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Past continous


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Published in: Education
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Past continous

  1. 1. Santi villazan
  2. 2.  I  He was  She wasn’t infinitive ING  It  You were  We infinitive ING  They weren’t
  3. 3. Examples of Past Continuous  I was playing at 5 p.m yesterday evening  I was eating pizza  They were reading books  He was crawling like a baby  He was sleeping last night  We were washing the dishes after dinner  You were watching TV at 11 p.m
  4. 4. examples  The old man was speaking by telephone  The coupple were reading a book.  The children were playing with the sand.  The young man was running with his dog
  5. 5. Past simple SB verb in past complement I YOU HE I climbED a mountain SHE I fall in this wall WE YOU THEY
  6. 6. Negative and interrogative  QASI  WAS WASN’T  WERE WEREN’T
  7. 7. Past simple vs past continuous  Past continuous long action in progress. Past simple short action I was chatting in my bedroom when my mum came in. My brother was having a shower when the hot water stopped parallel actions I was studying for the music exam while my friend was playing tennis
  8. 8. By Santi Villazán