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Bullying presentation


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Bullying presentation

  1. 1. Bullying
  2. 2. What is bullying?Bullying is a form of aggressive behavior. It can beverbal, physical or emotional. In the UK there is nolegal definition of bullying, but in the USA there is.
  3. 3. Where?It can happen in school, at home, at work and inyour neighbourhood.Racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia ormaking fun of someone´s ability in something canall count as bullying.It can be done by parents, friends, teachers, familymembers, neighbours, strangers and even people inauthority (Police officers, bus drivers etc.)
  4. 4. Methods of bullying
  5. 5. Cyber bullyingCyber-bullying is any bullying done through the use oftechnology. This form of bullying can easily go undetectedbecause of lack of parental/authoritative supervision.Because bullies can pose as someone else, it is the mostanonymous form of bullying. Cyber bullying includes, butis not limited to, abuse using email, instantmessaging, text messaging, websites, social networkingsites
  6. 6. School bullyingBullying is most commonly associated with schools.There are often bystanders who are too scared to stepin and help.`
  7. 7. Happy SlappingHappy Slapping was a trend that started around1992, when a controversial advert for the Tangodrink showed someone being slapped:´s something that still continued until 2006 but isnow illegal. People uploaded ´happy slap´videos toyoutube and were arrested, with imprisonment ofup to 5 years.
  8. 8. When victims fight back!• A Sydney schoolboy has become an internet sensation after video emerged of him body-slamming another student during a verbal and physical attack.• Striking back for bullying victims everywhere, the Year 10 boy - who pleaded with his tormenter to leave him alone - picked up his attacker and slammed him to the ground.• The teenager, said to have been bullied all his school life, was backed up against a wall, taunted and punched by a younger, smaller boy.• The victim, identified on Facebook as Casey Heynes, took a hit to the face and then more blows as the Year 7 boy goaded him to fight.• Suddenly Casey had had enough. He launched himself at his attacker, picked him up and threw him to the ground.• The younger boy staggered away, stunned and hurt.• Both students were suspended for four days after the incident on Monday.
  9. 9. By-standersIn 85% of bullying incidents, bystanders areinvolved in the teasing and don´t stand up forthe victim.Would you stand by and do nothing?