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present perfect Santi


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here you will see the positive, negative and interrogative estructure of the present perfect time

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present perfect Santi

  1. 1. • • Acciones que comenzaron en el pasado y que no han terminado aún en el presente Acciones que comenzaron y acabaron en el pasado pero que su efecto continua en el presente.
  2. 2. PERSONAL PRONOMBRE HAVE/HAS VERB PARTICIPIO COMPLEMENT • He has come early this month. • I have gone to that school for about two years. • I have met a lot of people here.
  3. 3. PERSONAL PRONOMBRE • • • • HAVE/HAS NOT VERB PARTICIPIO COMPLEMENT They haven´t gone to the cinema. She hasn´t had her shower yet. You haven´t been in your house. i haven`t been helped to my mom.
  4. 4. HAVE/HAS • • • • PERSONAL PRONOMBRE VERB PARTICIPIO COMPLEMENT Have they seen the film? Have you read this best seller? Has she played tennis? why have i been helped to my mom? IF YOU LIKE YOU WILL USE THE INTERROGATIVES WORDS BEFORE THAT HAS OR HAVE ?
  5. 5. NAME______________________________ YOU MUST RESOLVE THE NEXT WORKSHOP STRUCTURES GRADE_____ DATE_______ USING THR PRESENT PERFECT 1. ORGANIZE THE NEXT SENTENCES • • • • • chocolate- have- I- cake-just -a -eaten have - that-seen -not -movie -You –times-many She-years –worked-hasn't - for- ten- here homework- Have- made-?-you- your party- has- ? -When- to- a -gone-she
  6. 6. 2. TRANSLTE THE NEXT SENTECES TO SPANISH • • • • • • She has worked there since 2000. They have written the inform for the boss. she hasn`t gone to a party. they haven`t eaten very much. What have you done today? Have you visited the museum 3. REALICE THREE SENTENCES IN INTERROGATIVE, POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE WAY