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British sports


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Published in: Sports, News & Politics
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British sports

  1. 1. British Sports
  2. 2. The British love their sports. We are very proud of the fact thatFootball, Cricket, Rugby and Tennis all originated in England. Butthere is one problem: we´re not very good at any of these sportsanymore.
  3. 3. FootballThe English football league started in the late 1800s, andSheffield United are the oldest football club in the world, havingformed in 1857. There´s estimated over 40,000 registeredfootball clubs in England, more than any other country. Thisranges from the Premier League to Sunday Pub Leagues.
  4. 4. There are 4 domestic club competitions in England. The League (with 4professional Leagues: Premier League, Championship, League One, LeagueTwo), the FA Cup, The League Cup and the Johnson´s Paint Trophy.The League Cup includes teams from all 4 professional leagues, the JohnsonPaint Trophy is only the bottom two leagues, but the FA cup can include evenunprofessional teams!So you get teams like Havant and Waterloo (Who?) playing Liverpool. Themagic of the FA cup!
  5. 5. Get stuck in!In Spain, you applaud passing and goals. In England a tackle can getjust as loud a cheer.
  6. 6. RugbyFor some people, football is too technical. They watch Rugbyinstead. The aim of the game…to hit your opponent very, veryhard.
  7. 7. Although Rugby is very physical, it´s supported andplayed by more upper class people than football. The fanssit together, the players are very respectful and you´renot even allowed to complain to the referee. They say´Rugby is a thug´s game played by gentlemen and footballis a gentlemen´s game played by thugs.´
  8. 8. CricketCricket is one of the longest Sports in the world. Test Cricketgame last up to 5 days – even in the rain. This Sport is verypopular in Britain, but the best teams are Australia, India andPakistan.
  9. 9. TennisTennis is Britain is a summer sport, with the popular Wimbledon.During Wimbledon it´s popular to eat Strawberries and Creamwhilst watching, and often royalty and famous people go towatch. British stars include Heather Watson, Laura Robson andAndy Murray. The most famous British tennis player of recentyears in Tim Henman with Henman Hill near Wimbledon namedafter him.