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  1. 1. PyPy충분히 진보한 기술
  2. 2. 서상현2013-03-17
  3. 3. Any sufficiently advanced technology isindistinguishable from magic. Arthur C. Clarke
  4. 4.
  5. 5. 10년 전…
  6. 6. 때는 極陰의 冬至라…
  7. 7. p.s.: Gerson, ganz vom aktuellen Python abgesehenfände ich es durchaus interessant, ein “Ptn” zumachen: Ein total abgespecktes Minimal-Python mitweniger Features als 1.5.2, sozusagen spartanischaber aus heutiger Sicht. Christian Tismer 2002-12-31
  8. 8. 10일 뒤…
  9. 9. We announce a mailing list dedicated todeveloping a “Minimal Python” version. Minimalmeans we want to have a very small C-core and asmuch as possible (re)implemented in Python itself.
  10. 10. As Armin Rigo of PSYCO fame takes part in theeffort, we are confident that Minimal Python willeventually run faster than today’s CPython.
  11. 11. And because Christian Tismer takes part, we areconfident that we will find a radical enoughapproach which also fits Stackless. :-) Armin Rigo Christian Tismer Holger Krekel 2003-01-10
  12. 12. Way cool. Guido van Rossum
  13. 13. 그 해 9월
  14. 14. Hello, everybody,I followed the mailing list for some time, buthaven’t touched the code yet. Here’s my firsttry… Seo Sanghyeon 2003-09-23
  15. 15. 10월
  16. 16. LLVM: did we know this? Christian Tismer 2003-10-28
  17. 17. This looks very interesting, indeed. Armin Rigo
  18. 18. We made N attempts to use LLVM. Seriously, N is 4or 5. 2013-02-28
  19. 19. 때는 極陰의 冬至라… ⑵
  20. 20. This is a benchmark to be run in front of a liveaudience at OSCON 2004 between Python and Parrot. Guido van Rossum 2003-12-31
  21. 21. Happy new year, pypy-dev!Guido announced Pie-thon benchmark. I tried torun it against PyPy revision 2706… Seo Sanghyeon 2003-12-31
  22. 22. 7월
  23. 23. Hi pypy-dev,Just in case you missed it (I know I did so far),IronPython has been released. Holger Krekel 2004-07-30
  24. 24. Well, it ran out of the box on Linux, with Debianmono package. (Release 1.0) I will play more withit today. :-) Seo Sanghyeon
  25. 25. 10월
  26. 26. More on optimizationSuch an optimizer is obviously not easy to writebut I think it’s quite worth the effort… Armin Rigo 2004-10-31
  27. 27. 12월
  28. 28. EU funding is official!Hi pypythonistas,lucky day!The EU signed the contract and the PyPy/EUproject starts, umm, started on 1st of December2004! Holger Krekel 2004-12-02
  29. 29. 2월
  30. 30. Hi pypy-list!To introduce myself shortly: My name is CarlFriedrich Bolz, I’m 21 and studying math andphysics in Heidelberg, Germany, currently in my3rd semester.
  31. 31. I’ve been following the pypy-dev mailing list forquite some time now and am really excited aboutthis project. This weekend I checked out the codeand started to play around with it a bit. Sincethere has been some talk about adding a LLVMbackend and since this doesn’t seem to havehappened I decided to take a stab at it… Carl Friedrich Bolz 2005-02-03
  32. 32. 4월
  33. 33. py.pyWith revision 10311, runs again, butfails to print 1. Seo Sanghyeon 2005-04-05
  34. 34. 5월
  35. 35. PyPy released!The PyPy Development Team is happy to announcethe first public release of PyPy after two yearsof spare-time and half a year of EU fundeddevelopment. The 0.6 release is eminently apreview release.
  36. 36. PyPy passes around 90% of the Python languageregression tests that do not depend deeply on C-extensions…PyPy running on CPython is quite slow (around2000x slower than CPython), this is expected. Armin Rigo 2005-05-20
  37. 37. 7월
  38. 38. Breakthrough!Hi folks,Two and a half years later… in the very same roomwhere the first PyPy sprint happened… we got tothe point where PyPy basically runs on its own,after whole-program type inference andtranslation to C! Holger Krekel 2005-07-31
  39. 39. 교훈
  40. 40. $ rot13 < lib_pypy/ | grep heroWe are not heroes, just very patient.
  41. 41. 끈기를 가지자.재미있는 프로젝트가 보이면 들이대자.