Cera ( consortium of e resources in agriculture )


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CeRa is a consortium of Agriculture subject.
It is run Indian Agricultural Institute New Delhi.

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Cera ( consortium of e resources in agriculture )

  1. 1. Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute Santosh Kumar Kori (Senior Research Fellow)
  2. 2. CeRA is Consortium of e-journals being subscribed by NAIP, ICAR and provided access to 123 libraries of Agriculture ( NARS).  IASRI is also one of the Libraries among 123. Through this service the user can access the following three major on-line Portals and Bouquet of Journals from Publishers with full text of an articles. 
  3. 3. Quick Search : It Is Used to search articles or journals against the search term entered in all fields.
  4. 4. Choose No. of Referen ce to display Choose Subject Category Advance Search: It gives more searching option like Title/Keyword s/Abstract, Author, Journal Name and also use Boolean Operators AND, OR it specially designed to guide you in creating useful search.
  5. 5. Browse Journals: By Title, By Subject, By Publisher, Latest Updates
  6. 6. Browsing Journals Via Title give the list of all the title in alphabetical order, which on further click gives the Journals under the Title. the access type is also directed where.
  7. 7. Full text Available in your Library Request the Article
  8. 8. All Mandatory field fill like email id, Name… than click send button Form containing page for Requesting the Article
  9. 9. Visit your Library for Full Text Articles which are available in your Library
  10. 10. User can directly mail the author of article Directly mailing the author of article
  11. 11. My Journals: Already registered user can log-in and new user can create account and can carry out search according to the requirement.
  12. 12. To Register click save create Profile Fill all fields ate mandatory and get your personal user Id and Password
  13. 13. User can give the profile name and can add journals to the profile by “ By Title or By Subject” My Journal- Home Page
  14. 14. Add Journals: By Title and By Subject Adding Journals (i) By Title (ii) By Subject
  15. 15. Click the check boxes of various journals to be added in My Journals Selection of Journals to be added in My Journal Profile
  16. 16. Save the select Journals Saving the select Journals in User’s Profile
  17. 17. User can view, edit, delete My Journal Profile View of Profile created
  18. 18. News: News Provide the latest updates of the CeRA
  19. 19. Usage Stats: Usage Stats gives the value of the number of times publications, journals have been accessed during a particular time period Usage Stats
  20. 20. FAQ : Gives the frequently asked question Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  21. 21. FAQ Section
  22. 22. Tutorial: Is an online guide for accessing CeRA Tutorial
  23. 23. Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute, Library Avenue, Pusa New Delhi Thank You