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Hippocampal Limbic Connections Functions - Sanjoy Sanyal


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This is a demonstration of the structures in the human brain (formalinized specimen) constituting the Papez Circuit. The commentator is Dr Sanjoy Sanyal, Professor and Course Director of Neuroscience in the Caribbean. Cameraman is Mr. Mark Lessard, IT Administrator, with his high resolution Sony HDR XR 520 video camera. The video has been rendered from its original MTS format to MPEG format for ease of uploading.

Tags: Papez Circuit, James Papez, Human Brain, Sanjoy Sanyal, Professor, Neuroscience, MUA, Fornix, Hippocampus, Dentate Gyrus, Mammillary Body, Thalamus, Cingulate Gyrus, Cingulum, Entorhinal Area, Hippocampal Formation, Perforant pathway, Alveolar Pathway, Olfactory Cortex, Memory, Consolidation, Emotion, Behavior, Motivation, Olfaction, Maclean Circuit,

Addendum: Two pathways go from the Entorhinal Area (Input Source) to the Hippocampal Formation, namely the Perforant Pathway (perforates through the Subiculum), and the Alveolar Pathway (through the Alveus). This was inadvertently missed out in the commentary.

Educational Value: You rarely get to see the Hippocampal Formation, Dentate Gyrus and Fimbria-Fornix so clearly in a Human Brain Dissection specimen. Rarely seen video of Hippocampal Formation, Dentate Gyrus, Fimbria-Fornix, Papez Circuit with such high resolution clarity in any Human Brain dissection

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