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Brain Pia Mater and Derivatives - Sanjoy Sanyal


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This video was created by Dr Sanjoy Sanyal, Professor and Course Director of Neuroscience. Camera person is Mr. Mark Lessard, IT Administrator, using his high resolution Sony HDR XR 520 camera. It shows removal of Pia mater from the surface of a preserved human brain specimen. During the dissection it was decided to render a running commentary on the Pia mater and a few of its gross, microscopic characteristics and its derivatives. It was felt that this is one accessory structure of the brain that is inadequately mentioned in the various courses. Hence this effort was undertaken.
Pia and Arachnoid are collectively called the Leptomeninx, and they are derived from the Neural Crest.
Tags: Human Brain, Pia mater, Meninges, Leptomeninx, Subpial space, Virchow Robin Space, CSF, CSF Brain Interface, Contusion, Mesothelium, Tela Choroidea, Choroid Plexus, Glia limitans, Basal Lamina, Denticulate Ligament, Arachnoid Villi, Arachnoid granulations, Pacchionian Bodies, Sanjoy Sanyal, Professor, Neuroscience,

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