Marketing Plan for - Certificate course in Digital Marketing


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The marketing plan was submitted as a part for final submission for Certificate course in Digital Marketing at
To achieve 500 signups for - Certificate course in Digital Marketing over a period of 1 month communication via various mediums of digital medium with a budget of Rs. 5,00,000 at disposal.

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Marketing Plan for - Certificate course in Digital Marketing

  1. 1. Marketing Plan for - Certificate course in Digital Marketing 1. Identifying the market Customer: The customer segment for the course is primarily young professionals and MBA students, segmented as follows. Age: 22 yrs - 28 years in most cases. For LinkedIn: 18 yrs-24 yrs, 25-34 yrs (Pre set criteria) Gender: Male and Female Profession: Marketing professional, MBA students Locations: New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Gurgaon, Noida, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Indore, Pune. Market Size: Across various mediums, a rough figure of the target market is around 3, 00,000 prospects. Of the 3900 MBA colleges in India with an intake capacity of approx. 3.5 lac, many of the Tier 2 and 3 cities colleges are unable to fill seats. So we assume a number of 2, 10,000(60 %) MBA students to be prospects. Besides MBA students, working professionals in the field of marketing, media and communication with an interest in Digital Marketing are potential prospects owing to the changing landscape of today’s marketing business. Competition NIIT Imperia ( IAMAI ( Delhi School of internet marketing ( Digital Academy ( Local institutes providing certification courses Potential Customer  MBA students  Marketing/Advertising professional  Aspiring digital marketing professional Business environment In India, the Digital Marketing acquires a single digit allocation of the marketing budget, which is increasing YoY. The reason attributed to the growing demand is the penetration of internet via computers, tablets and smartphones as the latest entrant. The environment today is extremely favourable for online marketing with the growing number of users. With the advanced means to target the right audience and tools to measure ROI , Digital Marketing is here to stay. 2. Goal: To achieve 500 signups for - Certificate course in Digital Marketing over a period of 1 month. 3. Strategy The course is targeted to a niche market comprising of individuals interested in pursuing a career or wanting to familiarize themselves with the basic concepts of Digital Marketing. It provides a platform to understand the basic concepts of digital marketing and how today’s industries can reap benefits of its capability. Owing to the competitive nature of business industry and increasing penetration of internet in India, a cost effective medium cannot be ignored. To obtain the desired number of sign ups a mix of digital marketing tools will be adopted as mentioned below. Page 1 of 4
  2. 2. Tools:  Social Media – Facebook, LinkedIn  E-mail marketing campaign  Google Ads  Display ads  SMS campaign  Blogs, with backlinks to landing page Proposition and the marketing mix  People: The TG making it to the website will have a broad description of the course and benefits associated. For support, the audience will have at their disposal means like FAQs, interaction facility such as call us on a 1-800 number, live chat, a Contact Us dialogue box where user can post queries during offline hours.  Place: Have all the touch points in place. E.g. create a Facebook fan page, a blog, Google analytics account, LinkedIn and Facebook ad accounts.  Price: Price of the course offered is Rs. 4199/ Promotion: o Social Media – Facebook, LinkedIn o E-mail marketing campaign o Google Ads o Display ads o Blogs, with back links to landing page 4. Budget Allocation 1. Google Ads Allocated budget: Rs. 1,50,000 (Rs. 5000/day) Justification: SERP will be the main lead generation tool over the web and I have set a maximum limit of 100 clicks a day to begin with. Depending on the progress seen in the first week and/or activities during a specific day(s) the budget can be allocated respectively. A part of the budget will also go to display of Google Ads on content pages with pre identified keywords and on monitoring user activity over the web (e.g. Ads displayed on Gmail inbox based o the user activity for specific keywords) and not just Google Ads on SERP. The content pages can include blogs, news articles, forums, research report websites (if any) to create more buzz. 2. Banner Ads Allocated budget: Rs. 90,000 Justification: 1 Leadeboard banner and 2 sidebar banner ad to be displayed on relevant websites. Banner ads offer the benefits of design to display the message. The banner ads are then displayed on every website which has space for showing Google Ads, the user then visits, providing a constant recall. Page 2 of 4
  3. 3. 3. Facebook Ads Allocated budget: Rs. 45,000 Justification: The TG identified on Facebook is young male and females between the age of 2227 belonging to Tier 1 and some of the Tier 2 cities. The target audience on Facebook is above 5,00,000 since it is difficult to customise the TG on the basis of occupation and industry. The Facebook ad will lead the user to a landing page which will help in capturing leads by enabling the user to fill in his/her details on the page and also be able to download a free brochure. Our target will not be to sell the course here, via Ads since the medium is more for impulsive buyers which do not fit our criteria. 4. LinkedIn Ads Allocated budget: Rs. 71,400 Justification: LinkedIn provides a very targeted audience, among the working professional for our market. Also, LinkedIn can be used to initiate a discussion in a relevant group where only interested individuals are a part of. Another feature of LinkedIn is the display of ads among it’s group sites via the LinkedIn audience network. The CPC for a LinkedIn ad is Rs. 119. The budget is set for generating 20 clicks a day @ Rs.119 each for 30 days. Another benefit with LinkedIn is that a prospect viewing the advert if interested, can request a call back as well. 5. Blogs: Allocated budget: Rs. 7000 Justification: A regular blog on popular networks providing industry related information, future prospects in the field of Digital Marketing with backlinks to reports and white papers form company website for free download. 6. E-mail Marketing Campaign Allocated budget: Rs. 10,000 Justification: Cost effective medium with a mass audience to target. A typical email blast to 3 lac contacts will cost around Rs. 3000. The remaining Rs. 7,000 is assumed to be the cost of acquiring email contacts. It is an assumption hence the figure can exceed as well. The emails can be send multiple number of times. 7. SMS Blast Allocated budget: Rs. 24,000 Justification: SMS will be sent only to the non DND customers across the networks. A targeted audience of 3 lac across Tier 1 and 2 cities will be sent SMS every Sunday for 3 consecutive weeks. The cost of acquiring leads has not been included. 8. Telecalling As and when required. Page 3 of 4
  4. 4. Medium Amount allocated (in Rs.) Google Ads 1,50,000 Banner Ads (1+2) 90,000 Facebook Ads 45,000 LinkedIn 71,400 Email blast 10,000 SMS 24,000 Blogs 7,000 Estimated cost of the campaign Reach (Approx.) 5,00,000 75,000 3,00,000 3,00,000 Rs. 4,42,400 Prepared By, Sanjay Trivedi , +91 84014 004565 Page 4 of 4