific and its Vice President John Eggert for permission to use the pictures in this presentation.