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"Lucky" Bullet in Infratemporal Fossa


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CT pictorial depiction of a "lucky' bullet in right infratemporal fossa of a 32-year old male. Case worked up in 2004 in Seychelles. The bullet missed all major arteries (IC / EC) and other vital structures. After weighing all pros and cons, it was decided that trying to remove the bullet would carry significant likelihood of morbidity and possibly mortality. Patient made an uneventful recovery with conservative treatment.
This slideshow is an addendum to an earlier PPT on Slideshare titled, "Gunshot Injury - A BIzarre Presentation", by same author. The current slideshow depicts CT scan images more clearly, with descriptive labels. There are no text slides here.

Published in: Health & Medicine, Education
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"Lucky" Bullet in Infratemporal Fossa

  1. 1. ‘ Lucky’ Bullet in Infratemporal Fossa Dr. Sanjoy Sanyal MBBS, MS, MSc, ADPHA, ADHRD Associate Professor and Consultant Surgeon This pictorial slideshow is an addendum to the earlier PPT presentation titled, “Gunshot Injury – A Rare Presentation”, in this Slideshare folder