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Purushottam public school


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Project Work - WorldMed MBA

Published in: Education
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Purushottam public school

  1. 1. PurushottamPublic School willhelp to shape theyoung minds byfacilitating the besteducation platformto the peoplehaving monthlyincome between50€ & 550 €, Delhiand Nearby area ofIndia.
  2. 2. PROBLEM Only70%Middle Class Population out of 16M 6032 Schools offerpeople, earning between up to Higher200€ & 600€ Secondary levelDemand education y Suppl Data Source:
  3. 3. SOLUTION A platform to shape young minds and their careers Excellent space to connect professionals True place to chill out – Recreational Offerings
  4. 4. BUSINESS MODEL CustomerAdded Value Products and Services Segments MonetizationA platform to Teaching Students nearbyshape young Meeting & Training space - Fees Delhi , Age group minds and offer schools between 4 andtheir careers. infrastructure like : class 17 Years, Middle rooms(with/without and Lower Class computers) , Auditorium, Excellent Assembly Space - post Renting out space to lunch in weekdays, full connect Corporate time weekends and inprofessionals nearby School vacations. Play Ground, Gym, swimming Pool, danceTrue place to studio - post lunch in Membership Corporate chill out weekdays, full time in /Occasionally nearby School weekends and vacations.
  5. 5. UNDERLYING MAGIC/TECHNOLOGY- Outdoor Teaching – Real lifeexperience of zoo , Museum &Planetariums, Parliament,Science Centres etc - Online Support – Student’sProfile , ParentsInvolvement(OnlineFeedback), E-Books andLectures - Offer corporate : Space and Recreation
  6. 6. MARKETING & SALES Corporate tie ups Organizing & participation in Local Education Seminars Reputation Management – Awards , Recognition etc. E.g. Best School in Delhi Award, Best Place for Education Award. Online Marketing – Student Network Blog, Social Network, SEO, Portals
  7. 7. COMPETITION Purushottam Public School Private School Educatio n Government School Corporate Space Solution
  8. 8. TEAMHead of BOD - Jagannath SanyalDirector – Malay Chakraborty(MSc. Gold medalist & having 20 Years Teaching Experience in Apeejay School, Noida )BOD : Reggie Aggarwal (CEO and Founder of Cvent) C. Balaji Singh (Executive Director, Care Today Group)Accounting Manager : Palash Sanyal(Working in Delhi Public School Sr. Accountant)
  9. 9. PROJECTION AND MILESTONENursery School (3 – 4 Years Students ) – 2015Primary School (4- 10 Years Students) – 2018Sr. Secondary School ( 10 – 17 Years Students) – 2023
  10. 10. STATUS AND TIMELINE WIP for Primary School WIP for Primary Sr. School $1,400,000 $1,200,000 $1,000,000 Break Even US $ $800,000 Point Cost (US $) $600,000 Profit(US $) $400,000 $200,000 $0 Time 2012 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 (Year) Completion of Primary School Completion of Sr. School
  11. 11. BUSINESS MODEL – COST STRUCTURE FORPHASE -1 (PRIMARY SCHOOL ) Parameters Cost Initial Investment for Land $444,444 Paperwork and other formalities $2222 Building Infrastructure $333,333 Salaries for Teachers and other $11,111 employees Marketing and Affiliations $4,444 Total $795,556
  12. 12. MVB /PROTOTYPE TESTChallenge Description Duration Cost Importance 5 Self 24 Months - 3 Charitable Website 10 Months $200.00 Initial Funding - 5 How to manage International Organization 13 Months $200.00initial fund inflow ? Government - Will able to help at the time of proposal . They may help in terms of subsidized 28 months $100.00 4 electricity , water and waived off property tax etc.
  13. 13. MVB /PROTOTYPE TEST (CONT.) Challenge Description Duration Cost Importance Corporate Need to find out through market Offerings: research is there a real need forRecreation and 12 Months $100.00 4 meeting space in corporateMeeting spaces world or not? for Corporate
  14. 14. MVB /PROTOTYPE TEST (CONT.) Challenge Description Duration Cost Importance Availability ofTeachers - How By conducting a basic survey I you going to have to evaluate the availability make sure 2 Months $0.00 4 of teachers in that region and teachers are what should be their salary.available in that region ?
  15. 15. MVB /PROTOTYPE TEST (CONT.) Challenge Description Duration Cost Importance E-Support for Student - need to 4 Months $100.00 4 validate the importance through market researchAdded Values of 12 Months $200.00 4 School Outdoor Teaching - costing of outdoor teaching (market research) 12 Months $200.00 4 Nominal Fees - by conducting market research need to find out the fees /student
  16. 16. MVB /PROTOTYPE TEST (CONT.) Challenge Description Duration Cost Importance Need to find out the best deal in Availability of Land as this going to be mostLand - how much expensive part of the project. 2 Months $0.00 5cost you have to This will require a market survey bear ? nearby Delhi region.
  17. 17. MVB /PROTOTYPE TEST (CONT.) Challenge Description Duration Cost Importance Strategic Partners - Need to visit their how you going to set offices and set a tie-ups with partners common objective 8 Months $100.00 5 like : Government, where we can be corporates , Central partners.Education Board etc. ?
  18. 18. SUMMARY AND CALL OF ACTION Market Research Strong Documentations of Project Explore the opportunity