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Policies and procedures development process


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Policies are guides for are to follow and procedures are the steps we can take. This slide
charge illustrates the 7 stages of the policy and procedure development process

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Policies and procedures development process

  1. 1. Do you want others tofollow you?Layout their path!
  2. 2. Policy is like a compass that guides your course
  3. 3. Procedure are like the steps to take and follow
  4. 4. Policies & Procedures Development Process
  5. 5. Stage 1 Set Clear ObjectivesQuantifiable Timelines Define the Need
  6. 6. Stage 2DeterminePerson-in- chargeof ‘Project’
  7. 7. Stage 3Consult andGatherInformation
  8. 8. Stage 4Draft thePoliciesAndProcedures
  9. 9. Stage 5 Review , Refine and Obtain approval on policies and procedures
  10. 10. Stage 6 Distribute & Communicate the Finalized policies and procedures
  11. 11. Stage 7 Implement , monitor and enforce adherence to policies and procedures