How do people use natural resourses


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How do people use natural resourses

  2. 2. BY Nicolas Eraso and Juan pablo Ospina <ul><li>To T. Carmen Elisa </li></ul><ul><li>And 5-B </li></ul><ul><li>COLEGIO BENNETT </li></ul><ul><li>2009 - 2010 </li></ul>
  3. 3. <ul><li>In this project we will talk about natural resources, which are a set of elements found in nature these are renewable and non renewable resources can also be abundant or scarce. In this virtual album mention three resources that are water, land and energy. Try to show how humans give good use of them and also how we use them so wrong. Reorder resources are living organisms like plants and animals are removable and others such as gas, oil, gold, and silver. </li></ul>INTRODUCTION
  4. 4. <ul><li>The natural resource of water is essential to all life forms, including humans. Access to safe water has increased over the last decades, but studies estimate that one in five in developing countries will have water shortages by 2030, is urgent in those countries spending less water in agriculture since according to reports, 70% of fresh water consumed in riegos . The water found in nature in all three states in the oceans liquid, solid in glaciers and snow and vapor gas that is invisible in the water passivity film is also proved necessary in energy resources and industrial activities. </li></ul>WATER RESOURCES
  5. 6. GOOD WAYS PEOPLE USE WATER RESOURCE The water is indispensable for any activity industrial, agricultural and urban. It promotes economic development and social. on the purpose of achieving good resource handling this in the future, it is necessary that all citizens situation Know the actual water and participate with government institutions in desition making and promoting sanitation water. In one of the basic processes of purification and water treatment plants is performed in adding sodium hypochlorite and aluminum sulfate, which are coagulantes.This process is called flocculation, and is used most often in the cleaned world. Also and black wastewater through a process of sand filters and graba.Y although this is industrial us in our homes we can in a way easier, helping to give a proper use water . GOOD WAYS PEOPLE USE WATER RESOURCE GOOD WAYS PEOPLE USE WATER RESOURCE
  6. 7. * Check to see if the pipes leak * Using low power showers * Wash your teeth using a glass of water * Do not thaw food on the water tap * Close the taps as we soapy * Use the soaking water of clothes to wash floors *Do not throw plastic bottles, and metals to our rivers and oceans (Remember that water is a resource that nature gives us and it is our duty generation take care to ensure that our future can enjoy this liquid) TYPES TO SAVE THE WATER
  8. 9. The Valley Of Cauca Takes out Plan Of Waters Ahead NEWS The development of the Departmental Plan of Waters of the department of the Valley is late five months with regard to the plans of other departments, however, the course of the project has come changing for one month with different strategies. The Ministry of the Atmosphere hopes this final impulse is so strong the institutions linked in the process meetings work for not making it shipwreck. One of the strategies to give a push to the plan was the creation of the entity agent, Waters of the Pacific that was already approved by the Assembly and that it was constituída for the Government and 15 municipalities. That company will negotiate resources and to hire the necessary works to guarantee the supply of drinkable water to different municipalities.
  9. 10. According to the secretary of Planeación of the Valley, Luis Humberto Castrillón, the work is almost finished with the municipalities, because of the 42 that he/she has the department, 36 have already signed the intention letter of belonging to the plan. And of those, 30 already have the agreement of their municipal respective town councils authorizing them the future validities to take out the plan ahead. Thanks to that and to the resources assigned by the Government and the National Government, the following step is the stage of execution of the plan, which will count with more than a trillion pesos for his execution.
  10. 11. Referendo for the protection of the water arrives to the Congress with more than two million signatures It overcame the necessary threshold of 1'400.000, to give him/her the yes. Its procedure in the Senate will take place next year. Due to the great crisis of distribution of the water and their privatization process in Colombia, the Corporation ECOFONDO (organization of environmental organizations) began a referendo proposal with the main objective of achieving the defense of the water like public good. What seeks the referendo is to reform the Constitution to consecrate the access to the drinkable water as a human fundamental right that the State guarantees a vital gratuitous minimum of healthy water to the one that all the Colombians, without exclusion for its social, ethnic or economic condition, have access. The project also goes directed to that the aqueducts are managed by the State and its administration is in charge of State Entities or of organized Communities without spirit of lucre. With this what is wanted to achieve, is that the water stops to be a business managed by private companies and become a very public one. 
  11. 12. For it is had it the participation of community and not government organizations.    This referendo began two years ago soon after the different problems of the water. Now the National Committee in Defense of the water and of the Life (CNDV) in charge of the environmental campaign, he/she waits their approval in the plenary of the camera and the senate. So that this project passed to the Congress of the Republic, he/she had to count minimum with more than 1000 signatures. The threshold was overcome by a great figure, 2.060.922 rubrics were received from which 21.110 were annulled, being this way with a total of 2.039.812 supports.  To this last balance he/she was applied the confrontation of identifications of the sample, with the information contained in the National File of Identification (ANI) and the database of the electoral center, giving a number of supports valid superior as a result at 1.403.269 &quot;equivalent to 5% of electoral&quot; census according to the press official statement emitted from National Registraduría September 29 2008.
  12. 13. This referendo, guided as a human fundamental right to the water drinkable bill with the support of more than 1500 organizations, mainly indigenous. The project, the same as its same end, as the spokesperson of the National Committee affirms it in Defense of the water and of the Life (CNDV), Rafael Apiaries, is &quot;a democratic exercise where there are not leaders.&quot; After several meetings, in those that are participant the members of the territorial different Committees of the country, are organized thematic meetings in charge of supporting the members of the Commission promoter.         Once obtained the certification of Registraduría that validated 2.039.000 signatures, according to an official statement of the part of communications of the referendo, the bill was presented to the Congress of the Republic the past October 14.  This way it will pass to study of the commission Primera of the Camera and consecutively to the plenary of the same one. The step in the Senate will be starting from March of 2009.
  13. 14. The Committee of promoters search by means of meetings, in those that promoters and promoters of the referendo of different regions attend, the design of strategies to support the step in the National congress. These contain activities of information and propaganda &quot;in scenarios that go from the street to academic&quot; reencounters, like they pointed out in the official statement of the referendo.  Of equal it forms, these strategies also go guided to the realization of forums, exhibitions on the problem of the water and the proposal that it formulates the referendo.  This way, the organizations are not only taxpaying of the initiative, also numerous personalities of the social movements, of the politics as the former one - minister Manuel Rodríguez and the cantautor Héctor Buitrago of Velvet, among other.             Before the presentation of the project in the Congress to the General secretary of the Camera of Representatives, Dr. Jesús Alfonso Rodríguez, this scored as positive the civic initiative and he/she declared compliments the requirements for their presentation.  In front of such an appreciation, Rafael Apiaries highlighted the process of the referendo of the water, &quot;as an advance of the democracy in Colombia&quot;
  14. 15. Problem: The water of world is decrasing Objetive: help people understand the importance of taking care of water Solution: -Turn off the grift when you brush your theeds -Turn of the water when you take a shower -Dont wash the car with hose PROPOSAL
  15. 16. VIDEO
  16. 17. THE SOIL
  17. 18. INTRODUCTION Talk about a natural resource that is one of the most important thing we have, as well as being the mantle of the earth gives us the opportunity to make a living from in both humans and animals. Without the ground would be impossible to enjoy countless benefits that can be created, because almost everything that comes from the ground is useful, either turning it or simply picking the fruit that gives us. We have to remember that soil is a key part of this planet
  18. 19. THE SOIL Land or (SOIL) is a continuous blanket over the surface of all continents, its characteristics change, whether in depth, color, composition and nutrient content. The soils are caused by the action of the climate factors (humidity, temperature, heat, wind etc) and of living organisms on the different types of rocks. the floor can be likened to a living being is born, grows and dies. By action of climate and living things (plants, animals and soil organisms) that is renewed and remains fertile
  20. 21. THE SOIL In humans The soil makes our disposition to meet our needs many soil benefices. Of get all products of plant origin, which serve us as food and livelihood for many families. In the world We can say that almost everything we own and use gives us the ground, because much of what on earth mite can be processed and converted into a variety of materials which serve the industry worldwide. In animals The animals are directly as their feeding beneficiates depends on everything that comes from earth. En grasses and plants are necessary nutrients, which make possible the survival of all animal species. PRIOR KNOWLEDGE
  21. 22. NEWS
  22. 23. GOOD WAYS OF SOIL The soil is considered one of the most important natural resources, hence the need to stay productive through the appropriate agricultural practices and establish a balance between food production and the rapid increase in demographic indicators. The soil is essential for life, and when used wisely can be considered a renewable resource. The soil should be protected from both chemical fertilizer, as this generates changes in the organic composition, we can also do this reforestation is used to conserve soil, other methods are the contour furrowed as this reduces erosion, we must sow in strips and make crop rotation. But the most important is to keep the soil protected by a cover, since the roots of plants form a mesh that prevents the soil from being washed away by rain or wind.
  23. 24. PICTURES Utensils plant Sown in drills Reforestation No chemicals Crop Rotation Organic Fertilization
  24. 25. BAD USE OF THE SOIL At present there is a common cause of concern is the fact that human activities have reduced biodiversity at global, national and regional levels, and the worst is that this trend has not shown signs of change. As the soils lose organic matter, are made more compact, absorb less water and have less layers to retain nutrients. The maggot raises less soil nutrients are lost easier, and this without mentioning the problem of industrial fertilizers. For these make the fence soil destruction increasing. Reports show that the use of these chemical fertilizers destroy organic matter, because when applied soluble chemical nutrients are immediately available in large numbers and cause a surge in activity and multiplication of microbes. In turn, this activity accelerates the decomposition of organic matter and releases CO2 into the atmosphere. The problem is aggravated by the same technological approach that promote chemical fertilizers suggest that crop residues should be removed or burned and should not be integrated into the ground.
  25. 26. PICTURE Erotion Cut trees Chemical spraying Burning the forest Warming global Land Degradation
  26. 27. OBJETIVE TO SAVE SIOL The goal is to make the problem does not progress. Well currently there is not a place free from pollution, which is why we should all be aware and act immediately to try to fill a little all the damage that until today we have caused to our land . Proposal: Objetive: To save the land we have * Avoid the indiscriminate felling of forests, grassland burning, burning fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas. The contamination of ground water (water accumulated in the soil) and aquifers (ducts or vessels that carry water), chemotherapy waste from mines and factories. We have to plant seven trees for every one that is dry, make planting in rows that form a mesh to prevent Erotion.
  27. 28. Problem: the soil in the world is extinguish. Solution: don´t do burnt forest don´t do cut trees don´t use chemical spryng
  28. 29. BY: Nicolas Erazo Lopez and Juan Pablo Ospina TO: T.Carmen Eliza and students
  29. 30. <ul><li>Energy helps us do things. It gives us light. It worms our bodies and houses. it turn on the appliances. Energy is the power who change things. </li></ul>
  30. 31. Energy is light. Light is a type of Energy we use all the time. We use it to see. Energy is heat. We use energy to make heat, we use energy stored on plants and other things to make heat.
  31. 32. NEWS
  32. 33. saving bulb Turning off the light when we are don´t there mill
  34. 35. PROBLEM: The energy in the world is decreasing if it extinguish we will die. OBJETIVE: To save all the energy we have and convencer people to use saving bulb, turn off The light when you are not there and use more mill. SOLUTION: The solution will be to don´t use the normal bulb and turning off the ligth When you are not there.