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Reef Studios Services

  1. 1. A Mobile and Web design and development Agency Reef Studios was established in 2012 and operates from it's midtown offices at Buro. REEF STUDIOS aims to help individuals and agencies in the Miami area reach their digital goals by providing mobile and web solutions. Reef Studio’s founder, Santiago, has multiple years of experience in different areas of web design and development, and has participated in award winning campaigns.
  2. 2. iOS & Android Developer Agency Director Front End Developer (HTML/CSS/Javascript) PHP/MySQL Developer Web/UX Designer Santiago Project Manager Video Editor
  3. 3. Services Front End Dev HTML/CSS/Javascript
  4. 4. Mobile Friendly / Responsive HTML5 CSS3 template reskin. See it here
  5. 5. Services Wordpress Re-skin / customizations
  6. 6. A web portal to show the latest in food trends, insights from renowned Latin chegs, and step-by-step instructions to make exceptional Latin dishes. Everything found at Work done: - Complete main tempalte customization. - Creation of new page and category templates. - Many additional functionalities. - From security, to ratings, performance and social integrationplug-in integration.
  7. 7. Design provided by client, and template customization and reskin was done in order to meet design proposed. Work done: - Front-End Development. - PHP tempalte and plugin customization
  8. 8. Services Micro-sites Front and Back-end
  9. 9. Users select a card of their taste, write a message and send to family or friends. These were made in most holidays (Christmas, Father’s day, Mother’s day, etc). Technologies: - HTML/CSS - PHP/MySQL - Email delivery thirdparty API
  10. 10. Services Facebook apps
  11. 11. Facebook desktop and mobile game, where users had to be the first person to solve the daily holiday puzzle to win 101 gift cards for Wendy’s food. The gift cards were given to the winner and 100 Facebook friends. Technologies used: - HTML5/jQuery-javascript - PHP MVC framework
  12. 12. Services Mobile Apps iPhone, ipad, android
  13. 13. First ever Spanish-language branded recipe iPhone and iPad application developed for General Mills. Some of the components to note in the app are: - Facebook share - Recipes are local with remote images. - Unit converter iPhone version here iPad version here
  14. 14. Puerto Rico Pocket Guide is an app aimed to travelers interested in this island. It provides them with a great way to discover hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, historican landmarks and more. Some of the components to note in the app are: - Integration with Yelp, flickr, youtube. - Translation and text to speech with Google translate and Text-tospeech APIs. - Created web service to provide a ‘Favorites’ section so that users would be able to add a favorite place on the site and be able to log-in with their credentials and see it on their mobile phones. iPhone/iPad version here Android version here
  15. 15. NightPro is a nightlife venue management solution that enables promoters, nightclub operators, and their staff to colloborate using cloud based apps that can be accessed from almost every device. Main job of Reef Studios is to help NightPro with their iPhone and iPad apps, include more features like barcode scanner, make apps more efficient and fast as well as help improve their overall design. Some of the components to note in the app are: - Used PaaS (platform as a services) provider PARSE in order to create a robust infrastructure that could be shared across different platforms (iOS, Android, Desktop).