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Presentation Introducing Work


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Small presentation describing my work at a non-profit organization by the name of WORTH.

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Presentation Introducing Work

  1. 1. Volunteer Work at WORTH:Women on the Rise Telling HerStory WORTH is a non-profit organization serving asadvocates for currently and formerly incarcerated women.WORTH provides guidance to women seeking educational,housing and other life essential pursuits. WORTH also raisesawareness amongst the community concerning public policyand misconceptions towards women who have served time inprison. Although my involvement with WORTH was brief, ithas been very rewarding. WORTH was facing tight deadlineswhile being short staffed in preparation for their annual fundraiser. Initially, WORTH decided to distribute a lengthy three-page document listing all of the items that would be auctionedoff. I was asked to help as a Volunteer and offer professionalinsight. After looking over the material, I felt that theinformation was too cumbersome to walk around with since aguest would also be occupied with other matters in addition tocarrying various forms of literature. I suggested a brochurethat would not only include an image of the items beingauctioned, but would also contain brief information concerningthe organization itself. Another advantage of the brochurewould be to serve as a creative quick reference guide forWORTH, listing it’s contact information, community resources,and an office to where additional contributions may be sent. Aguest at the event would have the means to introduce friends,families, colleagues and neighborhood organizations toWORTH, thus strengthening their presence within thecommunity. WORTH now had an important, yet simplevehicle to which advertise, educate and inform. At the end ofthe auction, I helped to raise an estimated $600.00 andestablished an inventory/profit worksheet. A worthwhileachievement to me both professionally and personally.