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Technology proyect


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Technology proyect

  1. 1. Technology Project:ANIMAL ABUSE AND STRAYANIMALSIndustrial technical educational institutionSimona Duke9th grade DTeam # 5members:Santiago Castaño LopezLuis Alfredo GiraldoWilfer Idarraga DukeMatthew Giraldo QuinteroLorena Suarez Marin
  2. 2. General PurposeShow people about animal abuseand problems with the animals onthe streets, to become aware.
  3. 3. Specific objectives-Check about the subject to have agood and important project.-Create perfectly exposed for a gooddevelopment of the project.-Exhibit a good project for the class thatinterests them and thereby becomeaware.
  4. 4. Theoretical FrameworkTo show our project is to make apresentation to students in the 9th gradeD school Industrial technical SimonaDuke, since the problem you have withanimals today is something troubling insome respects as the diseases that wecan transmit.It is an effective project ara communityand its visitors as some evil creaturesgive community perspective.
  5. 5. JustificationWhat for?R = To show people that have animals thatneglect because for some reason can escape asstreet animals will suffer and give bad impressionto the view of others, not of the community.Why?R = For this project we can help animals, and wecan make people understand that animals helpus, give us love, companionship and joy, and iflost or escape well feel more lonely and sad.
  6. 6. Methodology-Teamwork.-focus on the subject for a gooddevelopment of the project.-Develop the proposed activities.-Research on the subject very well.-a good project development.-Expose the finished project to peersand teacher.
  7. 7. PollsAs an animal mistreated?R = yes. (Jorge Luis Lopez)R = no. (Lady Castaño)R = yes. (Carlos Andrés Castaño)R = no. (Daniel Arbelaez)R = yes. (Juan Andres Medina)R = yes. (Esteban Castañeda)R = no. (Tatiana Deisy Montoya)R = yes. (Cristian Alexis Escobar)R = no. (Santiago Pareja)R = no. (Anderson Gomez)Total:Yes = 5. No = 5. Respondents: 10
  8. 8. How do you feel about the project?R = fine because you think so manyanimals in the street can not beimmunized against diseases like rabiesand we can ill even death most likely.Do you find the project useful? Why?R= Yes, because many diseases canprevent us from catching the animals andcould also reduce animal abuse.Surveyed: Andrea Jimenez.
  9. 9. About Animal Abuse InvestigationArticle 337 of the Spanish Penal Code begins: "Whoever byany means or process unjustifiably mistreating a pet ortamed, causing death or injury which severely damage yourhealth, shall be punished ...".Did you know that animal cruelty and human violence has adirect relationship? The child who hits or torture an animalcould grow and injure or even kill a human. That the father whogets a kick the dog might be hitting his wife and children. Thatthe child who hurts an animal is possibly already witnessedviolence in their families.Why would someone cruel to animals? There are manyreasons. The animal abuse is often committed by insecurepeople with low self-esteem. They feel powerless and underthe control of others. The reason could be tointimidate, threaten, frighten, offend or reject the rules ofsociety.
  10. 10. "Animal abuse is just one link in a chain of abuse thathurts everyone, both animals and people. Childrenwho hurt animals may become adults who hurtchildren or other adults. "The intentional animal cruelty cases also involvesome form of family violence. Domestic violence isthe most common domestic violence, pets are themost common targets of animal cruelty.Intentional abuse or torture is the most commoncase, then would come the extreme negligenceincluding starvation and neglect.Family violence is a real and severe problem thatexists in society.Intentional Cruelty (on purpose) against animals is ofconcern because it is a sign of psychologicalproblems.
  11. 11. Cruelty to animals is a range of behaviors thatcause unnecessary pain or distress to the animal.They range from basic care neglect to maliciouskilling. There are two types of animalcruelty, direct abuse, consisting of intentionallyfailing to provide basic care, torture, mutilation orkilling of an animal, and indirect abuse. Thisunnecessary abuse has become a social problemof great dimension.Animal cruelty is one component of the triadpsychopathic with pyromania and enuresis.
  12. 12. Images of animal abuse
  13. 13. What is expected from this project?They help people a little closer to the animals, andalso people who have done this and feel awarethey have heart, as this only makes a crazy minddoes not seem to feel anything.