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Online Game Rubric

  1. 1. Group #1: Jennifer James, Liahlanni Cruz, Melissa Balajadia, and Valene Salas Title of Game: Batter’s Up Baseball Grade Level: Grade 2 (Ages 6-9) Subject: Math (Addition and Multiplication) Site URL: Instructions: Rate each category by circling the thumbs. Please see the key = Excellent = Good = Fair (3) (2) (1) Aesthetics Graphics • Colorful • Font is a good size • Interesting • Enhances Learner understanding Layouts • User friendly • Attractive/Interesting • Organized Sound • Relates to game • Motivational sounds • Quality
  2. 2. Instruction Directions • Brief • Straight Forward • Clearly Stated • Different levels • Appropriate word usage Load Time and • Quick to download Download • Mac or PC Game-based learning Purpose • Relates to subject matter • Grade level specified Levels • Progression of levels • Achievable levels Interest • Score Keeping • Timed • Stats are kept Feedback • Corrections and explanations given • Scoring is clear • Hints are given
  3. 3. Results: Group Members Score Score Possible Total 1 66 81 81 2 78 81 96 3 73 81 90 4 73 81 90 Group average of the online game: 89%
  4. 4. As a group, we believe this online game Batter’s Up Baseball is a great game to review the students math skills and at the same time keeps the students interested in wanting to review their math skills in order to win the baseball game. This educational game is also great for teachers to implement into their lessons and include in their classrooms. This game is best used for helping students review on simple one-digit to difficult three-digit addition/multiplication problems this all depends on the level of difficulty the students choose. Students could choose the level they are most comfortable with once they are comfortable they could choose a more challenging level. Other than having the opportunity to choose a level and challenging a “visitor” team, there are other factors that make this game so fascinating. One factor that makes this game interesting are the graphics. Although the graphics are basic in colors, the game is still interesting enough to grab the attention of the students. The sounds are appropriate and relates to the game. Since the game is about baseball, the game plays the “Take me out to the ball game” song and the umpire calls strikes, hits, and homeruns which will help the students imagine themselves playing a real baseball game. Overall, the concept of baseball is a great way to keep the students interested in learning their addition and multiplication skills.