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Impact of facebook


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My thoughts on how Facebook is impacting the users and the society

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Impact of facebook

  1. 1. Some random thoughts on Impact of Facebook on Users and Society
  2. 2.  The most popular social networking site ◦ 773.77 Million Users (source: socialbakers) ◦ If Facebook was a country, it would be the 3rd populous country Avg. time spent on Facebook 25 Minutes (ComScore) – up by 6% from 2009 to 2010
  3. 3. MaterialCultural Behavioural
  4. 4.  Increased consumption & buying •Trends happening •Need to update my profile with cool pics of mine or taken Cameras by me •Product integration – GPS and directly upload to FB through cameras •Increased reasons to travel – Information, events Travel •Trends: Friends reunion, Old students meet, group travels, etc
  5. 5. •TrendsCompulsive •Peer & Network Buying pressure •Identity Seeking •Trends: •Private becoming More public Truthful •Increased chance of lie being exposed •Trends: •Spending more timeMore Stress online •Friction in real world experiences
  6. 6. •Trends: •Various people of different backgroundsAmalgamation coming together •Fusion of beliefs and customs •Trends: •Freedom of expressionGlobal Culture •Transnational support for local Social causes
  7. 7.  Friends update in my Facebook network Lady Greenfield on social networking sites and your health Santosh E.G. Associate Vice President – Digital MRM Worldwide, India Read more at: