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Yamuna city


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gour yamuna city on yamuna expressway distance from F-1 approx 3 km

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Yamuna city

  1. 1. religious 1195.99 sqyd MV-03 Milk booth 400SQM ES-02 ESS 600 SQM Nursery school 1195.99 sqyd MV-01 milkand veg.200SQM ES-01 ESS 598 SQYD RELIG IO US 1195.99 sqyd milk and veg 800 SQM milk and veg 400 SQM MV-04 MV-02 MV-05 Milk booth & Veg 400SQM NS-04 ES-03 ESS 500SQM NS-01 NS-02 NS-03 NS-05Nursery school 1195.99 sqyd NS-06 commercial group housing villa community center milk and vegetable religious buildings senior secondry school primary school nursery school services medical green LEGEND M.PLAN RECREATIONAL GY- 01 16920.87 sqyd G Y-05 11959.90 sqyd G Y-06 11959.90 sqyd G Y-07 14351.88 sqyd G Y-08 14351.88 sqyd G Y-09 16052.58 sqyd G Y-10 11015.07 sqyd 66684.82 sqyd 70922.21 sqyd GY-17 9328.72 sqyd GY-18 7175.94 sqyd MC-03 26833.23sqyd MC-02 60764.67sqyd MC-01 54891.16sqyd DISPENSARY&NURSINGHOMES CC-04 COMMUNITYCENTER4783.96SQYD YAMUNOTRI DWAR SANGAM DWAR CAPITAL HILL GATE DOON GATE CAPITAL HILL GATE ORGANIC CITY CENTER CITY CENTER CULTURAL CITY CENTER GAUR YAMUNA CITY- MASTERPLAN 9567.92sqyd GREEN 7415.14sqyd COM M UNITY+FACILITY 4000 SQM 4783.96 SQYD M .PLAN RECREATIO NAL 24.0 mt. WD. R/W 30.0 mt. WD. R/W 30.0 m t. W D. R/W 30.0mt.WD.R/W 30.0 mt. WD. R/W 24.0mt.WD.R/W 24.0 m t.W D.R/W 18.0 m t. W D. R/W 30.0mt.WD.R/W CC-01 CC-02 SSSCHOOL019567.92sqyd SSSCHOOL029567.92sqyd SSSCHOOL039567.92sqyd 19135.84SQYD GY-23 8812.05 sqyd GY-22 7175.94 sqyd GY-21 7175.94 sqyd 11608.28 sqyd GY-31 23919.80sqyd GY-30 23919.80sqyd GY-29 23919.80sqyd GY-28 23919.80sqyd GY-27 17939.85sqyd GY-26 7175.94sqyd GY-25 7175.94sqyd GY-24 11247.09sqyd 102165.06 sqyd GY- 02 GY- 03 GY- 04 GY- 14 GY- 15 GY- 16 29738.29 sqyd GY- 11 GY- 12 COMMUNITYCENTER LAKE YAMUNA GY-19 GY-20 9567.92 sqydCC-03 CO M M UNITY CENTER PS-01 2391.98 sqyd PS-02 2391.98 sqyd GAURSONS REALTECH PVT. LTD. 16948.37 SQ YD Nursery school 1195.99 sqyd Nursery school 1195.99 sqydNursery school 1195.99 sqydNursery school 1195.99 sqyd