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Leg Anterolateral Dissection-2 Clinico-Functional Correlations-Sanjoy Sanyal


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Educational Video created by Dr. Sanjoy Sanyal; Professor, Department Chair, Surgeon, Neuroscientist and Medical Informatician in the Western Hemisphere.
This video has 2 parts. First part shows the surgical dissection and anatomy of anterior and lateral compartments of leg.
Second part shows the surgical anatomy of the long saphenous vein, saphenous nerve, pes anserinus, hallux valgus and calf pump. The specimen was harvested from a cadaver.
Numerous clinical correlations and surgical implications are described during the course of narrative dissections.
With real-time narration and relevant captions, it enhances the learning experience by means of a tri-modal learning style approach - Visual, Auditory, Textual.
Camerapersons were Jenee Glover, Zelika Stewart and others, using their own and my outdated camera.
Thank you for watching. If you have any questions or comments, please put them in the comments section below. Have a nice day!

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